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Paul Schrecker papers

Ms. Coll. 987

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Summary Information

University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts
Schrecker, Paul, 1889-
Paul Schrecker papers
Date [inclusive]:
Call Number:
Ms. Coll. 987
10 linear feet (11 boxes)
Language Note:
This collection largely consists of materials in English, with portions in German and French.
Paul Schrecker (1889-1963) was an Austrian-born philosopher and University of Pennsylvania professor who edited the works of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz from 1929 to 1933 and Nicolas Malebranche from 1934 to 1940. This collection of his professional and personal papers consists of the teaching materials, correspondence, writing, and research materials accumulated throughout his career. This collection is of value to scholars interested in research on Enlightenment philosophers and the culture of 20th century academia.
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Paul Schrecker papers, 1921-1964, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania
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Paul Schrecker (1889-1963) was a philosopher who obtained his education from the University of Vienna (LL.D) and the University of Berlin (Ph.D). In 1933, with the passing of the Nuremberg Laws, he was dismissed from his position at the Prussian Academy of Sciences and fled to Paris where he taught at the University of Paris from 1933 to 1940. He moved to the United States after the German occupation of France in 1940 and taught at the New School for Social Research in New York from 1941 to 1945; at the École Libre des Hautes Studies in New York from 1942 to 1945; as a professor at Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges (probably from 1945 to 1950); and as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania from 1950 until his retirement in 1960. His last year of teaching was spent as John Hay Whitney visiting professor at the Claremont Graduate School. He edited the works of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) from 1929 to 1933 and Nicolas Malebranche (1638-1715) from 1934 to 1940, and is the author of Work and History: An Essay on the Structure of Civilization, published by Princeton University Press in 1948.

Paul Schrecker married Anne Martin in 1951. His son Anthony, from a previous marriage, was born in 1915, and his son Theodore, now professor at Durham University in the UK, was born in 1954.

Scope and Contents

The Paul Schrecker papers, 1921-1964, consist primarily of the professional papers, correspondence, writings, and research materials of University of Pennsylvania professor, Paul Schrecker. This collection consists of teaching materials, correspondence, research and bibliographic notes, annotated drafts of conference papers and commentaries, and unbound volumes of works by Leibniz and Malebranche. These materials document Schrecker's scholarly pursuits, particularly his writing, research, and teaching career at the University of Pennsylvania, the New School for Social Research, Bryn Mawr College, Haverford College, and Swarthmore College. The collection also contains personal materials such as financial records and family papers.

The first series in this collection, Teaching and Lectures, 1929-1962, contains records from Paul Schrecker's teaching career at Bryn Mawr College, the University of Pennsylvania, and the New School for Social Research. Other colleges and universities at which Schrecker taught are arranged in a subseries that includes: Haverford College, Swarthmore College, and Columbia University, among others. Records in this series consist of administrative correspondence, exam questions, lecture notes and manuscripts, and student lists and grades (which are restricted).

The second series in this collection, Writings by Schrecker, 1927-1957, focuses on the philosophers Rene Descartes (1596-1650), Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716), and Nicolas Malebranche (1638-1715). This series contains manuscripts and typescripts on the philosophers, as well as related correspondence, newspaper clippings, and research notes. The subseries Other Writings, 1936-1963, contains other manuscripts and typescripts, including unpublished original manuscripts.

The third series in this collection, Research, 1936-1946, contains research notes and manuscripts on Descartes, Leibniz, and Malebranche, as well as other philosophers, including Thomas Hobbes and Lucien Levy-Bruhl.

The extensive correspondence in this collection-- the fourth series, Correspondence to and from Schrecker, 1921-1963-- is made up of letters to Paul Schrecker as well as copies Schrecker made of the letters he himself sent and includes correspondence with notable people such as: poet W. H. Auden; historian Raymond Klibansky; historian George Sarton; psychiatrist Charlot Strasser; judge Otto Kaus; and philosophers: Hermann Broch, Claude Levi-Strauss, Otto Neurath, Siegfried Kracauer, Alexandre Koyré, Julius Kraft, Robert Fitzgibbon Young, Glenn R. Morrow, and Richard Popkin. This correspondence, which is arranged alphabetically by last name, also contains letters to and from family members including Anthony, Charles, Franz, and Leonie Schrecker.

Personal and family records, 1933-1963, comprises the fifth series in this collection and includes date books from 1933 to 1959, financial records, papers regarding insurance for Schrecker's personal library and related moving arrangements, personal bibliographies, business cards, diplomas and certificates, naturalization records, and letters and records related to son Theodore's birth.

The sixth, and last, series in this collection consists of published journals and books. Most of the journals contain published essays by Paul Schrecker. The two books in the collection-- The Federalist; a commentary on the Constitution of the United States, being a collection of essays written in support of the Constitution agreed upon September 17, 1787, by the Federal convention (The Modern Library, 1941); and  Basic writings of Thomas Jefferson (Willey Book Co., 1944)-- include inlaid looseleaf notes by Schrecker.

This collection is of value to researchers interested in materials on Enlightenment philosophers-- specifically Leibniz and Malebranche-- and the culture of 20th century academia. Note that this collection is mainly in English, but contains significant portions in French and German.

Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts,  2014 May 14 and 2017 May 4

Finding Aid Author

Finding aid prepared by Megan Evans and Chase Markee (2014) and Alexandra M. Wilder (2017)


The creation of the electronic guide for this collection was made possible through generous funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, administered through the Council on Library and Information Resources’ “Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives” Project.

Access Restrictions

The bulk of this collection is open for research use; however, some folders contain student records and are restricted.

Use Restrictions

Copyright restrictions may exist. For most library holdings, the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania do not hold copyright. It is the responsibility of the requester to seek permission from the holder of the copyright to reproduce material from the Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts.

Source of Acquisition

Gifts of Paul Schrecker, 1963, and Ted Schrecker, 2016.

Processing Information note

The processing of the original gift of papers from Paul Schrecker was made possible through generous funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, administered through the Council on Library and Information Resources' "Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives" Project. The original gift may be found almost entirely in Series III. Research. The remainder of the collection was donated in 2016 by Schrecker's son.

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials note

In 1960, the University of Pennsylvania purchased Schrecker's Leibiziana collection of 5,000 books.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)
  • Bryn Mawr College.
  • New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997).
  • University of Pennsylvania.
  • Correspondence
  • Family papers
  • Lecture notes
  • Notebooks
  • Photographs
  • Research notes
  • Writings (document genre)
Personal Name(s)
  • Descartes, René, 1596-1650
  • Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm,‏ ‎Freiherr von, 1646-1716
  • Malebranche, Nicolas, 1638-1715
  • Education
  • Education, Higher
  • Enlightenment--Europe
  • Philosophy--Study and teaching

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Collection Inventory

I. Teaching and lectures, 1929-1962.

a. Bryn Mawr College, 1946-1962.

Box Folder

Administrative correspondence, 1946-1960.

1 12

Administrative correspondence, 1955-1962.

1 13

Administrative memos and reports, 1947-1957.

1 15

Class lists and student grades, 1947-1950 (restricted).

1 16

Class lists and student grades, 1951-1954 (restricted).

1 17

Class lists and student grades, 1955-1961 (restricted).

1 18

Correspondence with students, 1953-1956.

1 14

Exam questions and handouts, 1948-1952.

1 19

Exam questions and handouts, 1953-1954.

1 20

Exam questions and handouts, 1955-1956.

1 21

Exam questions and handouts, 1957-1958.

1 22

Fullerton Club lectures and correspondence, 1946-1953.

1 23

b. University of Pennsylvania, 1952-1962.

Box Folder

Administrative correspondence, 1950-1960.

1 7

Administrative correspondence, 1958-1960.

1 2

Administrative memos and reports, 1950-1960.

1 6

Class lists and grades, 1951-1954 (restricted).

1 8

Class lists and grades, 1954-1959 (restricted).

1 9

Correspondence, lecture notes, and program for Humanistic Education lecture, 1954-1955.

1 11

Correspondence with students, 1952-1962.

1 3

Correspondence with students, 1953-1956.

1 4

Correspondence with students, 1957-1959.

1 5

Faculty Club records, 1959-1961.

1 1

Lecture notes and class handouts for ethics class, 1952.

1 10

c. New School for Social Research, 1940-1950.

Box Folder

Administrative correspondence, 1940-1945 (English and French).

2 1-3

Administrative correspondence, 1946-1948 (English and French).

2 4

Administrative memos and reports, 1940-1948 (English and French).

2 5

Administrative memos and reports, 1941-1950.

2 18

American Civilization seminar, manuscript, 1944 April 5.

2 9

Closed Systems lecture, program and manuscript, 1944 February 8.

2 10

Comenius lecture, program and manuscript, undated.

2 8

Comparative Studies in Civilization lecture, manuscript, program, notes and clippings, 1945.

2 17

History of French Philosophy lecture, manuscript, 1946 October 9.

2 12

Leibniz lecture, program and manuscript, 1946 May 5.

2 7

Newspaper clippings about L'École Libre des Hautes Études; tribute program for Alvin Johnson, co-founder and first director of The New School, 1941-1943.

2 6

Philosophy of Art lecture, manuscript, 1944 September 29.

2 11

Philosophy of History lecture, manuscript, 1941-1942.

2 13-14

17th Century Philosophy lectures 1-12, circa 1950s.

2 15-16

d. Other colleges and universities, 1929-1962.

Box Folder

Berlin Akademie der Wissenschaften Leibniz lecture, administrative correspondence, manuscript, program, and notes, 1929-1934.

3 11

Claremont College administrative correspondence, student grades, 1961-1962 (restricted).

2 22

Columbia University administrative correspondence, pay stubs, student grades, 1946-47 (restricted).

2 25

Cornell University Civilization and the Humanities lecture and manuscript, 1944 July 24.

2 27

East-West Philosophers’ Conference Leibniz’ Doctrine of Natural Law lecture programs, manuscript, administrative correspondence, 1948-1949.

3 12

Harvard University Conference on Science in General Education, administrative correspondence, 1949 July 9-10.

3 10

Harvard University Science and Philosophy lecture manuscript and administrative correspondence, 1951 July 10.

3 10

Haverford College correspondence, course materials, class lists, student grades, 1947-1956 (restricted).

2 19

Haverford College History of Science lecture, manuscript, and newspaper clippings, 1947-1948.

2 20

Howard University Augustinianism in the 17th Century & Malebranche lecture, 1942 January 16.

3 2

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Leibniz lecture, manuscript, and publication proof, 1945 March 29.

3 3

New York Academy of Medicine, Historians, Empiricists, and Prophets lecture manuscript, program, administrative correspondence, 1953 March 13-14.

3 9

Pomona College Philosophy of History lecture, course handouts, class lists, and student grades, 1961-1962 (restricted).

2 21

Princeton University American Thought lecture notes and program, 1944 May 27-28.

2 24

Princeton University Conference on Science in General Education, correspondence, program, 1947 December 20-21.

3 11

Shaker Heights City School Cleveland American Civilization lecture, administrative correspondence and visit notes, 1944 June 25-July 7.

2 28

Swarthmore College Academic Freedom lecture, manuscript and administrative correspondence, 1949 November 10.

3 6

Swarthmore College administrative correspondence and memos, 1948.

3 4

Swarthmore College correspondence with Dean John W. Nason regarding teaching appointment, 1948-1953.

3 5

Swarthmore College History of Science and Plato seminars, manuscript, class lists, and student grades, 1950 (restricted).

3 8

Swarthmore College History of Science lectures, manuscripts, and newspaper clippings, 1949.

3 7

University of California, Los Angeles, lecture information and administrative correspondence, 1961-1962.

2 23

II. Writings by Schrecker, 1927-1957.

a. René Descartes (1596–1650), 1950.

Box Folder

Conference programs, lecture manuscript, 1950 November 26 (English and French).

4 14

"Descartes and Leibniz in 1946," manuscript, proof, and notes.

4 15

Manuscript notes (French).

4 16

b. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716), 1934-1964.

Box Folder

“Leibniz and the Timaeus” manuscript and notecards, 1950.

3 13

Letter by Leibniz (reprographic copy) and notes (German and French).

3 16

"Lettres et fragments" (introduction and notes by Paul Schrecker), reviews, clippings, 1934.

3 15

Microfilm, manuscript, article, and correspondence, 1948-1957.

3 14

Monadology, and Other Philosophical Essays, manuscript, 1964, with letter from publisher Bobbs-Merrill to Anne Schrecker, 1964.

3 17

Monadology, and Other Philosophical Essays, manuscript, 1964.

3 18-20

Monadology, and Other Philosophical Essays, manuscript, typescript, and print proof, 1964.

4 1-3

Monadology, and Other Philosophical Essays, correspondence with University of Chicago Press regarding translation, 1948-50, and with Bobbs-Merrill, 1957-1962.

4 4

"Unity of Leibniz’ Philosophical Thought," 1960.

4 5

c. Nicolas Malebranche (1638-1715), 1938-1963.

Box Folder

Bibliography notes and typescript, undated.

4 7-8

Conference lecture typescript, 1939.

4 13

Correspondence regarding Malebranche's writings, 1953-1963.

4 6

Notes, manuscript, and typescript on readings, undated.

4 11-12

Reviews and articles regarding to Paul Schrecker's book on Malebranche (French), 1938-1939.

4 10

Transcribed excerpts from Malebranche’s work (French), undated.

4 9

d. Other writings, 1936-1963.

Box Folder

“American Diary” correspondence and typescript, 1943-44.

5 1-2

“American Diary” manuscript notes, undated.

5 4

“American Diary” newspaper clippings related to subjects in the work, 1943-1950.

5 3

“Contemporary Civilization and Literature” typescript, undated.

5 6

"Fundamental Problems of Ethics," undated (French).

5 19

“History of Science and Scientific Method” typescript, undated.

5 20

“In Quest of Mutual Understanding,” typescript, post-publication correspondence, 1946.

4 18

Manuscript and correspondence regarding Frederick Ungar project, 1954.

5 18

“The Natural Right to Civilization,” typescript, program, letters, 1951.

4 20

“On Logic” typescript and notes, 1936 (French and German).

5 15

“On Planning,” typescript, submission correspondence, 1947-1948.

4 17

“On the Infinite Number of Infinite Orders” correspondence and print proof, undated.

5 7

“Phenomenological Considerations on Style” typescript and correspondence, undated.

5 8

“Philosophy of History” notes, undated.

5 5

“Principle of Least Action” manuscript and notes, undated.

4 22

“La Probleme de la Revolution en Philosophie de l’Histoire” typescript, 1943 (French).

4 21

“The Republic of Letters” typescript and notes, undated.

5 13

Rockefeller Foundation writings and correspondence, 1957.

5 21

UNESCO writings and correspondence, 1945-1949.

5 22

Unpublished original manuscripts, with note from Ted Schrecker, 1942-1949.

4 23

“Variations on a Theme of Plato” typescript and notes, undated.

5 16

Various short typescripts, 1937-1957.

4 24

Various typescript drafts, 1954-55.

5 17

“A Vindication of God's justice Reconciled with His Other Perfections and All His Actions” translation and typescript, undated.

4 19

Work and History correspondence, newspaper clippings and typescript, 1948-1963.

5 9-12

III. Research, 1936-1946.

Box Folder

Déscartes research: Notes on Ernst Cassirer, circa 1930s.

11 1

Déscartes and Leibniz research: Annotated drafts, circa 1930s.

11 2

Leibniz research: Lettres et fragments inédits, 1934.

11 3

Leibniz research: Conference itinerary and annotated draft of presentation at Université de Paris, 1934-1935.

11 4

Leibniz research: Conference itinerary, notes and annotated draft of presentation at Université de Paris, 1933-1934.

11 21

Leibniz research: Opuscules Philosophiques corrected proof with Latin translations, notes on proof, 1939 June 6.

11 5

Leibniz research: Assorted notes, circa 1930s.

11 6

Leibniz research: Bibliotheca Leibnitiana notebook, circa 1930s.

11 7

Leibniz research: Notes on Opuscules Philosophiques, undated.

11 8

Malebranche research: De la recherche de la vérité , 1712.

11 9

Malebranche research: Notes, writings and conference program, 1937.

11 10

Malebranche research: Notes on Mathématiques, 1937-1938.

11 11

Malebranche research: De la recherche de la vérité , circa 1930s.

11 12

Malebranche research: De la recherche de la vérité, circa 1930s.

11 13

Malebranche research: Mathématiques, undated.

311 14

Newspaper clippings about Germany, 1936-46 (English, French, German).

6 9

Notebook with notes on Newton, Malebranche, Leibniz; 10 double-spaced pages, the rest of the notebook is blank (French, German).

6 10

Notes and newspaper clippings about Lucien Levy-Bruhl, includes two photos of Levy-Bruhl, one is signed.

6 3

Notes on philosophers: Ameline to Compayre.

6 4

Notes on philosophers: Daniel to Hobbes.

6 5

Notes on philosophers: Jordan to Malebranche.

6 6

Notes on philosophers: Optique to Prestet.

6 7

Notes on philosophers: Raynaud to Willis.

6 8

Photo card of Kuno Fischer (German philosopher), 1890-1891.

11 15

“Pursuit of Happiness” research project outline, 1946.

6 2

Research and related papers: Annotated drafts and notes, 1909-1928.

11 16

Research and related papers: Research, bibliographic notes and professional correspondence, 1927-1957.

11 17

Research and related papers: Edits of conference papers, circa 1939.

11 18

Research and related papers: Annotated drafts, circa 1930s.

11 19

Research and related papers: Research and bibliographic notes, circa 1940s.

11 20

World War II newspaper clippings (English and German), 1939-1945.

6 1

IV. Correspondence to and from Schrecker, 1921-1963.

Box Folder

Ackley to Austin, circa 1921-1963.

6 11

W. H. (Wystan Hughes) Auden, 1943.

6 12

Bailen to Butts, circa 1921-1963.

6 13

Hermann Broch, circa 1921-1963.

6 14

Campbell to Cridland, circa 1921-1963.

6 15

Dale to Dyde, circa 1921-1963.

6 16

Ellis to Evans, circa 1921-1963.

6 17

Farber to Fueloep-Miller (includes: Albert Feuillerat), circa 1921-1963.

6 18

Galdston to Gutwirth, circa 1921-1963.

6 19

Hamilton to Hudson (includes: Max Immanuel), circa 1921-1963.

6 20

Jacobi to Junghauer, circa 1921-1963.

6 21

Kaan to Kracauer (includes: Raymond Klibansky), circa 1921-1963.

6 22

Kaiser to Kristeller (includes: Otto Kaus), circa 1921-1963.

7 1

Lachmann to Luminet (includes: Claude Levi-Strauss), circa 1921-1963.

7 2

Malcolm to Mousset (includes: Glenn R. Morrow), circa 1921-1963.

7 4

Natanson to Newton (includes: Otto Neurath), circa 1921-1963.

7 5

O'Donnell to Orlik, circa 1921-1963.

7 6

Pelliot to Pogo (includes: Richard H. Popkin), circa 1921-1963.

7 7

Racker to Roustan, circa 1921-1963.

7 8

Salomon to Stern (includes: Charlot Strasser), circa 1921-1963.

7 9-11

Schrecker family (Anthony, Charles, Franz, Leonie), circa 1921-1963.

7 12-14

Upshaw to Untermeyer; Vignau to Vollgraff, circa 1921-1963.

7 15

Weinberger to Wylie (includes: Martha and Adolf Weiss), circa 1921-1963.

7 16

Yecum to Yost (includes: Robert Fitzgibbon Young), circa 1921-1963.

7 17

Zevin to Zuckerkandl, circa 1921-1963.

7 18

V. Personal and family, 1933-1963.

Box Folder

Car ownership records and correspondence, 1947-1950.

8 7

Date books, 1933-1938.

8 1

Date books, 1939-1944.

8 2

Date books, 1945-1950.

8 3

Date books, 1951-1956.

8 4

Date books, 1957-1959.

8 5

Financial account logbook, 1957-1960.

8 6

Library moving insurance, 1947-1950.

8 13

Library sale to University of Pennsylvania, 1960-1962.

8 14

Merrill-Lynch stock accounts records.

8 8

Notecards on personal library holdings and philosophers.

8 15-16

Rental documents, 508 Woodland Terrace, 1953-1955.

8 9

Rental documents, 207 De Kalb Street, 1955-1957.

8 10

Rental documents, 4734 Larchwood Avenue, 1957-1960.

8 11

Schenker & Co. shipping documents, 1938 (German).

8 12

Schrecker bibliography written in a notebook (half empty) with tipped-in philosopher postcards.

8 17

Schrecker bibliography, genealogy, and biography information.

8 18

Schrecker business cards, 1921 (French).

8 21

Schrecker diplomas, 1946-1960.

8 20

Schrecker French naturalization records and passport, IDs 1930-1953 (French).

9 2

Schrecker memorial cards and death announcements, 1963.

9 3

Schrecker, newspaper clippings about, 1939-1961.

8 19

Schrecker U.S. naturalization records, 1942-1953.

9 1

Anne Martin Schrecker diplomas, photograph, and newspaper clippings, 1937-1948.

9 4

Theodore Schrecker birth notices, congratulation letters, hospital bill, baby formula recipe, 1953.

9 5

VI. Journals and books, 1938-1964.

Box Folder

Basic writings of Thomas Jefferson, edited by Philip S. Foner, Willey Book Co., with looseleaf notes by Schrecker, 1944.

10 4

Bryn Mawr Counterpoint, with Schrecker's essay "What's Wrong with College Writing: The Advice of a Layman," fall 1949; Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin with Schrecker death notice, spring 1964.

9 10

Bulletin of the American Philosophical Association with Schrecker's essay "Leibniz's Doctrine of Natural Law," December 1948;  Bulletin of the American Philosophical Association with Schrecker's essay "Leibniz and the Timaeus," December 1950.

9 11

The Daily Pennsylvanian, a publication of the University of Pennsylvania, with an op-ed about Schrecker's retirement (six copies), 1960 March 16.

9 19

Das Funfte Rad, 1928;  Mass und Wert, with Schrecker's essay "Ein unveroffentlichter Leibniz-Brief," 1940;  Die Amerikanische Rundschau, with Schrecker's essay "Leibniz' Prinzipien des Volkerrechts," 1947 (German).

9 13

The Federalist; a commentary on the Constitution of the United States, being a collection of essays written in support of the Constitution agreed upon September 17, 1787, by the Federal convention, The Modern library, with looseleaf notes by Schrecker, 1941.

10 3

Freedom and Authority in Our Time with Schrecker's essay "The Freedom of Civilization" (five copies), 1953;  Southern Journal of Philosophy, 1969;  The Texas Quarterly, 1968.

10 1

Harper’s Magazine, with Schrecker's "American Diary" Parts I, II, III, 1944 July-September (3 volumes).

9 14

The Key Reporter, a publication of Phi Beta Kappa, (15 issues) 1957-1961.

9 16

The Library Chronicle, six reprints of Schrecker's essay "Qui me non nisi editis novit, non novit," 1954;  The Monist, 1970.

9 17

The Library Chronicle, 1961-1962 (3 volumes).

9 6

The Library Chronicle, 1963-1964 (3 volumes).

9 7

The Library Chronicle, 1964 (3 volumes).

9 8

"On the Infinite Order of Infinite Orders," pamphlet by Schrecker, 1946; Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, with Schrecker's essay "Phenomenological Considerations on Style," four reprints, 1948.

9 18

Pennsylvania Literary Review, 1954;  Pennsylvania Literary Review, with Schrecker's essay "A Philosopher Looks at History, 1960 (5 copies, Schrecker photo on cover).

9 20

"Philosophie der Personlichkeit" pamphlet by Schrecker, 1912; Archiv fur Sozialwissenschaft und Sozialpolitik, with Schrecker's essay "Wirtschaftlicher Macciavellismus," 1927;  Neue Revue, with Schrecker's essay "Staatengrunder Schlaf," 1930;  Die Amerikanische Rundschau, with Schrecker's essay "Amerikanisches Tagebuch," 1945 (German).

9 12

Philosophy: The Journal of the British Institue of Philosophy, with Schrecker's essay "Descartes and Leibniz in 1946 on their 350th and 300th Birthdays," 1946;  Philosophy in the Mid-Century, with Schrecker's essay "Leibniz" (seven copies), 1959;  International Philosophical Quarterly, 1970.

9 21

Proceedings of the British Academy, with Schrecker's essay, "Leibniz ses Idees sur L'Organisation des Relations Internationales," two reprints, 1937;  Journal of the History of Ideas, with Schrecker's essay "Leibniz and the Art of Inventing Algorisms," two reprints, 1947;  The Review of Metaphysics, with Schrecker's essay "Leibniz and the Timaeus," four reprints, 1951 (French).

9 15

Renaissance, with Schrecker's essay "Le Probleme de la Revolution dans la Philosophie de L'histoire," 1943;  Renaissance, with Schrecker's essay "La Structure des Regimes Clos," (three copies) 1944 (French).

9 22

Republique Francaise with Schrecker's essay "Le Republique fille de Descartes," 1944;  Republique Francaise with Schrecker's essay "L'actualite de Descartes," 1946; Revue Internationale de Philosophie with Schrecker's essay "Malebranche et le preformisme biologique," (two copies) 1938;  Revue Philosophique, 1938;  Revue Philosophique with Schrecker's essay "Une Bibliographie de Leibniz" (three copies) 1939 (French).

9 23

The Saturday Review of Literature with Schrecker's essay "Contemporary Civilization and Literature" (two copies and a reprint), 1944;  The Saturday Review of Literature with Schrecker's essay "In Quest of Mutual Understanding" (two copies), 1946.

10 2

U.S.A. Journal, Office of War Information, Vol . 2 No. 4, 1943, with Schrecker’s essay “Cross Country Traveler” (6 copies in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, Portuguese).

9 9