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Elizabeth F. Flower Papers

UPT 50 F644

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Summary Information

University of Pennsylvania: University Archives and Records Center
Flower, Elizabeth
Elizabeth F. Flower Papers
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UPT 50 F644
16 Cubic feet
Elizabeth Farquhar Flower received her Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania in 1939. Flower began her teaching career at Penn in 1937. She obtained tenure in 1956 and was promoted to full professor in 1974. This collection documents the life and teaching and research career of Elizabeth F. Flower as an academician and faculty member in the field of philosophy.
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Elizabeth Farquhar Flower was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1914. She graduated from Wilson College in central Pennsylvania with a degree in chemistry in 1935. When she first came to the University of Pennsylvania, she was interested in medicine. Later, through attendance at an unusual seminar in the philosophy of science conducted by Professor of Philosophy Edgar A. Singer, she developed an interest in ethics, especially in its relation to psychology, social science, law and education. She obtained from Penn her Ph.D. in philosophy in 1939.

Flower began her teaching career at Penn in 1937 when she was appointed as an assistant instructor. She was appointed Assistant Professor of Philosophy in 1947, obtained tenure in 1956 and was promoted to full professor in 1974. Although most of her academic life was associated with Penn, Flower also taught or lectured at Columbia (Barnard), Hamilton College, and Latin American universities in Peru, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

Among her multitude of students, many of whom became college faculty around the country, was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King audited Flower's course on ethics and the history of philosophy while he was enrolled at Crozer Theological Seminary in 1949. Fifteen years later, King met Flower again during a one-day seminar.

Flower also engaged in various forms of philosophical practice. During WWII, she developed a substantive interest in the study of Latin America. She worked with the American Friends Service Committee in Mexico, with work camps, with the exiled Spanish Republican intellectuals, especially the philosophers, and with the Indian and Education departments.

Flower published many articles in philosophical journals. She was best known, however, for the two-volume History of Philosophy in America (1977), which she co-authored with Murray Murphey, a faculty member in the Department of American Civilization at Penn. She co-wrote another major work, Critique of Applied Ethics: Reflections and Recommendations (1994), with Finbarr O'Connor of Beaver College and her husband Abraham Edel, another well-known professor of philosophy.

In relation to the publication of the two major works mentioned above, Flower did extensive research in Scottish philosophy; the St. Louis Hegelians; William James, founder of American psychology (1842-1910) with his authoritative work Principles of Psychology; and John Dewey (1859-1952), an educational reformer and founder of the philosophy of pragmatism and of functional psychology. As a former head of the Penn Department of Philosophy put it, Flower carried on the pragmatist school of philosophy in the United States.

Scope and Contents

This collection documents the life and teaching and research career of Elizabeth F. Flower as an academician and faculty member in the field of philosophy.

The collection consists of the following series or groups of series:

1. American Section of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, General files, Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium, and Meeting file. These four series include material related to various academic, professional, social, regional or publishing activities Flower engaged in.

2. Associate/Subject files. This series includes files related to her colleagues and other professional associates or material of specific subjects related to her research.

3. Clippings. Apart from a small number of newspaper clippings, the bulk of the series consists of material related to work done by miscellaneous authors in philosophy, history of philosophy, psychology, law, anthropology, and other fields of social sciences.

4. Correspondence and Personal are two small series. They include correspondence of both personal and professional interests, curriculum vitae and biographical and bibliographical material of Flower, as well as such personal items as passports, miscellaneous IDs, diplomas, and wills.

5. Drafts and notes. This is the bulkiest series of the collection. Most files contain incomplete drafts or notes of ongoing research/study projects, either for publication purposes or to be used as notes in teaching. Judging from the topics covered in these files, most material in this series is in preparation of the two major published works authored by Flower with others, namely, History of Philosophy in America and Critique of Applied Ethics: Reflections and Recommendations.

This series shows the sweep of Flower's philosophical interest, which ranged from the study of European modern philosophy pioneering thinkers such as Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel; the study of the Scottish school of common sense philosophy represented by Thomas Reid and its impact in Pennsylvania and New Jersey (Princeton University); to the study of modern American philosophers John Dewey, George Santayana, Clarence Irving Lewis, and the influence of St. Louis Hegelians (represented by William T. Harris) in American education. This series also documents Flower's interest in other branches of social sciences, as seen in notes related to William James and his monumental work Principles of Psychology, Darwin, Spencer, etc.

A sub-group of this series is entirely focused on the study of Dewey and his thinking on ethics, pragmatism, valuation, etc.6.Latin America and Mexican studies are two small series that recorded Flower's interest in the study of philosophy and anthropology in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. It concentrates over a period from wartime in the early 1940s to early 1960s.

7. "Papers and manuscripts" and Publications are two series that include individual pieces of writing and published articles by Flower, or in some cases, done with her husband Edel, and occasionally, by Edel alone.

8. Student papers. This small series reflects some of the course work in Flower's teaching.

9. Photographs and Audio tapes. The Photographs series include portraits, and personal, family or group snapshots. The Audio tapes series is a voluminous collection. The tapes record academic, research and social activities Flower and Edel engaged in, some related to their publications. Most tapes bear only very sketchy notes of content.


This collection has been organized alphabetically by series, except for the Audio tapes series, which is attached to the end. Folders within each series are arranged alphabetically.

Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Pennsylvania: University Archives and Records Center,  March 2010

Finding Aid Author

Finding aid prepared by Kaiyi Chen


The Elizabeth F. Flower papers were donated to the University Archives in 2006, 2007 and 2009.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)
  • Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium.
  • International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. American Section.
Personal Name(s)
  • Dewey, John, 1859-1952
  • Philosophy--Study and teaching--United States.

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Collection Inventory

American Section of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy.

Box Folder

1974 October 25-27, fourth conference, with material of World Congress on Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, 1975.

1 1
1976 Nov. 5-7, fifth plenary meeting.
Box Folder

Paper by Axinn, Sidney.

1 2

Paper by Bayles, Michael D.

1 3

Paper by Black, Virginia.

1 4

Paper by Clark, Lorenne M. G.

1 5

Paper by Nagan, Winston P.

1 6

Papers by Burrill, Donald R.; David E. Cooper; and Robert A. Friedlander.

1 7

Papers by De George, Richard T.; Kenneth Henley, John Hospers and Mieczyslaw Maneli.

1 8
Box Folder

1986, Oct. 31-Nov. 2, schedule, with biographical and bibliographical material of Flower and Edel.

1 9
1990 Oct. 25-28.
Box Folder


1 10

Conference, papers.

1 11

Conference, papers, eight, by John T. Sanders, Joel S. Newman, Robin Paul Malloy, Denis J. Brion, Timothy C. Shiell, Emily R. Gill, Larry May and Christopher B. Gray.

1 12

Conference, papers, five, by Joseph Ellin, Charles Landesman, Richard Nunan, Ira Harkavy/John L. Puckett, and David E. Cooper.

1 13


1 14

Papers, numbered.

1 15

Papers, unnumbered.

1 16
1992 Oct., conference on "Radical critiques of the law".
Box Folder

Evaluation notes.

1 17

Session "Feminist legal theory," papers by Conelius Murphy, Joan McGregor, etc., with comments by Edmund Abegg and Richard Nunan.

1 18

Session "Issues in Legal Theory," papers by Randall R. Curren, James F. Doyle, Laura Purdy, Thomas W. Simon, and Elbert L. Robertson.

1 19

Session "Law and Difference," papers by Emily R. Gill, Diana T. Meyers, Nancy E. Rourke, with comments by Carol C. Gould, Thomas W. Dunfee, David Cooper and Joseph Ellin.

1 20

Session 1 papers.

1 21

Session 2 papers.

1 22
Box Folder

1994, papers, numbered 1 - 27.

1 23

1994, papers, unnumbered.

1 24

Associate/Subject files.

Box Folder

Apter, Andrew, Possible worlds, 1983 January.

1 25

Baylis, C. A., Cognitive functions of ethical utterances, n.d.

1 26

Beatty, Joseph, "The incoherence of prescriptive universalizability," 1982.

1 27

Becker, Carl B., "Reconstructing American philosophy of science: Dewey's," 1981 Dec., proposal evaluation.

1 28

Bondy, Augusto Salazar, correspondence, 1959-1960, re his intended visit to U.S.

1 29

Brandt, R. B., "Rational decisions: personal and social," n.d.

1 30

Callaway, H. G., Publication list and one article, 1993.

1 31

Carlson, John G., and Elaine Hatfield, Psychology of Emotion, chapters, n.d.

1 33

Cohen, I. Bernard, Revolution in Science, 1985, chapters.

1 34

De la Torre, Lillian, "The Inn," a Christmas miracle play for moderns, 1956.

1 35

Diamond, Cora, "Losing your concepts," n.d.

1 36

Dupree, A. Hunter, "Joseph Priestley: an American bicentennial," 1976.

1 37

Duquette, David A., "Can liberalism accommodate moderate communitarian concerns?" commentary for the AMINTAPHIL meeting, 1990 October.

1 38

Edel, Matthew David, Memorial, 1990.

1 39

Eshete, Andreas, Writings, two pieces, 1970s.

1 40

Foucault, Michel, The Archaeology of Knowledge, 1972, excerpt.

1 41

Francksen, Jean, Understanding over a shared property in New Jersey, 1990.

1 42

Friedman, Marilyn, "Friendship, voluntarism, and feminist ethics," 1987 December.

1 43

Geuss, R., "The paradoxes of Praxis," 1984.

1 44

Goodenough, Ward H., "Moral outrage: territoriality in human guise," 1993.

1 45
Goodman, Nelson.
Box Folder

Notes of Goodman's work on induction.

1 46

Papers and published articles, 1956-1986.

1 47

Reviews of books and articles by Goodman, 1968-1978.

1 48

Student papers, two, on Goodman's languages of art and the worldmaking of Goodman and Dewey, 1981.

1 49
Box Folder

Guyer, Paul, "Kant's morality of law and morality of freedom," 1991.

1 50

Hartshorne, Charles, two reprints, "Charles Peirce," 1958, and "The logical structure of givenness".

1 51

Hicks, Steven V., "Persons and international law in Hegel," n.d.

1 52

Hiz, Henry, two articles: "Praxiology, society and ethics" and "Semantic niches or a logic for historians".

1 53

Hoenigswald, Henry M., papers and published articles, five, 1977-1986.

1 54

Karush, Fred, "Metaphors in immunology," 1986.

1 55

Kaufmann, Walter, "Doubts about justice," n.d.

1 56

Kevelson, Roberta, "Aesthetics and prototypes," paper to be presented at AMINTAPHIL, 1990.

2 1

Kleinzeller, Arnost, "William Hewson and the concept of a cell membrane," 1994.

2 2

Kohlberg, Lawrence, article "The child as a moral philosopher" and the paper "A response to 'educational theory and inspiration'," n.d.

2 3

Kolenda, Konstantin, "The Humanist," 1983.

2 4

Krippendorff, Klaus, "On the ethics of constructing communication," 1987.

2 5

Lakoff, George, Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things, two chapters, 1987.

2 6

Levy, Beryl H., NEH grant application, 1971, re a project on James Wilson.

2 7

Luizzi, Vincent, "A naturalistic theory of justice - a critique of C.I. Lewis' ethical theory," n.d.

2 8

Mandelbaum, Seymour J., "Open moral communities," a proposal to the University Center for Human Values, 1993.

2 9

Manicas, Peter T., papers, two, "Pragmatism and culture," and "Pragmatic philosophy of science and the charge of scientism," 1986.

2 10

Margolis, Joseph, "Thinking, according to Praxism" and "Racial classification and compensatory justice," n.d.

2 11

Matsumoto, Susumu, correspondence, 1988-1991.

2 12

Mendell, Mark, "N. St. J. Green's philosophy of law," chapter 1 of dissertation, 1988 May.

2 13
Meyer, D. H., "The American Moralists: The Mind of Academic Orthodoxy in the Old Time College".
Box Folder

Typescript, n.d., Chap. 1-4.

2 14

Typescript, n.d., Chap. 5.

2 15
Montgomery, Martha B., "Morals, passions, and the stubborn man," a dissertation in ethical theory.
Box Folder

n.d., (I).

2 16

n.d., (II).

2 17
Box Folder

Morick, Harold, "Thought and language: an introduction to American philosophy since 1950," 1976 April.

2 18
Murphey, Murray G.
Box Folder

"The under-determination thesis," n.d.

2 19

Outline of a book project, with typescript of the Conclusion part, n.d.

2 20

Philosophical Foundations of Historical Knowledge, galley text, n.d., pp. 1 - 174.

2 21

Philosophical Foundations of Historical Knowledge, galley text, n.d., pp. 175 - end.

2 22

Philosophical Foundations of our Knowledge of the Past, typescript, n.d. , Chap. 1.

2 23

Philosophical Foundations of our Knowledge of the Past, typescript, n.d. , Chap. 2-3.

2 24

Philosophical Foundations of our Knowledge of the Past, typescript, n.d. , Chap. 4-5.

2 25

Philosophical Foundations of our Knowledge of the Past, typescript, n.d. , Chap. 6-7.

2 26
Box Folder

Mussolini, Benito, "The doctrine of Fascism," [1932].

2 27

Myers, Gerald E., Introduction to William James, The principles of psychology, n.d., with a letter from William James to Sydney Waterlow, 1909 May 21.

2 28

Nagan, Winston P., "Moral codes, law and decision," keynote address at the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools, 1989 March.

2 29

Nehamas, Alexander, articles, two, 1980-1981.

2 30

Peters, Karl E., "James McCosh meets Charles Darwin," submission to the American Quarterly, 1970.

2 31

Putnam, Hilary, Realism with a Human Face, two chapters, 1990.

2 32

Queens College, Philosophy Department external review report, [1990]-1992.

2 33
Rice, Daniel F., book manuscript, Reinhold Niebuhr and John Dewey, n.d.
Box Folder

Part I.

2 34

Part II.

2 35
Box Folder

Riedl, John O., "Pantheism and its consequences," 1971 Nov.

2 36

Riskin, Steve R., "Teaching through interactive multi-media programming," 1990.

2 37

Rorty, Richard, Contingency, Irony and Solidarity, 1989, chapter "The contingency of language".

2 38

Rucker, Darnell, "Mind, self, and institution," [1990].

2 39

Sagoff, Mark, reprints, 1976-1981.

2 40

"Preliminary studies in rules and behavior," n.d.

2 41

Seigfried, [Charlene Haddock ], three chapters on William James (IV, V, VI), related to moral value, rationality, and pragmatic theory of truth.

3 1

Seiple, David I., "Overview: John Dewey and the art of intelligence," draft, 1993.

3 2

Shapere, Dudley, objectivity, rationality, and scientific change, n.d.

3 3
Sigel, Gwynne.
Box Folder

Reflections on readings of worldly philosophers, 1994, with correspondence, 1994-1995.

3 4

Student reading reports, etc., 1993-1994.

3 5
Box Folder

Silverstein, Arthur M., History of Immunology, four chapters, 1990.

3 6

Sleeper, Ralph, paper "John Dewey and the founding fathers," 1980, with a note to Flower.

3 7

Sologuren, Javier, Detenimientos, 1947, with poems by J. Keller.

3 8

Stegmüller, Wolfgang, "Explanation, prediction, scientific systematization and non-explanatory information," n.d.

3 9
Stenson, Sten H., book manuscript on Scottish empiricism, n.d.
Box Folder


3 10


3 11
Box Folder

Sweigart, John W., Jr., dissertation perspective, a study of Hume and Lewis, 1959.

3 12

Tinsman, James H., "Psychology and Epistemology," n.d.

3 13

Toulmin, Stephen E., The Uses of Argument, Chapter III, "The layout of arguments".

3 14

Vogel, Jeffrey S., "Marx's critique of morality," for the Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium, [after 1990].

3 15
Wachbroit, Robert.
Box Folder

"What is anti-realism?" [1980s].

3 16

Two papers and one article, 1972-1983.

3 17
Box Folder

Waldrop, M. Mitchell, Complexity: The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos, chapters 5 and 6, 1992.

3 18

Wallace, R. Jay, "Responsibility, expectation, and attitude," for Departmental colloquium, 1990 Oct. 26.

3 19

Watson, Richard, publications, 1966-1970.

3 20

Witt, Charlotte, "Actual priorities: the priority of actuality in Aristotle," n.d.

3 21

Wolin, Sheldon S., "Political theory and political paradigm," n.d.

3 22

Clippings, miscellaneous.

Box Folder


3 23

Daily Pennsylvanian, 1965 Feb. 10, etc.

3 24

Daily Pennsylvanian, 1965 Feb. 17, "46 faculty men ask LBJ to begin Vietnam talks".

3 25

Dallas Philosophers' Forum, 1992 Spring.

3 26

Gods and Men in Pre-Columbian Art, exhibition program, 1967.

3 27

Newspaper clipping, 1991, re a second bill of rights and whiz kid economists.

3 28

Newspapers and magazines, re arts and sciences, 1954-1991.

3 29

Newspapers, 1986.

3 30

Papers and newspaper clippings, 1972-1997.

3 31

Philadelphia New Observer, 1988 Jan. 13, re Martin Luther King, Jr., and George Yancy's review of King's movement, 1991.

3 32

Clippings--papers and published articles.

Box Folder

"A preliminary outline for the cross-cultural study of ideologies," prepared by A. Leeds, n.d.

3 33

"A tale of two pities," by Ivar Berg, n.d.

3 34

"American's crippled pluralism," by Ivar Berg, n.d.

3 35

"Annals of American Philosophy," a list by D. L. Ohren of faculty teaching philosophy in American colleges and universities from the 17th century on.

3 36

"Another further of abortion," by Elizabeth Hackett, 1988 January.

3 37

"Autonomy in psychotherapy," by Mady Edelstein, n.d.

3 38

"Beyond the law," by Thomas W. Dunfee, carried on Journal of Social Philosophy, 1991 spring.

3 39

"Biology at the University of Pennsylvania," by D. H. Wenrich, n.d.

3 40

"Business ethics and market failure," by Georges Enderle, [1990].

3 41

"Comments on Hacking's 'Michel Foucault's immature science'," by Richard Rorty, n.d.

3 42

"Constitutional secularity and the denial of religious freedom," by Michael Eldridge, 1986.

3 43

"Contingent scientific realism and instrumentalism," by Eugene Lashchyk, n.d.

3 44

"Coping with conflict" and "Idealism, empiricism and pragmatism," two papers by Frederic Schick, n.d.

3 45

"Cruzon v. Harmon: enforced morality," by Doris E. Yocum, 1990 July.

3 46

"Current trends in philosophy of science," by Zoltan Domotor, n.d.

3 47

"From cabinet to curriculum: The assimilation of anthropology by Oxford and Cambridge," authorship unknown, n.d.

3 48

"Gadamer's hermeneutics," by Brice Wachterhauser, 1990.

3 49

"Ideals and essences in Santayana's philosophy," reprint by Milton K. Munitz, n.d.

3 50

"Law, language, and the individual in Japan and the United States," by Richard B. Parker, [1985-1987].

3 51

"Models of the world's problems and problems with the world models," by Paul Neurath, 1977.

3 52

"Moral philosophy and education," by Henry D. Aikon, and another paper by Joan L. McGregor on Robin Malloy's classical liberalism critique, n.d.

3 53

"On fitness and adaptedness," by Richard E. Michod, 1985 February.

3 54

"On reflexivity in human communication," by Klaus Krippendorff, n.d.

3 55

"Philosophy of woman," by Mary B. Mahowald, 1977.

3 56

"Pragmatic philosophy of science and the charge of scientism," by Peter T. Manicas, n.d.

3 57

"Process, structure, and function in Piaget and Dewey's theory of intelligence and inquiry," by Mark Mendell, n.d.

3 58

"Psychologism and behaviorism," by Ned Block, n.d.

3 59

"Race consciousness and community: the need for a black perspective in civic deliberative discourse," by Kenneth S. Tollett, 1990 Oct.

3 60

"Recent work on the concept of rights," by Rex Martin and James W. Nickel, 1978 Nov.

3 61

"Representation in perception and cognition," by Gary Hatfield, n.d.

3 62

"Rights and duties in regards to the environment...," by Abraham Edel, n.d.

3 63

"Santayana's philosophy of mind" and "The impotent mind," two reprints by John Lachs, 1963-1964.

3 64

"Social welfare, state power and the limits to equity," by Irving L. Horowitz, 1976.

3 65

"The case for professional norms of business ethics," by Thomas W. Dunfee, 1987 fall.

3 66

"The concept of method in Cardozo's theory of adjudication," by Mark Hendell, 1997 January.

3 67

"The dynamic processes of social group development," by Ira Harkavy, 1984 November.

4 1

"The importance of learning in perception," by Foster E. Tait, 1962 April.

4 2

"The passing of Peirce's realism," by Joseph Margolis, n.d.

4 3

"The performer's performance: what worth," by Robert Y. Ellis, 1959 April.

4 4

"The pragmatism of Benjamin Franklin," by James Campbell, n.,.

4 5

"The social sciences in the university," by William Foote Whyte, 1990.

4 6

"Truth, invention, and the meaning of life," by David Wiggins, 1976 November.

4 7

"Video debriefing," by Sparky Jackendoff, 1987 Sept. 16.

4 8

"We are the Mesquakie nation," by Fred Gearing, 1953.

4 9

Albert, Ethel M., "Social science facts and philosophical values," 1957 Oct.

4 10

Aristotle on friendship, translated by Herbert Wallace Schneider, 1976.

4 11
Box Folder


4 12


4 13


4 14

Five, 1942-1978.

4 15

Four, on ethics and rights, n.d.

4 16

Four, on macroeconomics, empiricism, etc., 1984-1990.

4 17

Nine, 1975-1993.

4 18

Three, by Ian Hacking, Edward Stabler and Richard Rorty, 1979-1982.

4 19

Three, by Richard W. Miller, Hilary Putnam, Hermann Bondi, and Wendy Steiner, 1987-1994.

4 20

Two, "A problem-solving approach to scientific progress" by Larry Laudan, 1981, and "The meaning of reliance: a historical perspective" by Jay M. Feinman, 1983.

4 21

Two, one by C. L. Stevenson and one by Harriet Ritvo, 1988.

4 22
Box Folder

Basic film aesthetics, by F. E. Sparshott, 1964.

4 23

Biology of Cognition, chapters, by Humberto R. Maturana, 1979, and Autopoiesis, by Maturana and Varela, 1973.

4 24

Book review by Thelma Z. Lavine of John J. McDermott, Streams of experience: reflections on the history and philosophy of American culture, 1986.

4 25

Chapter XV, "Marxian ethics".

4 26

Clauss, Carin Ann, "Women and economic inequality," n.d.

4 27

Collection of articles on Peirce and law, manuscript by Roberta Kevelson, et al, with Flower's comments, n.d.

4 28

Five pieces, 1978.

4 29

Four published pieces by Gerald M. Edelman, 1987 and 1992.

4 30

G.E. Moore and polysemy, a paper with no title page by Gareth B. Matthews, n.d.

4 31

Hacker, Helen, "Women's Plights in Opera Plots," 1990 March 15.

4 32

Hindu caste and Hindu sacred law, two articles by Henry Orenstein, 1965 and 1968.

4 33

Introduction to Thorstein Veblen's The Higher Learning in America, by Ivar Berg, 1992.

4 34

Keith-Lucas, Alan, "Social work values and their development," n.d.

4 35

Kovich, Todd, "On choosing a method appropriate to the purpose and the level of analysis," n.d.

4 36

Liacouras, Peter J., "A reply to Carl Cohen," 1974 Oct.

4 37

Miscellaneous, 1988-1993.

4 38

Of Induction, by W. Whewell, 1849, in photocopy.

4 39

Paper and article by Robert Schwartz, 1979-1985.

4 40

Paper by Evelyn Fox Keller, for the Conference on Evolution Theory, 1985 Feb. 16,.

4 41

Paper on contract law and social ethics, by Elbert Robertson, n.d.

4 42

Paper re [Dugald] Stewart on mind and body, n.d., with notes re other members of the Scottish philosophy including Hume, Reid, etc.

4 43

Papers on John Dewey.

4 44
Box Folder


4 45


4 46


4 47

Five, n.d.

4 48

Four, 1974-1991.

4 49

Four, on Dewey, rationality, radical empiricism, etc., n.d.

4 50

Four, on William James' theory, 1971-1980.

4 51

Two, "Intentionality and rationality," by Dagfinn Follesdal; "Whatever happened to pragmatism?" by Babbie Schwartz, n.d.

4 52

Two, on topics of "Nature and culture" marked by Manicas, n.d.

4 53

Two, one by Edmund L. Pincoffs on partiality, n.d.

4 54
Box Folder

Paul Weiss's philosophy, paper by Andrew J. Reck for the 32nd annual meeting of the Metaphysical Society of America, 1981 and Flower's comments.

5 1

Philosophical backgrounds for applied ethics, 1990 Oct. five chapters, author unknown.

5 2

Presentation "Some trends in the study of cognition," by Henry Gleitman at A.P.A. meeting, 1979 Sept. 1.

5 3
Published articles.
Box Folder


5 4


5 5

Five, by Mark Mendell, etc., 1965-1995.

5 6
Box Folder

Reprints, four, 1989-1991.

5 7

Reprints, three, on philosophy in early America, by Norman S. Fiering, etc., 1977.

5 8

Scheffler, Israel, "Prospects of a modest empiricism," 1957 March.

5 9

Schwartz, L., on behavior and psychology, n.d.

5 10

Six pieces, 1965-1981.

5 11

Six pieces, 1979-1988.

5 12

The Tree of Knowledge, by Humberto R. Maturana and Francisco J. Varela, 1987.

5 13

Three papers by Klaus Krippendorff, 1986-1990.

5 14

Three papers, by David M. Adams, etc., 1990.

5 15

Three pieces, 1987-1991.

5 16

Two reviews, one by P.R. Chambellan on Henry W. Johnstone and Roderick Chisholm, one by John W. Sweigart, n.d.

5 17

Vickrey, William, "Justice, equality, and the economic system," n.d.

5 18

Webster, David S. "Advantages and disadvantages of methods of assessing quality," Change magazine, 1981 October.

5 19

Wellman, Carl, "Supreme court of Washington v. Carl Cohen," n.d.

5 20


Box Folder


5 21


5 22

1962-1979 (bulk 1978-1979).

5 23


5 24


5 25


5 26


5 27

Letters, personal, 1952-1959, mostly from Owen of Oxford.

5 28

Miscellaneous, 1972-1994.

5 29

Notes on Murray Murphey, Thomas Hobbes, etc., n.d.

5 30
Box Folder

Professional, 1974-1989, including copies of outgoing correspondence from Flower.

5 33

Publishers, 1962-1980.

5 34

Drafts and notes.

Box Folder

"Current critiques of education," n.d.

5 35

"Deduction, induction, and problematic structure," n.d.

5 36

"Induction and social validation," [1959?].

5 37

"James's conception of reality," [1992].

5 38

"Mill: Dewey: White: Hook".

5 39

"Social sciences," notes, n.d.

5 40

"The absolute immigrates to America: the St. Louis Hegelians," n.d.

5 41

"The unity of knowledge and purpose in James' view of action," etc.

5 42
Applied ethics.
Box Folder

Education, etc., with a letter from Edel to Irving Louis Horowitz, 1989 Sept.

5 43


5 44


5 45

Moral inquiry and contexts.

5 46

"Avoiding pitfalls" and "Handling fact-value relations".

5 47

"morality - institutional".

5 48

"Thinking" and "Data in ethics".

5 49

Chapter "Institution and individual".

6 1

Context and moral inquiry.

6 2

Ethical theories, as tools, miscellaneous.

6 3

Ethical theories, etc.

6 4

Institution, individual, community and environment.

6 5

Jurisdiction, roles and occupations.

6 6

Moral discovery and innovation, [1989].

6 7

Moral orders, 1990.

6 8


6 9

Outlines, etc.

6 10

Practical moral problems, 1989 Nov.

6 11

Preface and correspondence with the publisher Temple University Press, 1993-1994.

6 12

Two chapters "decision factor and its dimensions" and "theoretical conclusions".

6 13
Box Folder

Associated living and socialization.

6 14

Bicentennial and a look back on philosophy in America, [1976].

6 15

Clarence Irving Lewis (1).

6 16

Clarence Irving Lewis (2).

6 17

Common sense, pragmatism, evaluation and Dewey.

6 18

Community and communitarianism, with three clipped articles, 1984-1990.

6 19

Concept, context, import, and conceptualization.

6 20

Concept/content, context, diagnosis.

6 21

Critique of Applied Ethics, "Introduction".

6 22

Darwin, James, Spencer.

6 23

Dewey and Lewis, n.d.

6 24

Dewey and value judgment.

6 25

Discussion on John Rawls, n.d.

6 26

Discussion on William James concerning "efferent processes" etc.

6 27

Drafts and notes, including some from Horowitz and Abraham Edel, re morality, applied ethics, and history of philosophy, [1980s].

6 28

Dugald Stewart.

6 29


6 30

Education and equality.

6 31

Enlightenment, Morality, utilitarianism, etc.

6 32

Ethical theories, [1993].

6 33
Box Folder

Discussion in relation to rules, social and cultural context, concepts, etc., 1988.

6 34


6 35

Moral inquiry and context, n.d.

6 36

Moral inquiry, context, etc.

6 37

Institution, individual, and regionalization of morality.

6 38


6 39
Box Folder

Evolution of moral and ethical theories in the 19th century.

6 40

Francis Hutcheson, n.d., with a paper by Paul Golden "Hutcheson's decision theory: an 18th century model," 1970.

6 41

Freedom of speech, applied ethics, etc., n.d.

6 42

From ethics to moral philosophy.

6 43

George Santayana.

6 44

Hegel study.

6 45
History of ethics.
Box Folder

Miscellaneous notes including Darwinism, Spencer, etc.

6 46

Turn of century change--G. E. Moore--positivism--language--conclusion.

6 47
History of philosophy in America.
Box Folder


7 1


7 2

Miscellaneous, [1962].

7 3
Box Folder

Hume, Locke, Hobbes, and rationalism in ethics.

7 4

Idealism, realism, pragmatism, naturalism, Scottish philosophy, etc., n.d.

7 5

Impact of the Scottish philosophy in America: Reid, Stewart, Brown, Hume and Hamilton.

7 6

Interpretation of audio tapes by Abraham Edel on morality, ethics and the "Realistic" theory, n.d.

7 7

James Wilson and political ethics, n.d.

7 8

John Locke re ethics, naturalism, etc., [1967].

7 9

Justice, human equality, and factors of sex and race.

7 10
Kant, etc.
Box Folder

Kant, Hegel, Marx, J. S. Mill and utilitarianism, n.d.

7 11

Kant, Hume, valuation, etc.

7 12

Kant, John S. Mill, and Dewey.

7 13
Lewis on valuation.
Box Folder


7 14


7 15


7 16
Box Folder

Mead, George Herbert.

7 17
Box Folder


7 18


7 19


7 20
Box Folder

Moral inquiry, American social philosophy, etc.

7 21

Moral inquiry, contexts, diagnosis, etc.

7 22

Moral philosophy or ethics--subject matter of the study.

7 23
Moral philosophy.
Box Folder

Custom, etc.

7 24


7 25

Scottish philosophy, [Joseph] Preistley, Locke.

7 26
Box Folder

Moral theories and human nature.

7 27

Morality, ethics, psychology, and a review of Edel's work, with a copy of "Legal positivism: a pragmatic re-analysis," by Abraham Edel, 1979.

7 28

Morality, social context, and historical change.

7 29

Move toward problems.

7 30

Notebooks, four.

7 31

Notes and clippings, miscellaneous, [1958-1959].

7 32

Perception, conceptualization, common sense, language, labeling, etc.

7 33

Philosophy and psychology, notes in longhand.

7 34

Place of history in ethics.

7 35

Political philosophy and St. Louis Hegelians, n.d.

7 36


7 37
Pragmatism and culture.
Box Folder


7 38

Peirce, Dewey, James, Lewis, Mead, etc., n.d.

7 39

With two articles ("The language of education" by Israel Scheffler and "Functional analysis and teleological explanation").

7 40
Box Folder

Pragmatism, experience and legal reasoning.

7 41

Precedent and induction.

7 42

Principia Ethica and A. J. Ayer.

7 43

Progress in science and morals--the disparity.

7 44

Recommendations, a practice analyzed in terms of morality, ethics, and valuation.

7 45

Review of Israel Scheffler's paper "Anti-naturalist restrictions in ethics," n.d., with clipped reviews of Clarence Irving Lewis and C. West Churchman.

7 46

Review of work by Alasdair Chalmers MacIntyre, with article and book review clippings.

8 1
Samuel Stanhope Smith, Lectures on Moral and Political Philosophy.
Box Folder


8 2


8 3


8 4
Box Folder

Schroder, Ernst, Lectures on the Algebra of Logic, 1890.

8 5

Science and rationalism, n.d.

8 6

Scottish philosophy in Pennsylvania: James Wilson, Thomas Cooper, Samuel Miller, William Smith and the College of Mirania.

8 7

Sketches Of Modern Philosophy: Especially Among The Germans, by James Murdock, 1843.

8 8

Social-historical dimensions.

8 9

Sociobiology, [1977].

8 10

Stewart (Dugald), Scottish philosophy, John Stuart Mill's attack on William Hamilton, etc.

8 11
Study of William James' Principles of Psychology.
Box Folder

Chapter outlines, n.d.

8 12

Outline and chapter summary, chapter 6 - chapter 28, n.d.

8 13

Outline and notes.

8 14

Summary from Chapter 7 to Chapter 28).

8 15
Box Folder

Tape interpretation, re context in moral judgment, etc.

8 16

The moral and the social sciences, n.d.

8 17
The Scottish philosophy.
Box Folder

Reid, Brown, etc.

8 18

Reid, Witherspoon, McCosh, n.d.

8 19
Box Folder

Thomas Brown.

8 20

Thomas Davidson, William T. Harris and St. Louis Hegelians, n.d.

8 21

Thomas Reid, paper with draft notes and a published collection of essays entitled Thomas Reid: Critical Interpretations, edited by Stephen F. Barker and Tom L. Beauchamp, 1976.

8 22

Valuation and evaluation, n.d.

8 23

Valuation, individuality and social responsibility.

8 24

Wilhelm Dilthey's philosophy.

8 25

William James and general topics of psychology.

8 26

William James and his Principles of Psychology, n.d.

8 27

William James' study: motion, emotion, efferent processes, etc.

8 28

William T. Harris and St. Louis Hegelians, n.d.

8 29

William T. Harris and the Hegelian philosophy of education.

8 30

Witherspoon, McCosh, Priestley, the impact of Scottish philosophy on Princeton, and philosophy in mid-Atlantic and southern states.

8 31

Drafts and notes on Dewey.

Box Folder

"Dewey: dueling against dualisms," n.d.

8 32

"Ethics and theory of value," n.d., with miscellaneous drafts and notes.

8 33

"Experience and education," n.d.

8 34

"Introduction" and notes on rules, virtue, good, and the formulating of ethical issues.

8 35

Book review clippings, n.d.

8 36

Comments invited re R. W. Sleeper's review of J. E. Tiles' book, Dewey, [1988].

8 37

Community, individuality, and social responsibility.

8 38

Development of Dewey's theory on ethics.

8 39

Dewey, Human Nature and Conduct.

8 40
Dewey: early life and the evolution of his thinking n.d.
Box Folder


8 41


8 42

(III), with "Comments on Dewey".

9 1
Box Folder

Dewey's objections to utilitarian theory, etc.

9 2

Education, n.d.

9 3

Emotion, the reflex-arc and effort, n.d.

9 4

Ethics: shift in conceptual structure from 1908 to 1932.

9 5

Individual/community, public/private relations, diagnostic tools, etc.

9 6

John Dewey and later pragmatists.

9 7

John Dewey, with a draft letter to Dr. Freeman.

9 8

Miscellaneous, with clippings, 1987.

9 9

Morality, psychology, savage mind, n.d.

9 10

Notes re Dewey, Ethics, 1908.

9 11

Quest for certainty and theory of valuation, n.d.

9 12

Social philosophy.

9 13
Theory of valuation.
Box Folder


9 14


9 15

Pragmatism, etc.

9 16
Box Folder

Valuation, etc., miscellaneous, n.d.

9 17

General files.

Box Folder

American Council of Learned Societies, grant proposal, "Moral philosophy and the science of man: A study in the Americanization of the Scottish Enlightenment," 1964.

9 18

Book proposal, selections of the philosophical writings of Clarence Irving Lewis, with an introduction by Flower, et al.

9 19

Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, correspondence and grant from the National Endowment for the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1982-1985.

9 20

Encyclopedia of Ethics, contributory papers.

9 21

Encyclopedia of Ethics, correspondence, Table of articles, etc., 1987-1988.

9 22

Exxon Education Foundation, visit of Carole Leland, 1983 October, with a Progress report of Penn's Office of the Provost to the Foundation.

9 23

Festschrift for Elizabeth Flower, contributions to the book Values and Value Theory in Twentieth-Century America, Essays in Honor of Elizabeth Flower, edited by Murray G. Murphy and Ivar Berg, 1988.

9 24

Governor's Awards for Excellence in the Arts, Humanities and Sciences, 1992 May 5, program.

9 25

History of Philosophy in America, correspondence, 1960 and 1978, public reviews, and rough drafts of certain parts.

9 26

Interlocutors, 1958-1994, correspondence and newspaper clippings.

9 27

International Legal Materials, 1987 November, Vol. 26, No. 6.

9 28

Journal of the History of Ideas, "The alliance between Puritanism and Cartesian logic at Harvard," submission for review, n.d.

9 29

Mexico connections, correspondence, 1945-1946, with research notes and clippings.

9 30

Mexico trip, correspondence and clippings, 1946-1947.

9 31

National Endowment for the Humanities, independent study and research panel 7B, Philosophy, 1976 August.

9 32

National Endowment for the Humanities grant application and Fulbright Award proposal, 1971-1981.

9 33

NEH grant for the bicentennial of the Constitution, 1982-1983.

9 34
Romanell-Phi Beta Kappa Professorship in Philosophy, nomination, 1988.
Box Folder


9 35


9 36
Box Folder

St. Bonaventure University, Patrick K. Dooley, four American philosophy courses, syllabus, n.d.

9 37

Teaching course syllabus, "Moral education and moral philosophy," 1983 spring.

9 38

Teaching file, questions and writings on David Hume, including a paper on "Hume and the economists of the 18th century" n.d.

9 39
Trips to South America.
Box Folder

Trips to South America, clippings.

9 40

Trips to South America, correspondence, 1943-1951.

9 41
Box Folder

U.S. Human Genome project, 1990-1992.

9 42

United Nations, General Assembly, International Law Commission, Memorandum concerning a draft code of offences against the peace and security of mankind, 1939.

9 43

Universities and Community Schools, 1991 Vol. 2, No. 1-2, with two papers by Ira Harkavy.

9 44

University of Pennsylvania, Department of Sociology, Chairman's final report, 1978 February.

9 45

Wharton legal studies faculty search, 1991 February.

9 46
Wharton School, Department of Legal Studies.
Box Folder

Reference paper "A theory of social contracts," by Thomas W. Dunfee and Thomas Donaldson, 1991.

10 1

Reference paper "Control system and task environment effects on ethical behavior: an exploratory study of industrial salespeople," by Diana C. Robertson, 1990.

10 2

Reference paper "Opportunism and trust in commercial negotiations," by G. Richard Shell, n.d.

10 3
Box Folder

World Congress on Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, [1975], correspondence, 1973, with lists of invitees.

10 4

Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium.

Conference on the Philosophy of the Human Studies, 1988 October.
Box Folder

"Has the United States become a party to genocide in Central America..." by Douglas Porpora.

10 5

"Reading Donald Davidson: truth, meaning and right interpretation," by Christopher Norris.

10 6

"Rightness and reasons," by Michael Krausz.

10 7

"Self-responsibility, romantic reflection, and the Gospel in Solentiname," by Richard Eldridge.

10 8

"Two meanings of 'Logocentrism': a reply to Norris" by Richard Rorty.

10 9
Box Folder

Correspondence, 1982-1990.

10 10

Meeting schedule, 1981-1990.

10 11

Paper "Marxism today," by John A. Doody, for the fourth session of the Consortium Working Group, 1990.

10 12

Paper "Realism and the value freedom of science," by Hugh Lacey, 1988 Sept.

10 13

Paper "Scheme-conent dualism, experience, and subjectivity," by John McDowell, 1989 Nov.

10 14

Paper "Terrorism, rights, and political goals," by Virginia Held, 1988 Nov.

10 15

Paper "Validity, communication, and interpretation," by Jacques N. Catudal.

10 16

Papers, two, 1990, one by William M. Sullivan and one by William Newton-Smith.

10 17

Latin America studies.

Box Folder

"Philosophic thought in Latin America," a partial bibliography prepared by Edmundo Lassalle, n.d.

10 18

Biographical data of Latin America scholars, with notes and clippings re Mexican mind, etc., [1951].

10 19
Box Folder

"Philosophy in Peru: An historical survey," paper by Augusto Salazar Bondy, n.d.

10 20


10 21

Los Mochicas, by Rafael Larco Hoyle, 1939.

10 22
Box Folder

Correspondence, 1942-1954.

10 23

Development of the interest in philosophy, drafts, notes and clippings, 1944-1946.

10 24

Newspaper clippings, 1946-1947.

10 25

Meeting file.

Box Folder

American Philosophical Association, annual meeting, 77th, 1979 April 19-21.

10 26

American Society for Value Inquiry, 3rd annual meeting, 1972, proceedings.

10 27

Bicentennial Symposium of Philosophy, 1976 Oct. 7-10, program.

10 28

Columbia Broadcasting System, Operation Crossroads, special one-hour broadcast on atomic energy, 1946 May 28, transcript.

10 29
Columbia University.
Box Folder

Conference on Justice and Human Equality, 1974 March 8.

10 30

Seminar on Contents and Methods, 1990 Nov. - Dec.

10 31

University Seminar on Content and Methods in the Social Sciences, 1987 December.

10 32

University Seminar on Content and Methods, two papers, 1989 Sept. - October.

10 33
Box Folder

Conference on Growth in the Finite World, 1977 February.

10 34

Conference on Poverty, Justice, and the Law," 1985 Feb., Notes of presentations by O'Neill (Onora), Rodes (Robert E.), Nickel (James), Cranor (Carl), Francis (Richard), Daniels (Patricia), Lawson (Bill), Gewirth (Alan).

10 35

Conferences on the Humanities and Public Policy Issues, table of contents, 1974-1975.

10 36
Marquette Hegel Symposium, 1970.
Box Folder

Papers, two, one by David Watson and one by I. St. Louis.

10 37

Pproceedings "The legacy of Hegel," with other publications on Hegel.

10 38
Box Folder

Meeting invitations and schedules, 1983-1990.

10 39

Meeting invitations and schedules, 1993-1994.

10 40

Mexico City Conference, 1962 Nov. 22-24, "European sources and social implications of pragmatism," presentation by Philip P. Wisner.

10 41

NEH grant for the bicentennial of the Constitution, conference at Penn, "The American Constitution: retrospect and prospect," 1984 Feb. 28.

10 42

Ohio State University, Symposium on "Citizenship and education in modern society," [1980] April.

10 43

PARSS (Program for Assessing and Revitalizing the Social Sciences), Human Nature Seminar, 1987 Dec. 4, three papers.

10 44

Pennsylvania Humanities Council, speaker program, 1991-1993.

10 45

Philosophy of Education Society, 23rd annual meeting, 1967 March.

10 46
Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy.
Box Folder

10th annual meeting, 1983 March 3-5.

10 47

Annual meeting 1978, abstracts of papers.

10 48
Box Folder

SSIPS/SAGP/ISNS/ACPA International Conference, 20th annual conference on Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and Dialogue among Civilizations, 2001 Oct. 26-28, program.

10 49

State-based Humanities Committees, Northeast Region Humanities Conferences, "From here to where," 1976 Dec. 3-4, proceedings.

10 50

University of Dayton, John Dewey lecture series of the Department of Philosophy, 1979 March 5, "Purposes, plans and persons: Dewey's social psychology and some present concerns," notes and drafts.

10 51

Mexican studies.

Box Folder

"Carpet-bagging to Mexico".

10 52

"The archaeological city of Teotihuacan," by Amelia Martinez del Río, 1941.

10 53

Catalogue of Mexico City College, 1946-1947.

10 54

Critica, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1967.

10 55

Estudio Comparativo de Los Signos Cronograficos en Los Codices Prehispanicos de Mejico, by Rafael Garcia Granados, [1939].

10 56

Rosina Es Frágil, by C. E. Kany, 1938.

10 57

The Religion of the Aztecs, by Alfonso Caso, 1937.

10 58

Universidad de Mexico, 1948.

10 59
Box Folder

Correspondence with Francisco, 1945-1947.

10 60

Correspondence, 1944-1951, with notes and clippings.

10 61
Drafts and notes.
Box Folder

"Curricula Vitae," history of Mexico, etc.

10 62

"Philosophical trends in Mexico," n.d.

10 63

Antonio Caso and the revolt against positivism.

10 64

History of philosophy in Mexico, with biography of Manuel Gamio, "contributions from the pre-colonial period," etc.

10 65

Including "The right wing and catholic action," "Philosophic trends in Mexico," material re José Vasconcelos, etc.

10 66

re UNESCO experiment in Mexico, etc., [1950].

10 67
Box Folder

Excerpts and notes of works by Samuel Ramos.

10 68

History of Mexico, outline with drafts and notes.

11 1

Notes of Antonio Caso.

11 2

Notes on Mexico election, n.d.

11 3

Notes on post-World War I politics in Mexico.

11 4

Positivism in Mexico, drafts and notes.

11 5

Published article "The Mexican revolt against positivism," 1949, with clippings related to study of philosophy in Mexico.

11 6

Student book report by Elan Warren on the Book Historie de la literature Mexicana by Carlos Gonzalez Pena, with instructor's revision and comments, 1962.

11 7

Student book report by Mary Ellen Danley on the book Mexico by Atonio Caso, for the course Philosophy 103, 1946 June.

11 8

Papers and manuscripts.

Box Folder

"A moral agenda for ethical theory," final draft.

11 9

"A moral agenda for ethical theory," first draft.

11 10

"A moral agenda for ethical theory".

11 11

"An essay on the sublime," n.d.

11 12

"Chapter VI, Philosophy in New England: Logic".

11 13

"Comment on Normative Politics and the Community of Nations, by Haskell Fain," draft by Abraham Edel.

11 14

"Deduction, induction, and problematic structure," with Abraham Edel's version, n.d.

11 15

"Experience and legal reasoning," n.d.

11 16

"George Santayana, 1863-1952," n.d.

11 17

"Harm: the concept and the principle," presentation at AMINTAPHIL, 8th plenary conference, 1981 April.

11 18
"Human nature in ethical theory".
Box Folder

Drafts, n.d.

11 19

Paper presented in the centennial symposium on Dewey at New York University meeting of the Middle Atlantic States Philosophy of Education Society, 1959.

11 20
Box Folder

"Induction and social validation," for the Colloquium on Validation of New forms of Social Organization, 1967 Sept.

11 21

"Integrity as a virtue," n.d.

11 22

"Models without muddles," comments made at the AMINTAPHIL, 1988.

11 23

"Naïve empiricism," n.d.

11 24

"Old principles and new pitfalls," review of "Affirmative action and the principle of equality" by Robert F. Sasseen, with correspondence, 1973-1977, and clippings.

11 25

"Outline - an inquiry concerning the principles of morals," [1985].

11 26

"Ramblings of thoughts from [Jiddu] Krishnamurti's discussions," n.d.

11 27

"Some functions of a functional view: an historical glance," a presentation by Flower and Edel for the World Congress on Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, 1973.

11 28

"The absolute emigrates to America," n.d.

11 29

"The evolutionary controversy," n.d.

11 30

"The influence of ancient philosophy in the United States, from the mid-19th century to the late 20th century," co-authored with Abraham Edel.

11 31
The practical as a philosophic conception.
Box Folder

"The practical as a philosophic conception and its bases in American thought," [1976].

11 32

"The practical as a philosophic conception," n.d.

11 33

"The practical as a philosophical conception in American thought," draft, n.d.

11 34

"The practical as a theoretical concern," with comments, 1978.

11 35
"The unity of knowledge and purpose in James' view of action".
Box Folder


11 36

with the paper "Action and value in the philosophy of William James," n.d.

11 37
Box Folder

"Theory of inquiry" and study of Dewey and logic, drafts, n.d.

11 38

"Toward a working conception of nationalism," n.d.

11 39

"William James and the Associationists," 1967, with three other papers by Edel (Search for a moral philosophy), Alfred Schutz on stream of thought (1970), and an unknown author on "James's pragmatism".

11 40

Applied Ethics: chapters 1, 2, 4.

11 41

Articles, two, "The unity of knowledge and purpose in James' view of action," and "Comments on philosophy of science and educational theory," n.d.

11 42

Book review of Helm, Bertrand P., Time and Reality in American Philosophy, for the International Studies in Philosophy, 1986.

11 43

Chapters, three, on Lawrence Kohlberg, etc. re emotivism and American pragmatic thought.

11 44

Comments on "Presumptive order and definition in ethics," n.d.

11 45

Critique of Applied Ethics, earlier drafts, 1990.

11 46

Critique of Applied Ethics, Part I, "The growth of applied ethics, its structuring and its methods" and Part II "Critique and recommendations," draft.

11 47

Essay by Edel in memory of biographer Leon Edel, n.d.

11 48

Essay on necessary truth and William James, with miscellaneous notes.

11 49

Experience with Martin Luther King.

11 50

Five, four co-authored with Abraham Edel, 1973.

11 51

History of Philosophy in America, preface, introduction, etc.

11 52

Introduction (to The Later Works of John Dewey, Volume 7, 1925 - 1953: 1932, Ethics), with material re the relations between Dewey and James Hayden Tufts, 1989.

11 53

Introduction and epilogue to A History of Philosophy in America by Flower and Murray Murphey.

11 54

Metaphysical background for value theory, etc., n.d.

11 55

Paper (with no title page), a discussion with Mr. Murphy on ethics, n.d.

11 56

Pragmatism from Peirce to Quine.

11 57

Presentations, two, by Flower and Edel, "Some functions of a functional view," 1973, and "Some pertinent methodological reflections" for AMINTAPHIL meeting on the U.S. Constitution, 1987.

11 58

Review of "Judgment in History" by Tegjera, 1982, including Flower's comment notes, outline, and manuscripts of chapters 2, 4, and 6,.

12 1

Reviews of John Rawls' works, with book review clippings.

12 2

Summary of Mind and the World Order, by Clarence Irving Lewis.

12 3

The teleology of mind.

12 4

Two papers: "Induction and social validation," 1967 Sept.; "A response to 'educational theory and inspiration,," n.d.

12 5
William James' study.
Box Folder

"Survey of James's psychology" and "Will: a theory of voluntary action," n.d.

12 6

"The emergence of accounts of purposive behavior," n.d.

12 7


Box Folder

Business correspondence and documents,1946-2000.

12 8

Condolence letters, 1995-1996.

12 9

Death certificates, etc., 1995-2000.

12 11

Diploma of Master in Liberal Arts, 1936, and Diploma of Philosophical Doctor, 1939.

12 12

Home insurance policies, 1969-1974.

12 14

Household miscellaneous, n.d.

12 15

Obituary and memorial, 1995.

12 17


Box Folder

Portraits, including one marked as Mrs. Frank Flower.

12 21

Snapshots and film strips.

12 22


Box Folder

"The absolute immigrates to America: the St. Louis Hegelians," chapter eight from History of Philosophy in America, with drafts.

12 23

"Truth, Fate and the Historians," by Abraham Edel, 1957 Feb.

12 24

"Words on moral worth," The Cultural Heritage of 20th Century Man, 1955.

12 25

Published articles and book chapters, fifteen pieces, 1952-1973.

12 26

Reprints and papers, six pieces, by Flower and Edel, 1973-1995.

12 27

Two: "Norms and induction" and "Comments on philosophy of science and educational theory," 1969.

12 28

Student papers.

Box Folder

"An examination of the ethical theory of C. I. Lewis," by James S. Rogers, for the course Philosophy 301, 1973.

12 29

"C. I. Lewis--conceptualistic pragmatism," with comments of the instructor [Flower?], n.d.

12 30

"Outline: A History of Philosophy in America, Vol. II," by George Stack, 1983 May.

12 31

"Some interesting comparisons between Kuhn's philosophy of science and the psychology of thinking," by Rosemary Sanderson, 1971.

12 32

"The nature of ethical statements," by Lawrence Foster, 1961 April.

12 33

Book review by Bernice Goldstein of "La Filosofia en Bolivia" by Guillermo Francovich, n.d.

12 34

Dewey, 1959-1967.

12 35

Doctoral (James L. Celarier) and master's final (Norman Melchert), n.d.

12 36

Honors paper by Eleanor Beshgetoor, 1948.

12 37

On two books by Lewis - Mind and the World Order and Analysis of Knowledge and Valuation.

12 38

Philosophy 120 C, "On recent attempts to make political science 'scientific'," by Ed Luria, 1962 May 10.

12 39

Philosophy 201, paper by N. Scott Arnold, "Perception, pragmatism, and Berkeley," 1972 May.

12 40

Philosophy 4, two papers by Peggy Deutsch, n.d.

12 41

Philosophy 507, "The rational imperatives" (re Lewis valuation), by Foster E. Tait, n.d.

12 42

Philosophy 607, Ethics, paper by Martha S. Hertzberg, n.d.

12 43

Philosophy 620, term paper "Factual judgment and value judgment," by Jiichiro Takeo, n.d.

12 44

Three, one by Doris L. Nicholas, 1954, one by Peggy Deutsch, n.d., and one by James Kelly, 1972.

12 45

Two papers by Harvey A. Lape, 1976.

12 46

Two, one by Mark Mendell, 1980 Aug., and the other by Jennie Uleman, 1990 Jan.

12 47

Audio tapes.

Box Folder

Nineteen cassette tapes in one shoe box, contents unknown.

13 1

Eighteen cassette tapes in one shoe-box, "Community, institution, individual" discussion, etc.

13 2

Eighteen cassette tapes in a shoe box, re Dewey, context, etc.

13 3

Nineteen cassette tapes in a shoe box, re social/individual, tools for applied ethics, etc., 1993.

13 4

Thirty-seven cassette tapes in a flat Hollinger box, [1991-1993].

13 5

Eighteen in a shoe box, re PARSS [Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools], etc.

14 1

Eighteen cassette tapes and five mini tapes in a shoe box, contents unknown.

14 2

Seventeen cassette tapes in a red cardboard box, with content notes inside.

14 3

Twenty-five 3" reel tapes in a shoebox, contents unknown.

14 4

Six 5" reel tapes, Five 3" reel tapes, and six 2" reel tapes in a shoebox, some tapes with notes on packages.

15 1

Fifteen cassette tapes in a double-drawer wood box, consisting of three sections: 1. Festschrift; 2. "87" tapes of applied ethics, etc.; 3."green" labeled tapes, with content notes.

15 2

Eleven cassette tapes in a plastic box, numbered from 1 to 11, with some marked "Croydon," some unmarked.

15 3

Nine cassette tapes in a blue zipped cloth box, some recorded with "Barry" [Finbarr W. O'Connor], [1991], with a slip of notes.

15 4

Nineteen cassette tapes in a shoebox, some related to the study of [Thomas] Hobbes, some re [Bertrand] Russell, "Decision," etc.

16 1

Thirty-nine cassette tapes in a flat Hollinger box, re "Croydon", "Context", "Discovery and innovation," etc., [1988].

16 2