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Baden, A.L. ‎(all 1)
Ballam ‎(all 1)
Beaux, Cecilia ‎(all 1)
Biddle ‎(all 1)
Bidelle ‎(all 1)
Bilfor ‎(all 1)
Breton ‎(all 1)
Buckingham Palace ‎(all 1)
Carlisle, Rhoda ‎(all 1)
Carter, E. Bonham ‎(all 1)
Cawthra, A. Maude ‎(all 1)
Edy, Warren S. ‎(all 1)
Fisher, H.A.L. ‎(all 1)
Foster, C.C. ‎(all 1)
Hall, Howard ‎(all 1)
Henderson, H.G. ‎(all 1)
Hoxe ‎(all 1)
Hunter, Anne G. ‎(all 1)
Kenyon ‎(all 1)
McKenze ‎(all 1)
Michaelis ‎(all 1)
Morgan ‎(all 1)
Mormon ‎(all 1)
Murray, Mary ‎(all 1)
Shipley ‎(all 1)
Smith, Clara ‎(all 1)
Tyler, Charles A. ‎(all 1)
Vaux, C. Bowyer ‎(all 1)