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Albert Croll Baugh papers

Ms. Coll. 689

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Summary Information

University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts
Baugh, Albert C. (Albert Croll), 1891-1981
Albert Croll Baugh papers
Date [inclusive]:
Call Number:
Ms. Coll. 689
15 boxes
Consists of 15 boxes of Albert Croll Baugh’s professional papers, including correspondence, research materials, a catalog of the book collection he donated to the University of Pennsylvania libraries, and reproductions of various medieval manuscripts. The correspondence is professional and overwhelmingly relates to Baugh’s research. The research materials consist primarily of notes, unpublished article reviews, reprints of articles, and newspaper clippings, and make up the greater bulk of the collection. These materials cover Middle English, French and Anglo-Latin literature and literary history in the twelfth through sixteenth centuries. Specific topics covered in the research materials include Arthurian legends, Chaucer, Middle English language (including spelling, grammar and punctuation) and literature (especially romances, plays and lyric works), Piers Plowman, and the concept of the table dormant, as well as the teaching of English and the editing of medieval texts. The catalog records Baugh’s extensive personal research library and can additionally be found on microfilm, along with various medieval manuscripts on microfilm. The bulk of the manuscript reproductions are, however, in photograph, facsimile or photocopied form. These manuscripts are primarily in Middle English (with a few in Latin) and include various transcriptions of the Ancren riwle (a 13th century text of rules for anchoresses, one version of which Baugh edited and then published in 1956), two versions of  Piers Plowman, (the B and C texts), various English public records, and miscellaneous other Middle English works.
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Albert Croll Baugh papers, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania
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Albert Croll Baugh, born in Philadelphia in 1891, was a noted scholar of medieval English language and literary history. After receiving both his master’s and doctoral degrees at the University of Pennsylvania, he taught at that same university, rising from the position of reader in 1912 to that of departmental chair in 1944 and Felix E. Schelling Memorial Professor of English in 1946 (a position he held until his retirement).

Baugh is known for his scholarship in both the linguistic and historical branches of medieval English philology, and especially for his History of the English Language (first published in 1935) and his contributions on the Middle English period (circa 1100-1500) to the  Literary History of England (published 1948). He also wrote extensively on the life and works of Geoffrey Chaucer and edited a version of the 13th century Middle English religious codes text the  Ancren Riwle, which was published 1956 (the collection contains large amounts of material related to all of these projects). He was also active in professional organizations, and served as the president at various times to the Modern Language Association, the Medieval Academy of America, the Modern Humanities Research Association and the Federation Internationale de Langues et Litteratures Modernes.

Throughout his time working at the University of Pennsylvania, Baugh was very much a teacher as well as a scholar. In addition to teaching Middle English subjects, Baugh also led classes in English methods and composed a manual for college students on the art of writing (two partial versions of which can be found in the research materials on teaching), which was first published in 1924.

Baugh retired in 1961, but continued his researches on Chaucer and Middle English. His papers were donated to the Penn Libraries by his son, historian Daniel Albert Baugh.

Scope and Contents

The Albert Croll Baugh papers are made up of 15 boxes of material including correspondence; research materials; a catalog of books donated to the Van Pelt Library; and reproductions of medieval manuscripts and other works. The collection spans through Baugh’s professional life (though it is arranged topically rather than chronologically), starting with some of his earlier researches and ending over a decade after he retired from his professorship at the University of Pennsylvania. The material contained in this collection is professional, not personal, and documents Baugh’s interests and works as a scholar and teacher of Middle English.

The Correspondence series contains a selection of Baugh’s professional letters, separated out from his research materials. These letters largely relate to his various academic projects and also to the acquisition of the manuscript reproductions in the collection, which he assembled at different times to aid his research.

The Research Materials series is by far the largest series in the collection and covers the full range of Baugh’s intellectual and professional interests in the language and literary culture of medieval England. It is divided into six sub-series: Arthurian Legends and Romances; English Literature; French Literature; Latin Literature; Paleography; and Teaching Materials. The Arthurian sub-series consists of materials relating to Arthurian legends, the authors of Arthurian legends, the idea of Courtly Love and the medieval romance genre. The English Literature sub-series (the largest in the collection) covers a wide range of twelfth through sixteenth century authors and literary works, as well as more generalized Middle English literary genres and trends, language and punctuation. The French Literature and Latin Literature sub-series, though each rather smaller than the English sub-series, also contain material relating to their respective authors, works, genres and literary trends. The Paleography sub-series encompasses material on paleography, textual criticism, scribal practices and the concept of authorship in the medieval world. The Teaching Materials sub-series reflects Baugh’s contributions as a teacher and includes notes for lectures, materials on the teaching of English methods and copies of Baugh’s outlines on the Foundations of English.

The Catalog series consists of an extensive record of the book collection Baugh donated to the Van Pelt Library. In addition to detailing Baugh’s personal library, it also provides an impressive bibliography on medieval English literature and language. There is also a copy of this catalog in microfilm form, which can be found in the Microfilms sub-series of the Reproductions series. The Reproductions series consists of copies (photocopied, photographic and microfilmed) of manuscripts used in Baugh’s researches. The series is divided into three sub-series: Photographs and Photocopies; Oversize Photocopies; and Microfilms. The Photographs and Photocopies and also the Oversize sub-series consist of copies of manuscripts from American (mainly the Huntington Library) and European libraries (especially the Bodleian, the British Museum, the National Library of Wales and the Public Record Office in London). Both the thirteenth-century Ancren Riwle and the fourteenth-century  Piers Plowman figure prominently in this sub-series, as do a variety of English public records. The Microfilms sub-series consists of ten rolls of microfilm, eight of which are of manuscripts of the sort described above, one of which is a copy of Baugh’s book collection, and the last of which is a copy of an obscure nineteenth-century article by French librarian Gaston Maspero.

Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts,  2008

Finding Aid Author

Finding aid prepared by Hannah Ewing

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Copyright restrictions may exist. For most library holdings, the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania do not hold copyright. It is the responsibility of the requester to seek permission from the holder of the copyright to reproduce material from the Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts.

Source of Acquisition

Gift of Daniel Albert Baugh, 1988.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)
  • University of Pennsylvania.
  • Clippings (information artifacts)
  • Correspondence
  • Manuscripts, American--20th century
  • Microfilms
  • Photographs
Personal Name(s)
  • Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400
  • Langland, William, 1330?-1400?, Piers Plowman
  • Ancren riwle
  • Arthurian romances--History and criticism
  • Authors
  • Authors, American--20th century
  • College teachers
  • Education
  • English language--Middle English, 1100-1500
  • English philology--Middle English, 1100-1500
  • Literature--Study and teaching

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"Albert C. Baugh is Dead; Noted Medieval Scholar." New York Times, 27 March 1981.

Lumiansky, Robert M., William J. Roach and Siegfried Wenzel. “Memoirs of Fellows and Corresponding Fellows of the Medieval Academy of America: Albert Croll Baugh.” Speculum 57 (1982): 699-700.

Collection Inventory

I.  Correspondence, 1914-1973.

Series Description

Letters are arranged alphabetically by the names of the correspondents and then chronologically. Items are overwhelmingly professional in content, mostly relating to Baugh’s researches in various areas of Middle English language and literature. Many items relate to the manuscript reproductions in the collection.

Box Folder

Anderson, George L.

1 1

Baugh, Daniel Albert.

1 2

Bibliographical Society of America.

1 3

Bibliothque Nationale de France.

1 4

Bodleian Library. Dept. of Western Manuscripts.

1 5

Boll, Dr.

1 6

British Museum. Dept. of Manuscripts.

1 7

Brown, Morrison.

1 8

Burchfield, R.W.

1 9

Cade, Tom J.

1 10

Chinard, Gilbert.

1 11

Cornog, William H.

1 12

Day, Mable.

1 13

Dean, Ruth Josephine.

1 14

Drucker, Lucy.

1 15

Francis, Winthrop Nelson.

1 16

F.S. Crofts & Co.

1 17

Gray, Howard Levi.

1 18

Great Britain. Public Record Office.

1 19

Hamilton, George Livingstone.

1 20

Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.

1 21

Hirsh, Rudolf.

1 22

Holmes, Urban Tigner.

1 23

Isaacs, Neil David.

1 24

Ksmann, Hans J.

1 25

Kean, Patricia Margaret.

1 26

Library of Congress. Manuscript Division.

1 27

Lincoln's Inn (London, England). Library.

1 28

Long, Percy Waldron.

1 29

Mallory, Joseph J.

1 30

Merritt, Benjamin Dean.

1 31

National Library of Wales. Dept. of Manuscripts and Records.

1 32

N.Y.U. Press.

1 33

Oxford University Press.

1 34

Parker, William Riley.

1 35

Payen, Jean Charles.

1 36

Pratt, Robert A.

1 37

R.B. Fleming & Co.

1 38

Roach, William J.

1 39

Robbins, Rossell Hope.

1 40

Robinson, Fred Norris.

1 41

Rosenberg, Bruce A.

1 42

Russell, Josiah Cox.

1 43

Springer, Otto.

1 44

Sutton, Wright.

1 45

Swan, Mildred W.

1 46

Tams, W.

1 47

Unidentified Correspondence.

1 48-49

II.  Research Material, 1955-1991.

Series Description

Arranged into six sub-series; Arthurian (along with Romances), English Literature, French Literature, Latin Literature, Paleography (along with Textual Criticism) and Teaching Materials. Folders are arranged alphabetically by topic within each of the sub-series (i.e. in the Arthurian sub-series, topics are Arthurian Authors, Arthurian Legends, Courtly Love and Romances). The English Literature series is arranged slightly differently due to its larger size, with authors and works arranged by century first and name second. The research materials are primarily made up of Baugh’s autograph notes, but also include unpublished reviews of scholarly books and articles, reprints of articles, newspaper clippings, and drafts of articles.

A.  Arthur, Courtly Love and Romances.

Arthurian Authors.

Box Folder

Chretien de Troyes.

1 50-52

Malory, Sir Thomas.

1 53-58

Robert de Boron.

1 59

Arthurian Legends.

Box Folder

Arthurian Material in General.

1 60-65


1 66-73


2 74-75


2 76

Libeaus Desconus.

2 77

Pereceval of Gales.

2 78-82


2 83-84
Box Folder

Courtly Love.

2 85-86


2 87-95

B.  English Literature.

12th Century – Authors.

Box Folder

Geoffrey of Monmouth.

2 96-97


2 98-101


2 102-103

12th Century – Miscellaneous.

Box Folder

Richard the Lion-Hearted.

2 104

12th Century – Trends.

Box Folder

Survival of Narrative Tradition.

2 105-107

13th Century – Authors and Works.

Box Folder

Ancren Riwle.

2 108

Ancren Riwle.

3 109-115

Body and Soul.

3 116-118

Hali Meidenhad.

3 119


3 120-124

Owl and the Nightingale.

3 125-127

Proverbs of Alfred, of Hendyng.

3 128

13th Century – Trends.

Box Folder

Thirteenth Century Lyric.

3 129-130

14th Century – Chaucer and Chaucerians.

Box Folder

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Biographical.

3 131-136

Chaucer, Geoffrey: General and Miscellaneous.

3 137-138

Chaucer, Geoffrey: General and Miscellaneous.

4 139-146

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Book of the Duchess.

4 147-149

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Canterbury Tales.

4 150-155

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Genilesse.

4 156

Chaucer, Geoffrey: House of Fame.

4 157-161

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Legend of Good Women.

4 162-164

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Parlement of Fowles.

4 165-167

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Roman de la Rose.

4 168-169

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Troileus and Criseyde.

4 170-174

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Chaucer Course Materials.

4 175-178

Chaucer, Thomas.

5 179-180

Chaucerians: English Chaucerians.

5 181

Chaucerians: Scottish Chaucerians.

5 182

14th Century – Other Authors and Works.

Box Folder

Ayenbite of Inwyt.

5 183

Bevis of Hampton.

5 184-186

Chambre, William.

5 187

Cursor Mundi.

5 188-189

Gower, John.

5 190

Havelock the Dane.

5 191

Mannyng, Robert.

5 192-193

Margival, Nichole de.

5 194

Piers Plowman.

5 195-203

Rolle, Richard.

5 204-208

Speculum Vitae.

5 209

Swynford Family.

5 210

Usk, Thomas.

5 211

Wyclif, John.

5 212

Wycliffite Bible.

5 213

15th Century – Authors and Works.

Box Folder

Ashby, George.

5 215

Capgrave, John.

5 215

Caxton, William.

5 216

Charles D'Orleans.

5 217

Court of Sapience.

5 218

Fortescue, Sir John.

5 219

Guillame de Deguileville.

5 220

Hardyng, John.

5 221

Hoccleve, Thomas.

6 222

Holland, Sir Richard.

6 223

Hugh of Campeden.

6 224

Lanterne of Lizt.

6 225

Libelle of Englysshe Polycye.

6 226

Ludus Coventriae.

6 227

Lydgate, John.

6 228-231

Pecock, Reginald.

6 232

Sellyng, Richard.

6 233

Shirley, John.

6 234

Various Minor Authors.

6 235

15th Century – Trends.

Box Folder

Courtesy Books.

6 236

Donats in English.

6 237-245

16th Century – Authors and Works.

Box Folder

Heywood, John.

6 246

Shakespeare, William.

6 247

16th Century – Authors and Works.

Box Folder


6 248-251

Social Criticism.

6 252-253
Box Folder

Anglo-Norman Literature.

6 254-257

General Middle English.

Box Folder

British Matter.

6 258-259

Critical Bibliographies.

7 260-263

Early English Text Society.

7 264-272

In Process (Articles and Notes).

7 273-276

Miscellaneous Notes.

7 277-283

Overview for Lecture.

7 284-285

Middle English Genres.

Box Folder


7 286-289


8 290-295

Plays: Dramatic Records from Churchwardens’ Accounts.

8 296

Plays: York Population and Plays.

8 297-301


8 302

Middle English Philology.

Box Folder

Dialects and Spelling.

8 303-305


8 306-308


8 309-310


8 311

Middle English Religious Material.

Box Folder

The Katharine Group.

8 312-314

Omnibus I.

8 315-317

Omnibus V.

9 318-320

Vices and Virtues.

9 321

Visions of Heaven and Hell.

9 322

Middle English Translation.

Box Folder

Idea of Translation.

9 323


9 324-326
Box Folder

Middle English Troubadours.

9 327-329

Various Middle English.

Box Folder

Japanese Analog to Beowulf.

9 330

Lincoln’s Inn.

9 331

Public Records.

9 332


9 333

Stanzas of Death.

9 334

C.  France and French Literature.

Authors and Works.

Box Folder

Guibert de Nogent.

9 335

Renard the Fox.

9 336


Box Folder

Breton Lai (Lay).

9 337

Chansons de Geste.

9 338-342


9 343-344

Lyric (Old French).

9 345-352


Box Folder

De Beauvau, Senechal d’Anjou.

9 353

De Beauvau, Senechal d’Anjou.

10 354-356

Demands of Love in French Literature.

10 357

Old French Background.

10 358-361

Table Dormant.

10 362-364

D.  Latin and Anglo-Latin Literature.

Authors and Works.

Box Folder

Anglo-Latin Writers.

10 365-366

Latin Chronicles.

10 367-370


Box Folder

Goliardic Poetry.

10 371-372


Box Folder

The Latin Background.

10 373-377

The Matter of Rome.

10 378-379

E.  Paleography, Textual Criticism and Writing.

Box Folder


10 380

Editing Texts.

10 381


10 382


10 383

Textual Criticism.

11 384

Ashmole 60, BM. Add. 36983, Harl. MS. 2255.

11 385

Huntington Library Mss.

11 386

Vernon Miscellany.

11 387

F.  Teaching of English.

Box Folder

Foundations of English Outlines, 1928-1929 Edition.

11 388-396

Foundations of English Outlines, 1929-1930 Edition.

11 397-402

Methods Lecture Materials.

11 403

III.  Catalog of the Baugh Book Collection, 1963.

Series Description

The catalog records the bibliographic information for the hundreds of books that Baugh donated to the Van Pelt Library from his personal research library. The catalog also exists in microfilm form, and can be found in the Reproductions series (sub-series Microfilms, item 1).

Box Folder
Catalog of Books Donated to Van Pelt Library by Baugh.

See Ms. Reproductions item 1 for microfilm version.

11 404-412

IV.  Reproductions, 1924-1973.

Series Description

Arranged in three sub-series; Photographs and Photocopies, Oversize, and Microfilms. These are all arranged alphabetically by the original’s library and then by call numbers. This series mostly consists of copies of medieval (primarily Middle English) manuscripts that Baugh acquired for his research, though it also includes copies of twentieth-century library catalogs, and edited transcripts of some of the medieval texts.

A.  Photographs and Photocopies.

Box Folder

Aberystwyth: National Library of Wales: Peniarth Mss. 53 and 53A. Fol. 102-113, for both.

12 413

Aberystwyth: National Library of Wales: Peniarth Ms. 395. Fol. 345 and 347.

12 414

Cambridge: Caius College: Ms. 317. Fol. 1-7.

12 415-416

Cambridge: Caius College: Ms. 334. Fol. 110 and 137.

12 417-421

Cambridge: Trinity College: Ms. R.3.17.

12 422-434

Durham: Durham Cathedral: Ms. B.IV. Fol. 19.

12 435

Florence: Laurentian Library: Ms. Plut. 29. Cod.7. Fol. 421-423, 463-470.

12 436

London: British Museum: Ms. Add. 36983. Fol. 1.

12 437

London: British Museum: Ms. Add. 37492. Fol. 18-27.

12 438

London: British Museum: Ms. Add. 46919. Fol. 92-95.

12 439

London: British Museum: Cotton Ms. Nero A. XIV.

12 440

London: British Museum: Royal Ms. 8.C.1. Fol. 71-89 and 122-143.

12 441-448

London: Corp. of London Records Office: Hustings Roll 111. No. 154.

12 449-452

London: Lamberth Palace Library: Ms. 560. Fol. 118-125.

12 453

London: Public Records Office: KB.27 and 29. 27/507, 763, 766-768 772, 777, 779, 781-2, 29/83-7.

13 454-458

London: Public Records Office: E. 404/81.

13 459

Manchester: John Ryland’s Library: Eng. Ms. 90. Fol. 4a.

13 460

Oxford: Bodleian: Ms. 57, 343, 477, 604, 1860, and Rolls 5. Fol. 12-4, 165-6, 3, 47, 163v, 1-2.

13 461

Oxford: Bodleian: Ashmole Ms. 60. Fol. 4, 97-99.

13 462-463

Oxford: Bodleian: Douce Ms. 103. Fol. 53-57.

13 464

Oxford: Bodleian: Eng. Poet. A.1.

13 465

Oxford: Bodleian: Harley Ms. 1706. Fol. 9-10.

13 466

Oxford: Bodleian: Harley Ms. 2255. Fol. 118-153.

13 467

Oxford: Bodleian: Laud. Ms. 598. Fol. 49, 66.

13 468

Oxford: Bodleian: Rawl. B. 460. Entire, p. 1- 222.

13 469-483

Oxford: Bodleian: Rawl. B. 460. Entire, p. 223-279.

14 484-487

Paris: Bibliotheque Nationale: Mss. Catalog.

14 488

San Marino: Huntington Library: Ellesmere 26.C.9.

14 489-491

San Marino: Huntington Library: HM Ms. 128.

14 492-498

San Marino: Huntington Library: HM Ms. 143.

14 499-508

San Marino: Huntington Library: HM Ms. 144. Fol. 11-20.

14 509

San Marino: Huntington Library: HM Ms. #? Fol. 114-116, 129.

14 510

B.  Oversize Manuscript.

Box Folder

London: Public Records Office: C. 61/77-79 [Entire].

15 511

C.  Microfilms.


Catalog of Baugh Book Collection.


Brussels: Bibliotheque Royale de Belgique: San Ms. 39.


Cambridge: Cambridge University Library: Ms. 1806.14.


London: British Museum: Harl. Ms. 3954.


London: Public Records Office: C. 61/77-79.


Paris: Bibliotheque Nationale: Res Velins 2368 a R. 2509.


Paris: Bibliotheque Nationale: Fr. 1553.


Paris: Bibliotheque Nationale: Fr. Mss. 1576, 24389, 25524.


Microfilm of article: Gaston Maspero, “Le vocabulaire francais d’un copte du XIIe siecle” in Romania 17 (1888), p. 481-512.