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Doris R. Schwartz papers

MC 120

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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University of Pennsylvania: Barbara Bates Center for the Study of The History of Nursing
Schwartz, Doris R., 1915-1999
Doris R. Schwartz papers
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MC 120
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Doris Schwartz was a nurse educator remembered for her work at Cornell University and Cornell Medical College, as well as her contributions to the University of Pennsylvania's Gerontology Nursing Program. This collection of publications, grants, reports, and personal materials documents Schwartz's scholarly career and her work with many professional nursing organizations. Also included is a series of audio and video tapes containing autobiographical interviews.
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Doris R. Schwartz papers, Center for The Study of The History of Nursing, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania
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Doris Schwartz was born in New York in 1915, the daughter of Florence Marie (nee Shuttleworth) and Henry Schwartz. She graduated from Methodist School of Nursing, Brooklyn, New York in 1942. Schwartz obtained her Bachelor of Science degree (1953) and Master of Arts (1958) degree with majors in public health nursing from New York University's School of Education. As part of her educational field experience requirement, she became the first American exchange nurse in public health in rural Sweden. Her contributions to nursing literature include landmark research, curricular innovations, and a strong philosophical framework for community health and gerontologic nursing.

Following her graduation from nursing school, Schwartz worked for the Brooklyn Visiting Nurse Association in the Red Hook district until she entered the U.S. Army Nurse Corps (1943) where she served four and a half years, including an eight-month assignment on the Marigold, an Army hospital ship in the Pacific. After discharge from the Army in 1947 she returned to the Brooklyn Visiting Nurse Association, resigning in 1951 to take a position with Cornell University School of Nursing and a joint appointment at the Cornell Medical College.

Schwartz served at Cornell for twenty-nine years as clinical instructor, coordinator for nursing in the Comprehensive Care and Teaching Program, researcher in Ambulatory Care, and consultant to the Cornell Medical College Navajo Field Health Program. She was appointed associate professor of nursing for community health (1963) and co-director for the Family Nurse Practitioner (1972) and the Geriatric Nurse Practitioner programs (1977). Between 1955-1993 she wrote numerous scholarly articles, papers and books, especially in the field of gerontology, and firmly established her reputation as one who recognized nursing problems of patients and enjoyed describing and investigating them.

In 1980, following a stroke, Schwartz retired from Cornell University and relocated to Foulkeways in Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, and became associated with the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing as a Senior Fellow with the Gerontology Nursing Program. Throughout her career Schwartz actively served in many professional nursing associations, professional organizations, and received honors and awards for her contributions to the health care field. Her book, Give Us to Go Blithely, recounts her fifty years in nursing.

Scope and Contents

This collection spans Schwartz's professional life documenting her nursing experience and association with the Cornell University School of Nursing. Her earlier experiences are recounted in a series of taped interviews (both audio and video). The collection includes training and research development reports and grants and published and unpublished manuscripts. The collection includes a compilation from Schwartz's diary and her recollections from her fifty years in nursing.

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University of Pennsylvania: Barbara Bates Center for the Study of The History of Nursing

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Finding aid prepared by Center staff, updated by Bethany Myers

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This collection is unrestricted.

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Gift of Susan Reverby.

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  • Reverby, Susan
  • Schwartz, Doris R., 1915-1999

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Collection Inventory

Series 1.  Personal Information, 1917-1999.

Scope and Contents note

This series contains documents of Schwartz's biographical information, curriculum vitae, awards and correspondence involving her activities with community and individual health needs. Also, there is a complete listing of published books, sections of chapters in books, articles and indexed book review lists of Schwartz's writings (1945-1984).

Box Folder

Biographical Information, 1983-1994.

1 1

Awards, Certificates, citations and charter fellow.

Box Folder

Award of Merit in Nursing, Public Health Association, New York City, 1959.

1 2

Book of the Year Award, American Journal of Nursing, 1991.

1 3

Certificate, Associate Fellow of the Academy, New York Academy of Medicine, October 22, 1977.

1 4

Certificate of Award, Workshop "Practical Help Giving Nursing Care to Elderly at Home", April 26, 1980.

1 5

Certificate, Senior International Fellow, National Institutes of Health, Fogarty International Center, 1976.

1 6

Chapter Mentor Award, Alpha Upsilon Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau, Inc., New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, 1992.

1 7

Charter Fellow of National Academy of Nursing, New Release, American Nurse Association, February 6, 1973.

1 8

Citation for Meritorious Service, 25 years - New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, 1978.

1 9

Honoree, Pennsylvania League for Nursing, for 50 Years of Public Health Nursing Leadership, 1993.

1 10

Spirit of Lillian Wald Award, Visiting Nurse Service of New York, 100th Anniversary, 1993.

1 11

Sigma Theta Tau, Mary Hippensteel Lingeman Award, Seattle, Washington, November 7, 1979.

1 12

Pearl Mc Iver, Public Health Nurse Award, American Nurses Association Convention, 1980.

1 12a

American Academy of Nursing, Living Legend, 1997.

1 12b

Certicate, American Public Health Association, 40 years membership.

1 12c

Chesson Family, Account of Kevin (New York Times Fresh Air Fund Program) stay at Mill Rift, and correspondence, 1969.

1 13


Box Folder

American Journal of Nursing Company, Re: Geriatric Nursing and Book of the Year Award, 1991.

1 14

American Public Health Association-Definition of Public Health, undated.

1 14a

Annual Letter to Friends and Associates, 1967-1998.

1 15

Arden House conference, "Home Based Care," Visiting Nurse Service of New York and Milbank Fund, September 17, 1992.

1 16

Associates and Friends, Marian S. Bailey, Mary McR, and Dr. M. Leite-Ribeiro, 1958-1988.

1 17

Beard, Mary; historian, 1944-1951.

1 18

Christmas Letter, "To the Boys," Lt. Doris Schwartz, December 1944.

1 19

Dock, Lavinia Lloyd; nursing leader, 1948-1949.

1 20

Faculty, Cornell University, New York Hospital School of Nursing, 1946-1981.

1 21

Faculty positions, 1977-1987.

1 22

Freeman, Ruth; Public Health Administrator, John Hopkins University, 1979.

1 23

Friends Journal, Re: underground railroad, 1987.

1 24

Health Center Advisory Committee, Foulkeways, Gwynedd, PA; re: "Restraints", 1990.

1 25

Kent, Donald P., Award, 1984-1985.

1 26

Mezey, Mathy; program director, Gerontological Nurse Clinician Program, 1980s and 1990s.

1 27

New York Times, Letters to Editor, Re: Whooping Cough Vaccine and Senility, 1984.

1 28
Personal letters and cards to and from friends, colleagues, business associates.
Box Folder


1 29


2 30


2 31


2 31a
Box Folder

Strumpf, Neville E., Division Chair, Adult Health and Illness, 1981-1989.

2 32
University of Pennsylvania.
Box Folder

Center for the Study of The History of Nursing, Re: publication of Fifty Years of Nursing, 1984-1987.

2 33

Center for the Study of Aging, Re: Hearing Loss, 1983.

2 34
Box Folder

World Health Organization, Re: Acknowledgment of Service, 1983.

2 35

Who's Who in American, Marquis Who's Who, New Providence, NJ, 1996.

2 35a

Plan Marinduque--Philippine, 1998.

2 35b

Yun, Zhu Zhe; First Central Hospital, Tianyin, People's Republic of China, 1990.

2 36

Byrne, Mary Woods, evaluation for promotion, 1998.

2 36a

Lt. Col. E. V. United States Army, Percy Jones General Hospital, 1964.

2 36b
Box Folder

Curriculum Vitae, 1995.

2 37

Map, "Learning of Nursing - The Growth of Ideas", 1939-1980.

2 38

Maps, South Pacific and North American, 1940s.

2 38a

Memorandum of agreement, book publication, Geriatric Nursing, 1978.

2 39

Personal Friends or Associates.

Box Folder

List of names, Methodist Hospital, School of Nursing, Brooklyn, New York, Class of 1942 (classmates).

2 40

Margery Overholser, biographical notes and correspondence, "Nurse Educational Fund", 1988.

2 41

Roberts, Mary M. Editor; American Journal of Nursing, 1921-1949; articles and correspondence in reference to "Lump of Amber," 1959-1989.

2 42

Smith, Agnes; student of first undergraduate program for nurses at the American college, Vassar's "Rainbow Division", 1917.

2 43

Tribute to Caroline Wolf Lavenson, and Joanna T. Van Gelder, 1970-1980s.

2 44

Copy of handwritten manuscript sent by Doris Schwartz to Marian McDermott. MS entitled "A Book of Snapshots: Twenty Encounters with Dr. Walsh McDermott: A collection of vignettes," by Doris Schwartz. Also includes photocopy of Marian [McDermott's] handwritten letter thanking DS., Christmas 1981.

17 2
Box Folder

Publication list; books, sections or chapters in books, articles and indexed book reviews by Doris Schwartz, 1945-1984.

2 45

Newsletter, "Wider Quaker Fellowship", March 1989.

2 46

Schwartz Family.

Box Folder

The True Story of Captain William Horton Smyleg, great-grandfather, newspaper clippings and correspondence, 1969-1979; and obituary, 1969-1979.

2 47

Mill Rift, Pike County, Pennsylvania, weekend and summer home, 1962-1972.

2 48

Florence M. Schwartz (mother), writings and poems, 1971.

3 49

Donald G. Schwartz (brother), written memoirs following his death, 1917-1993.

3 50

Personal Letters to mother and brother during World War II, 1944-1945.

3 51
Box Folder

Summation of conversation with Miss Weddage; Miss Mole, Mrs. Reese and Mrs. Nelson; and Miss McFadden re: Assistant Administrator, 1967.

3 52

In Her Own Words: The Story of Doris R. Schwartz, RN, MS, Public Health Nurse, R. N. Knell-Mueller, April 1998.

3 53

Reception Announcement, January 14, 1999.

3 54

Obituary, Doris R. Schwartz, August 28, 1999.

3 55

Journey of A Lifetime: Nursing Around World (Doris R. Schwartz RN, FAAN), by Abigail Scott, February 1999.

3 56

Wooster News [Magazine of the Wooster School, Danbury CT]. "In Memory of Donald G. Schwartz 1917 - 1993", Winter 1993/1994.

17 1

Foulkways, Gwywedd, PA.

Box Folder

Materials for Independence Foundation, handwritten, undated.

3 57

Residents Association and Peace and Social Committee,.

3 58

Correspondence, re: annotated bibliography, for older age group, 1996.

3 59

Newsletter, Grapevine, Hosteling International, American Youth Hostels, Vol. No. 1, Spring 199?.

3 60

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Series 2.  Teaching Materials and Workshops, 1963-1999.

Scope and Contents note

Included in this series are teaching methods, student’s reports, as well as Schwartz's activities with geriatric workshops both in U.S. and abroad, and associates.

Teaching Materials.

Cornell University School of Nursing.
Box Folder

Centennial Observation and Celebration, Theme, "Health Care Ahead -Challenge for Nurses," 1877-1977.

3 1

Eva Reese, Executive Director, Visiting Nurse Service of New York, correspondence outgoing, re: student nurses program, 1966.

3 2

Expanded Role for Nurses, 1972-1975.

3 3

Geriatric Teaching Materials, 1976.

3 4

Interview of a patient 85 or older; student report, 1977.

3 5

Aging: Aspects of Social Adaptation, 1980.

3 5a

Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Program Syllabus, January 1980.

3 5b

Services Utilized by 24 Clients Said To Be "Brain Failed At Time of Entry Into The Program" chart, 1970-1980.

3 5c

Nursing Case Study, "The Subculture of Poverty," student paper, undated.

3 6

Pamphlets and booklets, references for public health nursing and geriatric nursing, 1961-1970s.

3 7

Process recording, example of the process, 1969.

3 8

References, reprints of articles from journals and magazines, re: "Bread Loaf" and "The Black Mollies", 1947-1965.

3 9

Resolution of friends of Mary Klein, for 75 years as a registered nurse; retired from Cornell University, New York Hospital, June 22, 1991.

3 10

Retirement plan and pension benefits, 1980.

4 11

Retirement Reception, guest book, June 30, 1980.

4 11a

Sabbatical leave, "Doris Journal, Glasgow, Scotland", 1976.

4 12

Seventeen Successive Elderly Patients with a Persistent Problem of Urinary Incontinence, 1970.

4 13

Identification data on 26 patients receiving enrichment nursing service "Dementia Label", undated.

4 13a

Study of patient needs - Guide for Interviewer and study of patient progress, 1960-1970.

4 14

Report, First Three Months' Experiment in Team Nursing with Visiting Nurse Service of New York, 1970s.

4 14a

U.S.P.H.'s Patient Progress study form, 1963.

4 15

Application for Public Health International Fellowship, 1951 and 1974.

4 15a
University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing.
Box Folder

Dissertation Proposal, Chapter 1 and 3, Joanne Patterson, includes correspondence, 1992.

4 16

Elders with adult dependent children - Gwynedd Peace and Social Committee, 1991-1994.

4 17

File, Neville E. Strumpf, re: geriatric nursing, 1976-1985.

4 18
Box Folder

Restraints, reprint articles, 1944-1989.

4 19

Patient Care, reprints dating from 1903-1910 and 1966-1988.

4 20

Rehabilitation "After A Stroke," Notes for class, July 10, 1985.

4 21
Box Folder

A Nurse Researcher: Doris Schwartz by Derryl Block, University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, course N751-Advanced Topics in Nursing Research, 1983.

4 22

Article, "Highlights of the Career of Doris R. Schwartz," The Chronicle, Study of History of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania, Vol.10, No. 1, Fall 1997.

4 22a

Reprints used in teaching gerontology class, 1977-1979.

5 23

Guest Book, celebration 75th birthday, hosted by friends of the School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania, July 1985.

5 23a
Box Folder

Content for geriatric workshop, Swiss Nurses Association, Geneva, Switzerland, June 1976.

5 24

Problem Solving: A Case Study, Delaware Valley Geriatric Education Center, March 1987.

5 25

References for geriatric workshop, University of Pennsylvania, August 1981.

5 26

Report - "Workshop for Certified Geriatric Nurses," University of Cincinnati College of Nursing, May 1985.

5 27

United Hospital Fund Workshop, "On Being a Patient," Hyatt Hotel, Lexington Avenue, New York, 1987.

5 28

Dolphins of Merion Deanery, meeting announcement re: Aging, 1982.

5 28a

Use of Two Concepts While Observing Patients in Long Term Care, University of Pennsylvania, July 1985.

5 29
Doris R. Schwartz Term Chair in Gerontology.
Box Folder

Solicitation Plan, 1990-1991.

5 30

Donor List, 1991-1992.

5 31

Correspondence, 1993-1999.

5 32

Journals' notification of establishment of Chair, 1991.

5 33
Box Folder

Views of Aging For Health Care Professional Reading's Recommend by the Elderly (rough draft), 1990.

5 34

Readings on Aging, bibliography, 1996.

5 35

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Series 3.  Training and Research Development Reports and Grant Proposals, 1955-1990.

Scope and Contents note

. This series documents Schwartz's involvement in research and training programs, such as Navajo-Cornell Field Health Research Project, geriatric nurse practitioners and family nurse practitioners, also the Faculty Research Development Grant Report.

Box Folder

A Study and Demonstration of Continuity of Nursing Care Report, August 1966.

5 1

A Study of Referrals to the Public Health Nurse, 1957.

5 2

Abstract, "A New Research Rule for Former Health Care Faculty Living in a Life Care Retirement Community", 1980s.

5 3

Faculty Research Development Grants.

Box Folder

Draft of content and final report, 1969.

5 4

Final report of the follow-up of the faculty research development grant, 1969.

5 5

Published report of the faculty research development grants, by Doris R. Schwartz, National League for Nursing, Copyright 1981.

5 6

Final Report of the Follow-up of Faculty Research Development Grants, Doris R. Schwartz, Assoc. Prof., Public Health Nursing, Cornell University, NY Hospital School of Nursing, December 1969. Photocopy of typescript of Report and appendices.

17 3
Box Folder

Family Nurse Practitioner Program (PRIMEX) Selected readings on the expanded role of nurses, 1975.

5 7

Survey request, "Call for Help," Geriatric Nursing, January-February 1985.

6 8

Training Program to Prepare Geriatric Nurse Practitioners, New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, July, 1 1977-June 30, 1982.

Box Folder

Final Progress Report, July 1, 1977-June 30, 1980.

6 9
Final report, July 1, 1977-June 30, 1982.
Box Folder

Volume I, narrative statement.

6 10

Volume II, evaluation of the Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Program and appendix I.

6 11

Instructional syllabus, appendix II, part I and part II.

6 12

Volume III, syllabus, forward, CE 100-CE 103.

6 13

Volume III, syllabus, CE 104-CE107 and appendices.

6 14

Navajo-Cornell Field Health Project, 1955.

A syllabus for teachers in Navajo Health.
Box Folder

Chapters I-VIII, pages 1-108.

6 15

Chapters IX-XI, including appendices and glossary, pages 111-195.

7 16

Articles, Navajo-Cornell Field Health Project (Reprints), 1960s.

7 17

Medical Records in Cross Cultural Practice, by Donald Rieder and Bernice Loughline, Navajo-Cornell Field Health Project, 1958.

7 18

Reports of Projects, 1957-1972.

7 19

The Old Man from Navajo, undated.

7 20
Box Folder

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Request for Project Support and Conditions of Grant, From "The Evolving role of Nurses in Care of the Elderly," Proposal II 10301, May 15, 1985.

7 21

The Multi-Foundation Program to Help Elderly Americans Continue to Live at Home, Applicant Instruction for applying for grant, 1985.

7 22

Report, First Five Years of Nursing Participation in "The Comprehensive Care and Training Program" (for Miss Dunbar), Autumn 1956.

7 23

Notes of Three Weeks, Many Farms, Arizona, undated.

7 24

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Series 4.  Published and Unpublished Manuscripts, 1940-1993.

Scope and Contents note

This series documents Schwartz's reputation as "One recognizing nursing problems of patients, investigating them, writing and informing others of the need for change.” It includes address, articles, testimony, to editors, and her published book Fifty Years of Nursing (later published under the title  Give Us to Go Blithely, in 1990).


Box Folder

The Dynamics of Clinical Instruction in Nursing Education Home Care, Catholic University, Washington, DC, June 17, 1954.

7 1

The Advancement of Knowledge in Nursing Through Clinical Research, American Nurses Association Convention, New Jersey, 1958.

7 2

Communication Between Hospital Staff and Community Agencies, American Public Health Association, Atlantic City, 1959.

7 3

One Suggestion For a Primary Health System for the Nation, First Annual Meeting, America Academy of Nursing, 1974.

7 3a

Ambulatory Patients' Health Problems as Assessed by the First Three Classes of the PRIMEX PROGRAM, Royal College of Nursing, Glasgow, April 7, 1976.

7 3b

Public Health Nursing Responsibilities for the Care of the Aged, New York Academy of Medicine, June 8, 1977.

7 4

Economy and Values Placed on Nursing, 1980s.

7 5

North Penn Stroke Club, "Stroke Rehabilitation," address to members, 1984.

7 6

United Hospital Fund Workshop for Administrators and Supervisors," Notes on a Hospital Experience", 1987.

7 7

Keynote Address, American Gerontologic Nurses Association, Annual Conference, 1988.

7 8

Historical Comments on Origins of Public Health Nursing, American Public Health Association, meeting, undated.

7 9

A Personal View of Gerontic Nursing, undated.

7 10

A Pilot Experiment in Team Nursing: Visiting Nurse Service of New York, American Public Health Association, undated.

7 11

Beginning Awareness of the Need for Nursing Assessment, Nursing Diagnosis, and Nursing Research in the U.S.A., undated.

7 12

Public Health Nursing Referrals, Patient Progress and Quality Care, undated.

7 13


Box Folder

Culture of Subculture of Poverty, Levine Family in Bedford Stuyvesant, undated.

7 13a


Box Folder

Nursing in World War II, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, 1945.

8 14

Nursing Aboard a Hospital Ship, American Journal of Nursing, vol. 45, no. 12, December 1945.

8 15

Letters From a Hospital, The Catholic World, June 1945.

8 15a

An Open Letter from Members of the Army Nurse Corps, American Journal of Nursing, vol. 46, no. 5, May 1946.

8 16

Assisting Helpless Patients To A Chair, American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 47, No. 1, January 1947.

8 16a

Nursing Care Can Be Measured, American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 48, No.3, March 1948.

8 17

Nursing in Red Hook, American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 49, No.7, July 1949.

8 18

The American District Sister, American Journal of Nursing, vol. 50, no. 12, December 1950.

8 19

The Swedish Homemaker: A Friend in Need, Public Health Nursing, vol. 42, 1950.

8 20

Health Promotional Literature for Clinic Patients (not published), February 1953.

8 21

Understanding Chronic Illness Rossman and Schwartz, Montefiore Hospital, New York City, Home Care Program, 1956.

8 22

Uncooperative Patients?, American Journal of Nursing, vol. 58, January 1958.

8 23

Some Changes in Sleeping and Eating Patterns of Fifty Patients with Long-Term Illnesses, Goodrich and Schwartz, Journal of Chronic Diseases, Vol. 9, No. 1, January 1959.

8 23a

The Nurse, Social Worker, and Medical Students in a Comprehensive Care Program, D. Schwartz, A. Ullmann, G. Reader, Nursing Outlook, Vol. 10, February 1962.

8 24

A Human Word Bank, Tomorrow's Nurse, December-January 1961-62.

8 25

Research in Patient Care, Nursing Outlook, vol.10, February 1962.

8 26

Continuity of Nursing Care, 1963.

8 27

Highlights of an Interview with Margery Trieber Overholser, The Alumnae News, Cornell University School of Nursing Alumnae Association, Inc, 1973.

8 28

Terminal Care at Home in Two Cultures, J. French and D. Schwartz, American Journal of Nursing, vol. 73, no. 3, March 1973.

8 29

Safe Self-Medication for Elderly Outpatient, American Journal of Nursing, vol. 75, no. 10, October 1975.

8 30

Personal Point of View- A Report of Seventeen Elderly Patients with a Persistent Problem of Urinary Incontinence, Health Bulletin, July 1979.

8 31

Fruit on the Tree of an Early Ambition, (poem) American Journal of Nursing, vol. 79, no. 9, September 1979.

8 32

Use of Mechanical Restraints in Nursing Homes, 1980s.

8 33

Letters From a LIFE Care Community, Journal of Gerontological Nursing, Vol. 12, No. 8, 1980s.

8 33a

Meeting Human Needs of Elderly Patients, 1980s.

8 33b

My Three Months in Yokohama Harbor, Yankee Magazine, January 1981.

8 34

Catastrophic Illness: How It Feels, Geriatric Nursing, September-October 1982.

8 35

Wartime Wedding, Foulkeways Bulletin Literary Supplement, 1953.

8 36

Retirement Planning, Gerontological Nursing, 1984.

8 37

Letters, Replies to a "Call For Help." Geriatric Nursing, September-October 1985.

8 37a

A Meeting Responds, Friends Journal, June 1988.

8 38

Partners in Care: The Nurse and the Home Health Aide Living -at-Home Newsletter, Fall 1988.

8 38a

Shall I Be A Geriatric Nurse? National Student Nurse Association, Imprint November/December 1989.

8 39

The Use of Physical Restraints for the Elderly, journal not named, November 1990.

8 40

Pain, Courage, Humor: Notes of War Nurse, The New York Times Magazine, February 18, 1945.

8 41

Letters from an Army Nurse in Japan, The New York Times Magazine, April 14, 1946.

8 41

For These The War is Not Over, The New York Times Magazine, November 24, 1946.

8 41

Commentary: Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Pride Institute Journal, Vol.12, No.3, Summer 1993.

8 41a

"Learning Is A Two-Way Street; Reciprocity and Rewards," Geriatric Nursing, January-February 1996.

8 41b

Being Old and Mentally Healthy Demands Courage, Editorial, The American Nurse, vol. 13, No. 3, March 1981.

8 41c

Book Reviews.

Box Folder

A Divine Discontent, E. Kathleen Russel, Reforming Educator, undated.

8 42

Generations: An American Family, John Egerton, University of Kentucky Press, 1983.

8 43

Healing and Peace, Albert Schweitzer's Mission, Norman Cousins, undated.

8 44

The House on Henry Street (1915) and Windows on Henry Street, (1932) by Lillian Wald, undated.

8 45

Maria, the Potter of Ildefonso, 1980s.

8 46

Little Trees, 1980s.

8 47

Geriatric Nursing: The Use of Physical restraints in Acute Medical Ward, E. Schindler, Geriatric Nursing, September-October, 1988; Unending Work and Care: Management of Chronic Illness at Home, Corbin and Strass, Geriatric Nursing, January-February 1989.

8 48

Unending Work and Care: Managing Chronic Illness at Home, Geriatric Nursing, January-February 1989.

8 48a

The Unpopular Patient, Felicity Stockwell, Research, Vol. 22, No. 5, September-October 1973.

8 48b

Books and Chapters.

Box Folder

The Elderly Ambulatory Patient, D. Schwartz, B. Henley, and L. Zeitz, MacMillan, New York, 1964, reviewed by Oscar J. Kaplan, 1967; Handbook of Cardiology Nurses, W. Modell, D.R. Schwartz, L.S. Hazeltine, and F. Kirkham, Springer Publishing Company, New York, 1962, 4th Edition, reviewed by Anne Liotta, 1963; and book jacket for The Elderly Ambulatory Patient, 1964; and brochure for Gerontology and Geriatric Nursing, Anderson, Caird, Kennedy and Schwartz, 1980s.

8 49

Forty Years of Nursing, 1940-1980.

Box Folder

Correspondence, 1984-1985.

9 50

Doris' Diary, October 14, 1963 (6 typed leaves, in part an evaluation of the Home Aide Program).

9 51

Doris' Journal, Follow-Up of a Stroke - the Return of Vision, 1979.

9 52

Follow-Up of a Stroke - the Return of Vision, Chapter XIV, 1980.

9 53
Manuscript - Forty Years of Nursing, 1940-1980.
Box Folder

Chapters I-VI.

9 54

Chapters VII-XVI.

9 55

Manuscript, Final Edited Version- Fifty Years of Nursing, 1986 (This became  Give Us to Go Blithely, published in 1990).

Box Folder

Chapter I-V.

9 56

Chapter VI-XI.

10 57

Forty Years of Nursing (published edition), Doris R. Schwartz, M.A., R.N., F.A.A.N., 1980.

10 58

Give Us to Go Blithely.

Box Folder

Correspondence, re: book publication, 1990, 1993.

10 59a-b

Book review: Home Health Nurse, vol. 11, no. 4, by Danelle Wills-Goddard, BSN, 1993: and Neville E. Strumpf, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN, 1993.

10 60

Comments - selections for book's back cover, (hand written), undated.

10 61

Excerpts from personal letter, re: Give Us to Go Blithely, (not to be quoted in writing without permission of author), 1990s.

10 62

Manuscript, donated to University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, 1990s.

10 63

Pages, 104-214, May 30, 1990.

10 64
Box Folder

Collaborative Practice, rough draft, hand written, undated.

10 65

Retirement Planning, pages 3-11, Long Term Care, undated.

10 66

Gift booklist, 1990s.

10 66a


Box Folder

A Baker's Dozen, memories from a span of 80 years (not published), undated.

10 67

Commentary: "Continuing Care Retirement Communities," Pride Journal of Home Health Care, 1992.

10 68

Learning, unfinished paper, hand written, 1990s.

10 69

Learning and Teaching in Four Chinese Cities, not published, 1986.

10 70

Chere Famille et Chers Amis, 1983.

10 71

Guest editorial, "Being Old and Mentally Healthy Demands Courage," The American Nurse, vol. 13, no. 3, March 1981.

10 72


10 72a

World War II Diary, 1940s.

10 72b

Miscellaneous, writing, undated.

10 72c

Notes from course on journal keeping, 1988.

10 72


Box Folder

Gertrude Blanfield, retired Cornell faculty member, "Vassar Camp" graduate 1918, July 30, 1970.

11 73

Susan Bertelmann, assistant to the medical archivist.

11 74

Dean and former Dean of School of Nursing, University of Toronto, Canada, at Foulkeways, 1985.

11 75

Anna D. Wolf, First Director of Nursing and School of Nursing at New York, Cornell Medical Center, New York, undated.

11 76

Virginia Dunbar, Dean of Cornell University, New York Hospital School of Nursing, 1946-1958.

11 77

Eleanor Stein, Foulkways, Gwynedd, 1980s.

11 77a

Margery Triebar Overholser at Mills Rift, PA, July 21, 1970; and Marjorie K. Smith, MD, Foulkways, Gwynedd, PA, 1992.

11 77b

EWDD re: Hospitalized Adult, Developmental Disabled Patients, undated.

11 77c

Letters to Editors.

Box Folder

Public Health Nursing, Editor, New York Times, 1950.

11 78

Use of Mechanical Restraints in Nursing Homes - Call for Help, Geriatric Nursing Journal, January-February 1985.

11 79

Reader's Forum, D.R. Schwartz, Home Health Care Nurse, vol. 13, no. 2, 1995.

11 80

New York Times, re: Meyer Berger, 1959.

11 81


Box Folder

A Book of Snapshots: Twenty Brief Encounters with Walsh McDermott (a collection of vignettes, 1980s).

11 82-82a

Childhood Days in New Mexico, Mary MacArthur, Bryan, 1897-1911.

11 83

Stories of Old Mill RFD by Residents of Long Ago, Pike County, Pa., 1973.

11 84


Box Folder

A New Research Role for Former Health Care Faculty Living in a Life Care Retirement Community or Other Congregate Living Facilities (Abstract), 1980s.

11 85

A Pilot Experiment in Team Nursing, American Public Health Nursing Section, 1964 (given at APHA Annual Meeting).

11 86

Being a Patient, United Hospital Fund Conference, 1987.

11 87

Beginning Awareness of the Need for Nursing Assessment, Nursing Diagnosis, and Research in United States, Nursing Workshop, China Medical Association, at Beijing and Nanjing, China, 1980s.

11 88

Four Examples of Mini Research, undated.

11 89

Humanistic Care of the Aged in an Era of High Technology, (1980s).

11 90

Therapeutic Component, Crucial to Total Environment, Second National Conference on Long Term Care," Washington, DC, 1982.

11 91

Nurse Practitioners, Impromptu remarks made by Doris Schwartz, on Shirley Ross' paper, Conference on Ambulatory Care, New York Academy of Medicine, 1972.

11 92

Statement before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, May 25, 1983.

11 93

Summary of Testimony, public hearing held by State Senator Franz Leichter (N.Y.C.), May 13, 1979, "Expanding Protection for the Elderly from Nursing Homes Transferred to General Hospitals," 1979.

11 94


Box Folder

In-hospital Observations of Two Disoriented Elderly Patients, undated.

11 95

Copyright Law of United States (handwritten), 1990s.

11 96

"My 24 Teachers", 1990.

11 97

Paradoxes Are A Recurring Theme At Annual Conference on Gerontology. Sara Rimer, New York Times, November 27, 1998.

11 98

Miscellaneous handwritten materials, undateds.

11 99

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Series 5.  Collected Articles and Books, 1922-1993.

Scope and Contents note

This series includes books and articles collected and given to Schwartz by colleagues and friends. Records of Public Nursing, (1922), a rare British reprint of A Collection of the Yearly Bills of Mortality, London, 1657-1750, and “Foulkeways Bulletin,” 1983-1995, are in this series.


Box Folder

A Health Maintenance Service for Chronically Ill Patients, American Public Health Journal, vol. 60, No.4, April 1970.

12 1

A Nightingale Portrait, Virginia M. Dunbar, 1983.

12 2

A Safe Place to Be Ourselves, Peggy L. Curchack, 1983.

12 3

An Idea Grows in Brooklyn, American Journal of Nursing, vol. 48, no. 6, June 1948.

12 4

At the Heels of a District Nurse in Lapland, Astrid Staaff, American Journal of Nursing, vol. 50, no. 8, August 1950.

12 5

Biographical Sketch of Virginia M. Dunbar, Louise Hazeltine, 1986.

12 6

Career Parallels History in Gerontology, The American Nurse, April 1989.

12 7

Companies Fight Imitation Products, Gary A. Taubes, New York Times Large Type Weekly, vol. 73, no.10, October 1977.

12 8

Caring for Single Room Occupancy Tenants, Burnett and Walsh, American Journal of Nursing, vol. 73, no. 10, October 1977.

12 9

Dolphins of the Merion Deanery, What is the Dolphin Program, 1980.

12 10

Environment Factors Bearing on Medical Education in Developing Countries, Chapter 4, undated.

12 11

Foulkways Bulletin.

Box Folder


12 12


12 13

International Friendship, August 1988.

12 14

Grow Old: In the Movies and in Real Life, Neville E. Strumpf, Ph.D., R.N., C. FAAN, 1998.

12 15

Memo on Kentucky, Frontier Nursing Service, vol. 64, no. 2, Autumn 1988 (In Memoriam, Betty Lester, 1899-1988).

12 16

New Nursing Specialty to Aid the Aged, The Daily Item, Port Chester, NJ, February 9, 1978.

12 17

Nurses Are Human, C. Kearney, Scribner's Magazine, July 1934.

12 18

Putting Down Roots in retirement, M. Klein, M. Overholser, H. Rynbergen, Geriatric Nursing, July/August 1980.

12 19

Reprints, which D.R. Schwartz wished to quote from when writing, 1980s.

12 20

Study of Spiritism as it Affects Communication, Diagnosis and Treatment of Puerto Rican People, Purdy, Pellman, Flores and Bluestone, 1970s.

12 21

Stroke Victim Tells of Eight Life Stages, Gwynedd-Mercy College, vol. 5, issue 4, Summer 1983.

12 22

The Alumnae News, New York Hospital Training School for Nurses, vol. 4, no. 34, April 1931.

12 23

The Eternal Light, "By My Spirit," broadcast, February 9, 1947.

12 24

The People's Misery: Mother of Diseases, 1970, Johann Peter Frank (1745-1821), UCLA Program in Medical Classics, 1988-1989.

12 25

The Portholer, United States Army Hospital Ship Marigold, 1944.

12 26

The Right Place at the Right Time, Health Advocacy Services, American Association of Retired Persons, 1980s.

12 27

The Shortage of Nurses in the United States, Claire M. Fagin, Journal of Public Health Policy, vol. 1, no. 4, December 1980.

12 28

Voices of Experience: 1500 Retired People Talk About Retirement, Mario A. Milletti, 1984.

12 29

Western Review, "Meditation in Westphalia," Dick Stark, Autumn 1946.

12 30

William Carlos Williams and the Poetry of Medicine, J. Trautmann, Ethics in Science and Medicine, vol. 2, 1975.

12 31

The Depictor, Ed. Stern & Co., Vol. 8, No. 1, February 1945.

12 31a

Manual, Managing The Person With Intellectual Loss At Home, Burkes Rehabilation Center, 1980.

12 31b

Miscellaneous - journal reprints and other articles, 1960-1990s.

12 31c


Box Folder

Obituary by Dorothy Thompson for playwright Sydney Howard, undated.

12 32

Cornell University - New York Hospital: School of Nursing Alumni, Membership Directory. Contains notes by DS taped into front and back inside cover. Names are checked by DS and explanation is taped into front cover., undated, mid 1980s.

17 5


Box Folder

Florence Nightingale's Influence on Nursing, Margaret G. Arnstein, 1952.

13 33

Cardiology for Nurses, Manual de Cardiologia para Enfermeras, La Prensa Medica Mexicana, Mexico, 1969.

13 34

The Cost of a Program of Health Activities with Special Emphasis on Public Health Nursing (East Harlem Nursing and Health Demonstration District Study, 1924).

13 35

Health Statistics - A Collection of the Yearly Bills of Mortality, 1657-1758, facsimile edition, 20th century.

13 36

Management - Incontinence in the Home, Patricia Dobson, 1974.

13 37

Records of Public Health Nursing, Louis I. Dublin, Ph.D., Statistician, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, N.Y., 1922.

13 38

Community Health Nursing Practice, Ruth B. Freeman, R.N., Ed.D., 1970.

17 4

Handbook of Cardiology for Nurses, Walter Modell, M.D., FACP; Doris R. Schwartz, M.A., R.N., et al., 4th ed. (Letter inside front cover to DS from someone to whom DS gave a signed copy, thanking DS for copy. Book review taped to inside of front cover), 1962.

17 4

Cornell University- New York Hospital, School of Nursing: 1877-1952, Helene Jamieson Jordan, 1952.

17 6

Epidemiology in Country Practice, William Norman Pickles, M.D., 1939 (reissued 1949).

17 7


Box Folder

A Guide for Hospital Staff Working with Adult Patients with Developmental Disabilities, 1996.

13 39

Clipping from articles, etc. re: death, retirement, etc, undated.

13 40

Managing the Person with Intellectual Loss at Home, undated.

13 41

The Foulkeways Bulletin Sampler, and brochure, 1980.

13 42

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Series 6.  Audio and Video Tapes, 1982.

Scope and Contents note

Included are four audiotapes and one videotape that document a series of interviews with Schwartz. These interviews were conducted by historian Susan Reverby and explore Schwartz's personal and professional experiences.

Related Archival Materials note

Part of the Schwartz interview is on two tapes in the Claire M. Fagin Papers, MC 95, Series 7, Box 30.

Audiotapes of interviews with Doris Schwartz by Susan Reverby, 4 audiocassettes, 1982.

Box Tape

Family history which includes grandparents and parents; relationship with mother and brother; the Great Depression of the 1930s and its effects on family life; school years; summer camping from age 10 to 16; working years as a sales girl and taking evening college courses; and selecting a school of nursing to pursue a nursing career.

14 1

Schwartz's experience following being discharged from the Army and prior experience with the Rehabilitation Army Hospital in Battle Creek, Michigan just before discharge; obtaining a college degree and working part-time for the American Journal of Nursing with editor Mary Roberts; and working with the Brooklyn Visiting Nurse Association's "The Red Hook Project.".

14 2

Schwartz's highlighting of changes within nursing from 1940s to 1960s; experience in the Red Hook area when employed with the Brooklyn VNA; educational experience in Sweden and with the Frontier Nursing Service; and Navajo-Cornell Field Health Project, family nurse practitioner and geriatric nurse practitioner programs at Cornell University's School of Nursing.

14 3

Schwartz differentiates between hospital and public health nursing in 1940s; nursing education programs and professional organization as to their past and future needs; and spoke of her three foster children (one in Korea, one in Colombia, South America, and the third in New York City) in their twenties at the time of this interview.

14 4


Box Tape

The National League For Nursing: The First Five Years, R.Freeman, R. Sleeper, A. Fillmore, and M. Roberts, produced by National League For Nursing, 1958.

14 5


Scope and Contents note

These tapes highlight Schwartz's career as a nurse. On the first tape she relates her Army nursing experiences during World War II. She tells why she enlisted in the army, and then details the three different phases of her stay in the army-- first as head nurse of a forty-five bed amputee ward at Mitchell Field Hospital in Long Island, New York, which was a temporary hospital for soldiers returning from the war in Europe; when she was stationed on the Marigold, an army hospital ship that sailed the Pacific Ocean; and after the war as head nurse for eighteen months at Percy Jones Military Hospital in Battle Creek, Michigan, a 2000-bed rehabilitative facility for veterans of the war. During the first two interviews, Schwartz describes the everyday occurrences in hospitals during the war and the training she received in order to work at each place. For the third period, Schwartz relates the history of rehabilitative hospitals and the effects that this interview had on her later career.

Schwartz comments on the effects that the army nurses had on civilian nursing and describes trends such as the increasing specialization of the nursing profession along with the creation of new jobs (such as nurse clinicians) after World War II. Also discussed is the growing independence of nursing during this time period and criticism of this change.

In the remainder of the tapes, Schwartz narrates events in her life after the army such as working for the American Journal of Nursing under Mary Roberts while finishing her nursing studies at New York University. She describes being a part of the pioneering program that combined the Visiting Nurse Association of Brooklyn at Red Hook with the New York City Health Department's program in 1946-1947. She mentions receiving a Rockefeller Fellowship for a program at the University of Toronto that trained future leaders in nursing from around the world, and being the staff nurse for the ten-year Comprehensive Care and Teaching Program at Cornell University's Medical School, which trained medical students to become generalists instead of specialists. Schwartz discusses the innovative aspects of the program, its influences, and why it existed and eventually disappeared. Schwartz also describes her gerontology study of 1961 which was one of the first research projects done by a nurse on the effects of aging.

These tapes detail visiting nurse societies and public health nursing and how they evolved during the 1960s and 1970s. Among changes mentioned are the proprietarization of home care, the intervention of the government through Medicare, and the increasing administrative atmosphere of the visiting nurse societies.


Videotaped interview of Doris Schwartz by Susan Reverby. Two VHS cassette tapes (tape 1 & 4), and 2 U-Matic tapes (Take 1 & 4), 1982.


Doris Schwartz Interview [labeled "copy"], November 15, 1990.


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Series 7.  Photographs, 1915-1989.

Scope and Contents note

This series consists of photographs of family members and individual portraits of Schwartz from 1915-1982. The remaining are group pictures taken during World War II, nursing school 50th class reunion, Schwartz's last class at Cornell University, School of Nursing and the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Included in the series are pictures pertaining to Frontier Nursing Service, Leslie County, Kentucky, 1930s, and Navajo-Cornell Field Health Project, 1955.

Box Photo

D. Schwartz with mother, 1915.

15 1

D. Schwartz with father, 1915.

15 2

D. Schwartz, 1916.

15 3

D. Schwartz with brother, 1918.

15 4

D. Schwartz, 1921.

15 5

Mother, Don, Father, friend, and Doris Schwartz, 1923.

15 6

Doris and Don Schwartz, 1925.

15 7

Portrait of D. Schwartz, 1932.

15 8

D. Schwartz, Cornell University, 1961.

15 9

D. Schwartz, 1962.

15 10

D. Schwartz, 1964.

15 11

D. Schwartz at Mill Rift, 1968.

15 1a

D. Schwartz, 1968.

15 13

D. Schwartz with mother at Mill Rift, 1969.

15 14

D. Schwartz, 1979.

15 15

D. Schwartz, 1980.

15 16

D. Schertz, 1980.

15 17

Florence M. Schwartz, Doris's mother, 1971.

15 18

Florence M. Schwartz holding birthday cake, undated.

15 19

D. Schwartz with adopted Chesson family, 1981.

15 20a

D. Schwartz at Foulkeways, 1982.

15 21

Army Photographs.

Box Photo

Basic Training; Army Nurse Corps, Mitchell Field, Long Island, NY, 1943.

15 22

Doris Schwartz, 2nd Lieutenant, Army Nurse Corps, 1943.

15 23

Sgt. Don Schwartz and Lieutenant Doris Schwartz, 1944.

15 24

General Douglas McArthur reviewing ship's staff, 1945.

15 25

D. Schwartz wearing Japanese robe (souvenir of Japan), 1945.

15 26

D. Schwartz with Japanese children, 1945.

15 27

First Lieutenant D. Schwartz, Army Nurse Corps, 1946.

15 28

Nursing school affiliation.

Box Photo

Class picture, Cornell University School of Nursing (last nursing class), 1980.

15 29

D. Schwartz and Mrs. Mahoney, 1983.

15 30

50th reunion of Methodist School of Nursing, Brooklyn, NY, 1989.

15 31

University of Pennsylvania, Geriatric Nurse Clinicians (Masters program last class at Penn), 1989.

15 32

Group picture of young ladies with an older woman, no names, place or date.

15 33


Box Photo

Portrait, Mary M. Roberts, 1957.

15 34

Chesson family, second generation, a young boy and girl, 1969.

15 35

Kim Family, snap shots, 1961-1962.

15 36

Lelia Mallingly, Maryknoll, NY, 1987.

15 37

Catherine Kalb and Margery Overholser, 1991.

15 38

Nancy R. Adams, B.G. Army Nurses Corps, Chief Nurse (student, Cornell University, New York Hospital School of Nursing, 1968), 1994.

15 39

D. Schwartz with friend at Foulkeways, undated.

15 40

Reprints of D. Schwartz's relatives, not identified.

15 41

Winter snow scene, area not identified, undated.

15 42

Frontier Nursing Service, Wendover, Leslie County, Kentucky, 1930s.

Box Photo

View of mountain log cabins, with a woman crossing a wooden bridge.

15 43

A female child on horseback and small female child holding a bunch of corn beside a log cabin.

15 44

A young lad with a sling shot.

15 45

Toddler - mountaineer.

15 46

Elderly couple, woman sitting holding basket, man sitting weaving basket.

15 47

Three children (boy, girl, boy) standing on cabin porch rail.

15 48

Secretary, Betty Holmes, admitting three children to tonsil clinic with parents, Heden Hospital.

15 49

Four children, standing by a well, 1930s.

15 50

Navajo, Cornell Field Health Project, 1955.

Box Photo

Arizona, terrain.

15 51

Windmill, Indian men in background with horses.

15 5

Staff residence, joining clinic building.

15 53

Family, inside their hogan.

15 54

Family, leaving their hogan for clinic.

15 55

Family, entering clinic.

15 56

Man sitting at desk in clinic area.

15 57

Mother and child, clinic waiting room.

15 58a

Bess Tauchlin, providing treatment to a little girl.

15 59

Physician taking a man's blood pressure.

15 60

Staff members (new) sitting at table talking.

15 61

Visiting Nurse Service of New York City (copyright belongs to VNS of New York), 1940s.

Box Photo

Nurse bathing an elderly man, attendant observing.

15 62

Nurse bathing elderly woman.

15 63

Nurse assisting patient on crutches.

15 64

Medical school student providing treatment to elderly man in the home.

15 65

Cornell University, New York Hospital, 1950s.

Box Photo

Nursing or medical staff member taking patients' blood pressures and two staff members observing.

15 66a

Physician and social worker consulting elderly patient.

15 67a

Nurse, social worker and physician discussing patient care.

15 68

Social worker, not identified.

15 69

Mamie Wang and Officers of United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia.

15 70

Group, Professional staff for "Primary Care Experience for Senior Medical Student", 1932.

15 71a

Group, Professional staff and U.S.P.H.S. representative "Cornell Primax Program", 1974.

15 72

Residence, living room area, Mill Rift, PA, 1960s.

15 73

Doris R. Schwartz, nursing uniform, 1943.

15 74

Doris R. Schwartz, Army Nurse Corps uniform, 1940s.

15 75

Doris R. Schwartz and Neville Strumpf, 1975.

15 76

School of Nursing Class Reunion, 1990s.

15 77

Group - International Council of Nursing meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, 1947.

15 78

Harriet Frost, 1936.

15 79


Box Envelope

Miscellaneous portraits (5) Doris R. Schwartz, 1960-1980s.

15 1

Miscellaneous, hospital ship Blanche F. Sigman, ashore in Japan, and other army bases.

15 2

Doris Schwartz's brother (army uniform) and mother, 1940s; mother, 1969.

15 3

Summer home in Pike County, Pa. " School House", 1960s.

15 4

Award ceremony, New York University, 1992.

15 5

Doris Schwartz at Art Studio, 1994.

15 6

Nurse Practitioners, Burke Rehabilitation Center, 1976.

15 7

Doris Schwartz, " Honoring Our Living Legends", 1997.

15 8

Doris Schwartz, 75th birthday celebration, 1990.

15 9

Doris Schwartz with adopted family, 1998.

15 10

Miscellaneous with friends, etc., 1940-1990s.

15 11

Group, family relatives, 1940s.


Missing photos (not included on poster which was donated): 1918 First Nurses' Uniform and 1986 in China.

Harriet Frost photo missing from envelope (see box 13, folder 79).

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Series 8.  Ephemera and Artifacts, 1945-1975.

Scope and Contents note

A small series which includes a scrapbook of newspaper clippings of World War II nursing service to casualties and veterans as well as reprints of articles and papers written by Schwartz.


Scrapbook, 1945-1975.


Scrapbook, 1952-1987.


Scrapbook, U S. Army ship Marigold and Japan, 1944.


Artifact: Plaques.


Recognition for Leadership in Nursing New York Registered Nurses Association, District 13, 75th Anniversary, 1904-1979.


In Recognition of Doris R. Schwartz for Outstanding Leadership in Nursing Brass wall plaque.


In grateful appreciation of services as a member of the Nursing Research Study Section DHEW, Public Health Service.


Artifact: Bronze medallion commemorating 250th anniversary of the University of Pennsylvania, 1740-1990.


Certificate: completion of requirements for the Family Nurse Practitioner.


PRIMEX Program, New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, NY, February 28, 1972-January 31, 1973.

Box Folder

The American Public Health Association Public Health Nursing Section, Presented to Doris R. Schwartz, M.A. for Distinguished Service to Public Health Nursing, November 6, 1979.

17 8

Mary M. Roberts Writing Award, Presented to Doris R. Schwartz" by the American Journal of Nursing Company, 1972.

17 9

Public Health Association of New York City, AWARD OF MERIT, Presented to Doris R. Schwartz, R.N. for promotion of gerontological health services in New York City, May 20, 1980.

17 9

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Unprocessed additions.



Notes and articles.

Annotated bibliography, 1996.

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