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Daniel Hoffman collection of poetry imprints, plays, and writings

Ms. Coll. 1354

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts
Hoffman, Daniel, 1923-2013
Daniel Hoffman collection of poetry imprints, plays, and writings
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Ms. Coll. 1354
2.5 linear feet (3 boxes)
This collection includes books, chaplets, published lectures, journal issues, and exhibition catalogues from the personal library of American poet Daniel Hoffman (1923-2013). The majority of the collection consists of small-press poetry collections. Some of the collections feature Hoffman as translator or include introductory material written by Hoffman, and some of the anthologies include his work, but the great majority of the material is by others.
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Daniel Hoffman collection of poetry imprints, plays, and writing, 1948-2008, Ms. Coll. 1354, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania
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Daniel Hoffman (1923-2013) was an American poet and essayist. He received his B.A. (1947), M.A. (1949), and Ph.D. (1956) from Columbia University. He taught at Columbia as well as Swarthmore College prior to beginning his career at the University of Pennsylvania in 1966. From 1973 to 1974, he was named Poet Laureate of the United States. His poems vary greatly in structure, ranging from sonnets to an epic poem about the founding of Pennsylvania; but he is best known for his work, “Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe” (1972), which his New York Times obituary describes as "an unusual study melding biography, criticism and bits of his own autobiography in a highly personal analysis of the American writer whose literary reputation is wildly diffuse." Hoffman lived primarily in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania with his wife, poet and esteemed  Ladies' Home Journal editor, Elizabeth McFarland. Hoffman and McFarland spent their summers in Cape Rosier, Maine, which Hoffman used as a setting for many of his poems.

Scope and Contents

This collection includes books, chaplets, published lectures, journal issues, and exhibition catalogues from the personal library of Daniel Hoffman. Series I: Books contains mostly small press poetry collections, some of which feature Hoffman as a translator, others of which include a preface by Hoffman. In addition to these collections, there are also anthologies of poetry and prose, some of which include Hoffman’s work. Series II: Chaplets contains broadsides from the Backwoods Broadsides Series that include many notable poets, including Anne Waldman and Diane di Prima. Series III: Published Lectures includes transcripts of lectures given at the Library of Congress, and provides an interesting if selective overview of the critical reception for prose and poetry in the latter half of the twentieth century. Series IV: Journal Issues contains single issues of contemporary literary journals, none of which include work by Hoffman. Series V: Exhibition Catalogs contains catalogs from university library exhibitions concerning twentieth century authors, including Ezra Pound and John Steinbeck. More information can be found at the series level.

Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts,  2018 June 1

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Finding aid prepared by Sam Allingham

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This collection is open for research use.

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Source of Acquisition

Gifts of Daniel Hoffman, 2005 and 2009.

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Collection Inventory

Series I: Books.

Series I: Books

This series contains books from Hoffman’s library, broken into two subseries: “Single author,” containing collections of poetry, plays, and memoirs, and “Anthologies,” containing anthologies of of prose and poetry. Some of the poetry collections feature Hoffman as a translator, such as A Play of Mirrors by Ruth Domino (2002)), or include a preface written by Hoffman, such as  Over the Summer Water by Elizabeth McFarland. Some of the anthologies include poems by Hoffman, such as  The Dolphin's Arc: poems on endangered creatures of the sea (1989) and  The Gift of Experience: Atlanta Review 10th anniversary anthology (2005). The single-author volumes are arranged alphabetically by author. The anthologies are arranged alphabetically by title.

Single author.

Box Folder

Bartlett, Elizabeth: Behold the Dreamer (1959),  Poetry Concerto (1961),  Dialogue of Dust (1977),  In Search of Identity (1977), 1959-1977.

1 1

Bartlett, Elizabeth: A Zodiac of Poems (1979),  Address in Time (1979),  The Gemini Poems (1984),  Candles (1988), 1979-1988.

1 2

Domino, Ruth, translated by Daniel Hoffman: A Play of Mirrors (2002), 2002.

1 3

Dunster, Mark: Emily Part 1. Charles, 1975.

1 4

Eaton, Charles Edward: The Labyrinth, 2005.

1 4

Enslin, Theodore, drawings by Basil King: Sequentiae (signed by author), 1999.

1 5

Grossman, Richard: A Year with Emerson, 2003.

1 6

Hailji: Blue Meditation of the Clocks, 1994.

1 6

Keys, Kerry Shawn: Decoy's Desire (1993),  Fingerlings (1993),  Warm Springs (1995),  The Nearing Notebooks (1996), 1993-1996.

1 7

Keys, Kerry Shawn: Narrow Passage to the Deep Light (1996),  Blues in Green (1996), 1996.

1 8

Maher, Sergeant Marty: Bringing Up the Brass, 2002.

1 9

Mandel, Oscar: Reinventions, four plays , 2008.

1 10

McFarland, Elizabeth: Over the Summer Water (preface by Daniel Hoffman), 2008.

1 11

Nakazawa, Keiji: Barefoot Gen, 1995.

1 12

Siegel, Robert: In a Pig's Eye , 1980.

1 13

Tabios, Eileen: Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole, 2002.

1 13

Todd, J.C.: Nightshade, 1995.

1 13

Turco, Lewis: A Cage of Creatures (1984),  A Book of Fears (1998), 1984-1998.

1 14

Vitiello, Justin: Subway Home , 1994.

1 15

Witek, Terri: Fools and Crows, 2003.

1 15

Yuce, Ali: Voice Lock Puppet, 2002.

1 15


Box Folder

The Dolphin's Arc: poems on endangered creatures of the sea, edited by Elisavietta Richie; contains Daniel Hoffman's poem "The Seals in Penobscot Bay", 1989.

1 16

The Gift of Experience: Atlanta Review 10th anniversary anthology, edited by Daniel Veach; contains Daniel Hoffman's poem "A Rose D'Isfahan in Maine", 2005.

1 17

Pushcart Prize XXVII: the best of the small presses, edited by Bill Henderson, 2002.

2 1

Literary Olympians 1992: an international anthology, edited by Elizabeth Bartlett, 1992.

2 2

Series II: Chaplets.

Series II: Chaplets

This series contains a large number of chaplets from the Backwoods Broadsides Series, a series of multi-poem broadsides by individual authors produced by Sylvester Pollett. Hoffman’s collection of these chaplets includes many notable poets, including Anne Waldman, Carl Rakosi, and Diane di Prima. The chaplets are arranged alphabetically by author.

Box Folder

Backwoods Broadsides Series: Abrams-Lignell, 1994-2001.

2 3

Backwoods Broadsides Series: Mac Low-Williams, 1994-2000.

2 4

Series III: Published lectures from the Library of Congress.

Series III: Published Lectures from the Library of Congress

This series contains published transcripts of lectures on literature delivered at the Library of Congress. In most cases, these lectures were delivered by a single poet, historian, or scholar; notable examples include Richard Ellman, Stanley Kunitz, and James Dickey. In some cases, the transcript is of a panel discussion on a given topic, such as “George Orwell and 1984” or “The Publication of Fiction and Poetry.” The lectures are arranged chronologically.

Box Folder

"A Bibliography of Modern Prosody" by Karl Shapiro, 1948.

2 5

"Anni Mirabiles, 1921-1925" by R.P. Blackmur, 1956.

2 5

"Anniversary Lectures" by Robery Hillyer, Richard Wilbur, Cleanth Brooks, 1959.

2 5

"The Imagination in the Modern World" by Stephen Spender, 1962.

2 5

"Edwin Arlington Robinson: a reappraisal" by Louis Untermeyer, 1963.

2 6

"Ways of Misunderstanding Poetry" by Reed Whittemore, 1965.

2 6

"The Little Magazine and Contemporary Literature", 1966.

2 6

"The Art of History" by Allan Nevins and Catherine Drinker Bowen, 1967.

2 7

"Spinning the Crystal Ball" by James Dickey, 1967.

2 7

"Metaphor as Pure Adventure" by James Dickey, 1968.

2 7

"Carl Sandburg" by Mark Van Doren, 1969.

2 7

"Saint-John Perse: praise and presence" by Pierre Emmanuel, 1971.

2 8

"The Translation of Poetry", 1972.

2 8

"The Publication of Fiction and Poetry: a conference", 1975.

2 8

"From Feathers to Iron" by Stanley Kunitz, 1976.

2 8

"Wallace Stevens: the poetry of earth" by A. Walton Litz, 1981.

2 8

"Reasons for Poetry & the Reason for Criticism" by William Meredith, 1982.

2 9

"James Joyce's Hundredth Birthday: side and front views" by Richard Ellman, 1982.

2 9

"Oscar Wilde at at Oxford" by Richard Ellman, 1984.

2 9

"George Orwell & 1984: the man and the book", 1984.

2 9

"William Carlos Williams: the happy genius of the household" by RReed Whittemore, 1984.

2 9

"W.B. Yeats's Second Puberty" by Richard Ellman, 1985.

2 9

"Science and Literature: a conference", 1985.

2 10

"The Pathetic Fallacy" by Anthony Hecht, 1985.

2 10

"Samuel Beckett: nayman of boland" by Richard Ellman, 1986.

2 10

"Poets and Anthologists" by Reed Whittemore, 1986.

2 10

Series IV: Journal issues.

Series IV: Journal Issues

This series contains issues of literary journals. Each journal is represented by only one issue, and none of the issues contain work by Hoffman. The series is arranged alphabetically by journal title.

Box Folder

Hiram Poetry Review, issue #64, 2003 Spring.

2 12

No: a journal of the arts, issue 1, 2003 Winter.

2 13

The Southern Quarterly, volume XXI, number 1, "Conrad Aiken's Prose", 1982 Fall.

2 11

Talisman: a journal of contemporary poetry and poetics: the Theodore Enslin issue, #12, 1994 Spring.

3 1

U.S. 1 Worksheets: US 1 poets' cooperative, Princeton New Jersey, volume 51, 2006.

3 2

Viet Nam Generation: a journal of recent history and contemporary issues, volume 4, #1-2, 1992 Spring.

3 3

Series V: Exhibition catalogs.

Series V: Exhibition Catalogs

This series contains catalogs for exhibitions produced by libraries, museums, and galleries. Most of them concern literary figures, such as John Steinbeck, William Styron, and Ezra Pound; the photographer Harry Callahan is a notable exception. The catalogs are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Box Folder

"Paul Bowles at 80," University of Delaware Library, 1990.

3 4

"Harry Callahan, 38th Venice Biennial 1978", 1978.

3 5

"Hugh Macdiarmid: an exhibition celebrating the centenary of his birth," University of Delaware Library, 1992.

3 6

"Ezra Pound: in his time and beyond," University of Delaware Library, 2006.

3 7

"A Time to Live: the life and writings of Erich Maria Remarque" Fales Library, New York University, 1998.

3 8

"John Steinbeck: from Salinas to Stockholm," Stanford University Libraries, 2000.

3 9

"In Solitude and In Company: the writings of William Styron," Duke University, 1998.

3 10