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Francis Campbell Macauley scrapbook on Dante Alighieri


This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts
Macauley, Francis Campbell, 1844-1896
Francis Campbell Macauley scrapbook on Dante Alighieri
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1 volume
Language Note:
Material in English, French, German, and Italian.
This scrapbook of 19th century material related to Dante was likely compiled by Francis Campbell Macauley (1844-1896), a prominent Philadelphian and a lover of Dante. Most of the 116 items are newspaper or journal articles, but there are also portraits of Dante, book excerpts, and other printed ephemera. Material in the scrapbook dates from 1820 to 1895.
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Francis Campbell Macauley scrapbook on Dante Alighieri, 1820-1895, Folio.858D.XcDa, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania
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This scrapbook of 19th century material related to Dante was likely compiled by Francis Campbell Macauley. Macauley, an archaeologist and student of Romance languages, was born in Philadelphia in 1844. According to a paper given at the Pennsylvania Library Club in 1901, he helped to found the Department of American Ethnology at the Penn Museum and assisted Dr. William Pepper in founding the University's Archaeological Association. As a student of Romance languages, he spent many years in Italy, where he died in 1896. Macauley collected a large number of editions of Dante's works and other material related to Dante, 2500 volumes of which he bequeathed to the University Library. The subject matter of the scrapbook, a small Italian news article about Macauley in the front of the volume, and Macauley's name written on several of the items lead to the conclusion that it was he who compiled the scrapbook (none of the articles is dated for after his death).

The scrapbook contains a variety of printed items related to Dante. Most of the 116 items are newspaper or journal articles; for a list of publications represented see the Scope and Contents note below. Article topics range from critical readings of lines of the Divine Comedy and reviews of new editions, translations and commentaries on Dante's works to news reports on the Dante Festival held in Florence in 1864. These articles come from as many as 38 different periodicals. Also included in the scrapbook are several portraits of Dante, other printed ephemera such a letter from the Dante Society of Cambridge, MA and an appeal in five languages for contributions toward the erection of a Dante Masoleum in Ravenna, and excerpts from several books, including Vassallo-Paleologo's  Concordance to the Divine Comedy. For many of the articles, Macauley either recorded the name and date of the publication or clipped the newspaper's masthead and included it with the article. Unfortunately, some of the items in the scrapbook cannot be confidently attributed; where this is the case, a note appears in the finding aid.

Articles in the scrapbook date from between 1820 and 1895 but appear out of chronological order. The plate inside the front cover of the scrapbook—a "Patent Guardless Scrapbook"—states that its style was patented in March, 1892, dating the scrapbook itself to after that date. Macauley must have collected the items over the course of his life and pasted them into the scrapbook all at the same time, or perhaps a friend of his found the clippings after his death and pasted them into a scrapbook to keep them together.

Scope and Contents

Items in the scrapbook come from the following sources.

Periodicals: N.B. The only information readily available on some of these publications comes from items in the scrapbook. Therefore some periodicals on the list below have fuller records than others.

L'Abbreviatore ossia appendice critica a tutti i giornali e altri fogli di novità librarie. Bologna, 1820-?

The Academy: a monthly record [sometimes "a weekly review"] of literature, science and art. London? 1869-1902. (Merged with Literature. Then:  Academy and 'Literature.' Then:  Plain English. Then absorbed into  English Review)

L'Agone: Rivista di Letteratura Teatri ed Arte. Palermo, n.d.

The Athenæum. London, 1828-1921

La Biblioteca delle Scuole Italiane. Torino, 1889-?

Bolletino Bibliografico?

Bolletino Librario. Venice, n.d.

The Boston Herald. Boston, 1846-present

La Civiltà Cattolica. Naples and Rome, 1850-?

Il Corriere Apuano. Pontremoli? n.d.

The Daily Graphic: An Illustrated Evening Newspaper. New York, 1873-1889

Fanfulla della Domenica. Rome, 1879-1919

The Florence Gazette. Florence, 1890-1915

Gazzetta del Popolo: Letteraria-Artistica-Scientifica-Illustrata. Torino, 1848-1945

Gazzetta Letteraria. Torino, 1877-1883. According to a few items in the scrapbook, this journal was also published in Milan.

Gazzetta di Venezia. Venice, 1848-1850. (Previous title: Gazzetta privilegiata di Venezia. Succeeding title: Gazzetta ufficiale di Venezia)

Die Gegenwart: Wochenschrift für Literatur, Kunst und öffentliches Leben. Berlin, 1872-1931

Il Giornale Illustrato. Torino and Florence, 1864-?

Giornale Dantesco. Verona, Venice, Florence, 1894-1943

La gioventù giornale di letteratura e d'istruzione (Title given by Macauley. Possibly  La Gioventù: Ragguagli d'educazione e d'istruzione. Florence, 1862-1871)

L'Illustration. Paris, 1843-1944

Lippincott's Magazine. Philadelphia, 1868-1915. Became McBride's Magazine in 1915, merged with Scribner's Magazine in 1916.

The Literary World. New York, 1847-1853

The Nation. New York, 1865-present

Nuova Giornale dei letterati. Pisa, 1822-1839. (Previous title: Giornale scientifico e letterario dell'Accademia di Scienze Lettere ed Arti. Succeeding title: Giornale toscano di scienze mediche fisiche e naturali)

Nuova Giornale di Storia Moderna Patriottica. Venice? n.d.

Nuove pubblicazioni Dantesche. Milan, n.d.

L'Occhialetto: Rivista artistica, letteraria, mondana. Naples, n.d.

Il Ravennante. Ravenna, n.d.

Ricordi Filologici e Letterari. Pistoia, 1847-?

Rivista Bibliografica Italiana. Florence, 1886-1919

Rivista Didascalia: Organo della R. Società Didascalia Italiana. Rome, 1887-1888. (previous title: L'Annotation)

Rivista italiana di Filosofia. Florence, Rome, Pavia, 1886-1898

Rivista Nazionale? (There have been many publications with this title in modern Italian printing; it is difficult to determine which of these publications is actually represented in the scrapbook)

La Rivista Popolare: Politica economica, scientifica, letteraria, artistica. Rome, 1893-1896

Rivista Universale. Genova, 1867-1878. (Previous title: Annali Cattolici. Succeeding title: La Rassegna nazionale)

Roma Letteraria. Rome, 1893-1922

Gli Studi in Italia: Periodico didattico scientifico e letterario. Rome, 1878-1884


Vassallo-Paleologo, Francesco. La Concordanza Dantesca: Opera Necessaria a Trovare Qualunque Pensiero della Divina Commedia. Girgenti: Stamperia Provincale-Commerciale di Salvatore Montes, 1883.

Strenna filologica modenese per l'anno 1863. By Giovanni Galvani, conte. Modena: Tip. dell'Immacolata Concezione, 1862.

Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts,  2012

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research use.

Use Restrictions

Copyright restrictions may exist. For most library holdings, the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania do not hold copyright. It is the responsibility of the requester to seek permission from the holder of the copyright to reproduce material from the Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts.

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Collection Inventory


Half of a broadside containing two poems: Canzone d'amore, by Francesco Cimmino, and Il Viaggio, by Ettore Moschino. No publication information.

inside front cover

...' amore... Linguaglossa. [Title incomplete] Music by Enrico de Leva. Napoli, R. Tipografia de Angelis & Bellisario, Portamedina alla Pignasecca, 44. Probably from  L'Occhialetto.

inside front cover

Portrait of Dante Alighieri. By E. Pazzi. Proprietà artistica Jubal Sbolci, Firenze, 1865 February.

inside front cover

Le Purissime: Beatrice, Laura, La Pulzella. Three poems by Arturo Colautti. From  L'Occhialetto: Rivista artistica, letteraria, mondana, Naples, 1895 January 12.

inside front cover

Un archeologo americano. Short article on the travels of Francis Campbell Macauley. No publication information.

first page of scrapbook

Fatti e Non Chiacchiere sul Nuovo Monumento a Dante Alighieri in Firenze, ai Signori Direttori di Alcuni Fogli Periodici Fiorentini. By Oreste Raggi, from  Supplemento al N. 81 del Giornale--Il Corriere Apuano, 1864 October 22.


Le Dante Recontre Matilda, D'Apres Le Tableau de M. Maignan. Broadside engraving from  L'Illustration, 1881 November 5.


La Dannazione secondo il concetto dantesco. By Ernesto Lamma, from  Fanfulla Della Domenica, 1895 June 6.


Un verso della Divina Commedia. No publication information.


Un verso del Purgatorio. No publication information.


Dante e la Psichiatria, Lettera a Cesare Lombroso. By Bernardo Chiara, from  Gazzetta Letteraria, Torino, 1894 April 14.


Nuova Beatrice. Poem by Mannio, from  Gazzetta Letteraria, Milano-Torino, 1895 February 9.


Una Contraddizione Dantesca. By Antonio Catalano, from  Gazzetta Letteraria, Milano-Torino, 1895 April 20.


Ancora «Una Contraddizione Dantesca.» By Domenico Graffeo, from  Gazzetta Letteraria, 1895 May 18.


Ancora di Una Contraddizione Dantesca. By Prof. Ettore Penco, from  Gazzetta Letteraria, 1895 May 25.


L'Eterna "Contraddizione Dantesca." By Domenico Graffeo, from  Gazzetta Letteraria, Milano-Torino, 1895 June 15.


Perchè la Pretesa "Contraddizione Dantesca" Non Sia Stata Avvertita Prima D'Ora. By Benedeto Plebani, from  Gazzetta Letteraria, Milano-Torino, 1895 June 22.


La Contraddizione Dantesca e il Prof. Pio Rajna. By Antonio Catalano, from  Gazzetta Letteraria, Milano-Torino, 1895 July 13.


Per Un'Altra Difesa di Dante. By G. Zambruni, from  Gazzetta Letteraria, Milano-Torino, 1895 July 13.


Literature of the Day: Dante and his Circle; with the Italian Poets preceding him. Edited and tranlated in the original Metres by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Revised and rearranged edition. Review, from  Lippincott's Magazine, 1876 February.


Dante Praises Beatrice. Poem by Titus Munson Coan, from  Lippincott's Magazine, 1874 August.


On Reading Dante's "New Life." Poem by Titus Munson Coan, from  Lippincott's Magazine, 1874 October.


Gli Studi danteschi in Sicilia. By Camillo Antona-Traversi, from  Gazzetta Letteraria, Torino, 1894 November 10.


Una Questione Importante. By Giuseppe Lesca-Rossetti, from  Gazzetta Letteraria, Torino, 1889 October 5.


Nei Parentali di Beatrice III. By Nerino Bianchi, from  Gazzetta del Popolo della Domenica, Torino, 1890 July 20.


A. Pisani: L'ideale politico di Dante.--Bari 1893. By E.P., from  Revista italiana di Filosofia, 1894 September-October.


Note Dantesche: Venere o Sole? By Miriam, from  Fanfulla della Domenica, Rome, 1893 December 10.


Intorno a un greco epigramma su Dante. By Prof. Francesco di Mento, from  Fanfulla della Domenica, Rome, 1889 October 27.


Note Dantesche. A.G. Del Noce. By Guido Andrea Pintacuda, from  L'Agone, Palermo, 1895 March 10.


La Psicologia Dell'Arte nella Divina Commedia. By Annibale Pastore, from  Gazzetta Letteraria, Torino, 1894 June 16.


Ritratti di' Dante e di Brunetto dipinti da Giotto nel Bargello, quali furono prima del restauro. No attribution or publication information.


Della prima, e principale allegoria del poema di Dante, discorso di Giovanni Marchetti. Per Bamberini e Parmeggiani 1819. Review, from  L'Abbreviatore ossia Appendice critica..., Bologna, 1820 Febraury 12.


Sempre la Contraddizione Dantesca. By Antonio Redaeli, from  Gazzetta Letteraria.


Letter: "Il signor Domenico Graffeo, difendendo l'opinione del Catalano contro quelle dei numerosi suoi contradditori del N. 18 della Letteraria..." By G.B., no publication information.


Perchè Dante Non È Popolare. By Agostino Capovilla, from  Roma Letteraria, Rome, 1895 October 10.


Nota Dantesca: Di un nuova interpretatzione del verso «Pape Satan, pape Satan aleppe». By Azeglio Valgimigli, from  Fanfulla della Domenica, 1892 November 6.


L'Autore dell'Epigrafe che si legge sul sepolcro di Dante. By Ludovico Frati, from  Fanfulla della Domenica, 1889 June 30.


Se il Commento Palatino alla Divina Commedia possa attribuirsi a Tàlice da Ricaldone. By Benedetto Plebani, from  Gazzetta Letteraria, Torino, 1893 June 14.


Aberrazioni Straniere: Dante Alighieri e Adam de Ros. By Aurelia Josz, from  Fanfulla dell Domenica, Rome, 1895 October 6.


Dante. The Great National Teacher, Poet, Statesman, and Seer: A Study (Continuation). By E.A. Le Mesurier, from  The Florence Gazette, 1894 February 24.


Dante. The Great National Teacher, Poet, Statesman, and Seer: A Study (Conclusion). By E.A. Le Mesurier, from  The Florence Gazette, 1894 March 3.


Dubbi sulla lezione di un verso nelle Liriche di Dante. From  Strenna Filologica, modenese, 1862.


Celebrazione del Sesto Centenario di Dante in Firenze. From  Il Giornale Illustrato, Torino, 1864 June 18.


Three woodcuts from La Divina Commedia, "disegni del 1447." From  Il Giornale Illustrato, Torino, 1864 June 25.


The Dante Festival. By H.C. Barlow, M.D., from  The Athenæum, 1864 February 13.


On the subject of 'Dante at Verona,' Mr. Leighton's new picture, Dr. Barlow desires to make the following remarks:—. By H.C. Barlow, from  The Athenæum, 1864 March 19.


"The Town Council of Florence... have resolved to ask of the city of Ravenna, as a brotherly gift, the earthly remains of Dante..." From  The Athenæum, 1864 June 18.


"The discovery of Dante's bones, twelve days after the celebration of his tercentenary birthday, has created no small sensation and delight in Italy..." From  The Athenæum, 1865 June 10.


"The discovery of Dante's bones continues to occupy the Italian press in no small degree..." From  The Athenæum, 1865 June 17.


The Dante Festival. By C., from  The Athenæum, 1865 May 27.


"We derive the following details concerning the Dante Festival in Florence from the Gazette Musicale..." From  The Athenæum, 1865 April 29.


Dante's Beatrice. By J.M.H., from  The Athenæum, 1864 November 26.


The Influence of Beatrice. By H.C. Barlow, from  The Athenæum, 1864 December 24.


Critical, Historical, and Philosophical Contributions to the Study of the Divina Commedia. By Henry Clark Barlow, M.D. Review from  The Athenæum, 1864 November 19.


Dante at Naples. By H.C. Barlow, from  The Athenæum, 1874 April 4.


Le Cinque Spade. By H.C. Barlow, from  The Athenæum, 1867 July 20.


The Comedy of Dante Allighieri. Part I.—The Hell. Translated into Blank Verse by W.M. Rosetti. With Introductions and Notes. Review from  The Athenæum, 1865 April 1.


Dante and his Translator. By W.M. Rossetti, from  The Athenæum, 1865 April 8.


Strong. By W.M. Rossetti, from  The Athenæum, 1865 April 15.


Dante's Divine Commedy: Inferno. Translated by Warburton Pike. Review from  The Athenæum, 1881 August 6.


Dante's Divine Commedy. Translated into English, in the Metre and Triple Rhyme of the Original, with Notes, by Mrs. Ramsay. Paradiso. Review from  The Athenæum, 1864 March 5.


A Translation of Dante's Eleven Letters, with Explanatory Notes and Historical Comments. By C.S. Latham. Edited by G.R. Carpenter. With Preface by C.E. Norton. Review by Paget Toynbee, from  The Academy, 1892 April 2.


Dante: Selections from the Inferno. With Introduction and Notes by H.B. Cotterill, B.A. Review from  The Athenæum, 1874 November 14.


The Dante Exhibition. With woodcut illustration captioned "Visitors Inspecting the Dante Loan Collection in the Lecture Room of Dr. Williams's Library, Gordon Square." From  The Daily Graphic, 1893 April 15.


In the Footsteps of Dante. By E.S., from  The Nation, 1888 October 4.


The Women of Dante. A Critical Study of Francesca and Beatrice. By Sig. Teodoro Serrao, from  The Sunday Herald, Boston, 1889 March 10.


Butler's Translation of Dante's Purgatory. Review from  The Nation, 1880 December 2.


Dante's "Vita Nuova." By Edward H. Bell, from  The Academy, 1880 December 11.


Dante's "Vita Nuova." By James Morison, from  The Academy, 1880 December 18.


"The London Athenæum for September 29 announces the speedy publication by the Cambridge University Press of an important work on the 'Divine Comedy' by Dr. Moore..." From  The Nation, 1888 October 25.


Fay's Concordance to the Divine Comedy. Review, from  The Nation, 1888 October 25.


The Interpretation of Dante, Paradiso, IV., 67-69. By E. Moore, from  The Academy, 1879 November 15.


Two Early Commentaries on Dante. By E. Moore, from  The Academy, 1881 October 8.


A New Version of Dante. By Eleanor Hull, from  The Literary World, 1893 September 29.


Die Frau eines großen Dichters. By J.U. Scartazzini, from  Die Gegenwart, Berlin, 1879 February 22.


Di Frau eines großen Dichters. (Schluß.) By J.U. Scartazzini, from  Die Gegenwart, Berlin, 1879 March 1.


Il Congresso della Dante Allighieri: La Solenne Inaugurazione, I preliminari e l'ordine del giorno. From  Gazzetta di Venezia, Venice, 1892 August 8.


Supplemento all'Inferno di Dante. From  Nuovo Giornale di Storia Moderna Patriottica.


Il Congresso della Dante Allighieri: Seduta tumultuosa. From  Gazzetta di Venezia, Venice, 1892 August 9.


Per Dante Alighieri. By Antonio Rizzuti, from  Rivista Didascalica, Rome, 1887 November.


Vassallo-Paleologo F. — La Concordanza Dantesca. Review from  Rivista Didascalica, Rome, 1887 November.


Il Congresso della Dante Allighieri: L'ultima giornata From  Gazzetta di Venezia, Venice, 1892 August 10.


Nota Dantesca (In proposito dei versi 142-144 del VI canto del "Purgatorio") All'illustre professore Isidoro Del Lungo. By Orazio Bacci, from  La Biblioteca Delle Scuole Italiane, 1892 July 16.


Centenario di Dante. By Guido Corsini, from  La gioventù giornale di letturatura e d'istruzione, 1863 October 15.


Ancora per il Contrapasso in Dante. By Dr. Lorenzo Filomusi Guelfi, from  La Biblioteca delle Scuole Classiche Italiane, 1894 April 15.


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Gazzetta del Centenario di Dante. From  Il Ravennate, Ravenna, 1865 July 13.


Rivista: I secoli dei due sommi Italiani Dante e Colombo studiati e delineati da Tullio Dandolo: frammento d'una storia del pensiero ne' tempi moderni. Review from  La Civiltà Cattolica, Rome, 1853 October 1.


"In a Circular issued in June last, the Dante Society of Cambridge, Massachusetts, announced its intention of publishing the hiterto inedited Comment on the Divine Comedy by Benvenuto da Imola..." Letter from the Council of the Dante Society: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, James Russell Lowell, Charles Eliot Norton, Justin Winsor, Philip Coombs Knapp, Jr., and John Woodbury., 1881 December.


Sottoscrizione Mondiale per l'Erezione di un Mausoleo a Dante Alighieri in Ravenna (Italia). Broadside printed in Italian, French, Spanish, German and English.


Extract from The Whitehaven News: "The translation of Dante's Inferno, by Mr George having a very favourable reception..." No publication information, 1893 September 21.


"The undersigned publisher of the Giornale Dantesco...has the honor of presenting you with a summary of the writings which the periodical has contained during the first two years of its existence..." Letter from Leo S. Olschki, publisher of Giornale Dantesco, Venice, 1895 April.


Portrait of Dante. By R. Sanzio, engraved by R. Morghen.


La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri. Bologna, presso di Ricardo Massi. Title page and frontispiece to edition, with a portrait of Dante by A. Marche and a woodcut of Ugolino and his children.


Portrait of Dante. By Dom. Bonatti.


Il Secondo Pellegrinaggio di Dante. By F. Orsi, from  La Rivista Popolare, Rome, 1894 September 1.


Il Secondo Pellegrinaggio di Dante. By F. Orsi, from  La Rivista Popolare, Rome.


La Concordanza Dantesca. By Francesco Vassallo-Paleologo. Preface and 2 leaves of the volume.


A Giovanni Duprè per la sua Statuetta La Beatrica di Dante. By Giuseppina Turrisi Colonna. No publication information.


Dante in Greco. Reported from  Saturday Review.


Le Prose di Dante Allighieri con note e illustrazioni varie. Review by R.M., no publication information.


La Beatrice di Dante. Studio critico del Prof. Vincenzo Termine Tribona. Review from  Bollettino Bibliografico.


Il Dante dell'Idiota al cospetto dei dotti per Pietro Fornari. Review by E. Zama, from  Gli studi in Italia, ???? May.


Lettera al Compilatore. By G.M. Leonardo Casella, from  Ricordi Filologici e Letterari, 1848.


Giambatista Cereseto delle Scuole Pie. By G.B. Giuliani C.R.S., From  Ricordi Filologici e Letterari, 1848.


List of publications on Dante. Provenance unclear.


Dell'Amore di Dante Alighieri, e del Ritratto de Beatrice Portinari, Commentario primo di Melchior Missirini and Delle Memorie di Dante Alighieri, e del suo Mausoleo in S. Crosce, Commentario secondo di Melchoir Missirini." Review from  Nuovo Giornale dei Letterati.


Atti dell'Imperiale e Reale Accademia della Crusca, Tomo terzo. Firenze. Tipografia all'Insegna di Dante, 1829. Articolo quinto ed ultimo. Review, no publication information.


Dante e il Poter Temporale dei Papi, di Alberto Buscaino Campo. Review, no publication information.


Le Bellezze di Dante. Dialoghi di Antonio Cesari C.O. Continuazione del Dialogo primo. No publication information, 1821 October.


Le Bellezze di Dante. Dialoghi di Antonio Cesari C.O. Continuazione del Dialogo secondo, 1822 March.


La Valle. Par. c. XXII. Small illustration and one terzet of the Paradiso. By Richter.


L'Ultimo Rifugio di Dante Alighieri. By Corrado Ricci, from  Nuove pubblicazioni Dantesche, Milan.


Edizioni della Commedia di Dante Alighieri, Vendibili nella Nuova Libreria all'Insegna di Dante. From  Bollettino Librario, Venice, 1872 April.


Il Convito di Dante Allighieri. By G.B. Guiliani, with a portrait of Dante.