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Ildaura Murillo-Rohde papers

MC 172

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Summary Information

University of Pennsylvania: Barbara Bates Center for the Study of The History of Nursing
Murillo-Rohde, Ildaura, 1920-2010 -- Archives
Ildaura Murillo-Rohde papers
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MC 172
23 Linear feet
Language of Materials note:
Languages in this collection are English, Spanish and German.
Ildaura Murillo-Rohde (1920-2010) was a psychiatric nursing leader. This collection is unprocessed. A preliminary inventory is given here. Please contact the Center for more information.
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Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde papers, Barbara Bates Center for The Study of The History of Nursing, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania
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Ildaura Murillo-Rohde was born on September 6, 1920, in Panama and passed away on September 5, 2010, also in Panama. Coming from a family of health professionals, she first decided to pursue a career in medicine. Because of WW II, she opted for nursing to “join the army and help.” She received her diploma from the Medical and Surgical Hospital School of Nursing in San Antonio, Texas, in 1948. While in nursing school she became interested in psychiatric nursing, obtaining a BA from Teachers College, Columbia University in teaching and supervision of psychiatric nursing. She then received an MA from Columbia University in teaching and curriculum development Psychiatric Nursing in 1953. This was followed by an M. Ed. in Education and Administration from Columbia in 1969. In 1971 she obtained a Ph.D. from New York University in Higher Education in Psychiatric Nursing and Sociology. She later studied at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis as a basis for a clinical practice in psychotherapy and marriage and family therapy.

She held academic, administrative and consulting positions in several states including Bellevue Hospital School of Nursing in New York City; Wayne County General Hospital, Eloise, Michigan; University of Washington School of Nursing, Seattle, Washington; University of Puerto Rico; University of Antioquia, Columbia; New York Medical College; City University of New York; and finally as Dean and Professor Emerita, State University of New York. She was associated with professional organizations and their activities wherever her teaching career took her.

Dr. Murillo-Rohde was instrumental in founding the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) in 1975, when it became apparent the ANA was not meeting the needs of Latina nurses. It evolved from the Ad Hoc Committee of the Spanish-Speaking/Spanish Surname Nurses’ Caucus formed in 1974. In her name, this organization now sponsors an award in any distinguished scholarship area and/or nursing education and a scholarship for Hispanic Students enrolled in a nursing program leading to licensure.

Wherever Dr. Murillo-Rohde found herself, she became active in local issues pertaining to nursing education, AIDS, cancer care, marriage and family therapy, family relations, and cultural diversity. She was influenced by Dr. Hildegard Peplau’s interpersonal theory of nursing when she did her masters and bachelors work at Columbia. Dr. Murillo-Rohde felt that this theory blended well with her own ideas: the concepts of community, respect, optimism and belief in the client being inherent in cross cultural nursing.

Dr. Murillo-Rohde passed away on September 5, 2010 in her native country of Panama.

Scope and Contents

This collection reflects the many facets of Dr. Murillo-Rohde’s interests, activities, and her involvement in local and international arenas. Her philosophy ultimately developed while working with Dr. Hildegard Peplau whose theory of nursing influenced Dr. Murillo-Rohde’s beliefs.

Her philosophy quoted from “Contemporary Minority Leaders in Nursing: Afro American, Hispanic, Native American Perspectives” ANA, 1983 reads: “I believe that nursing is the compassionate, effective, and humane care given by one who is educated and trained in the art and science of nursing to someone who is in need of help because of problems in health or in activities of his daily life. Nursing at its highest level encompasses the teaching of the individual to know his body and its functions for the maintenance and promotion of health and prevention of disease. Self-care can be, and is, very efficacious when people are encouraged and guided to learn to care for themselves, whenever possible…Recognition of human variation is basic to sensitive and effective nursing care and outcomes.”

This collection outlines the various steps in the formation of National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) and demonstrates Dr. Dr. Murillo-Rohde’s response and action to a perceived need.

She traveled extensively outside of the United States at the request of diverse organizations also in response needs her field.

Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Pennsylvania: Barbara Bates Center for the Study of The History of Nursing

Finding Aid Author

Finding aid prepared by Donna Ostroff and Christine Rohaly

Access Restrictions

This collection is unrestricted.

Use Restrictions

Copyright restrictions may apply. Please contact the Center with requests for copying and for authorization to publish, quote or reproduce the material.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

Gift of Patrocinia Murillo, 2011.

Processing Information note

This is a preliminary inventory of the papers of Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde. Twenty-two oversize cartons were received in June-July 2011 (Acc. No. 2011.14). The material has been inventoried in this preliminary list in order to make the files accessible to the donor and to interested researchers until a more thorough processing project can be undertaken. They were received in no particular order and re-boxed, with books, scrap books, and photo albums separated, in a sequence from 1 to 35. Acid-free folders replaced damaged folders. Books are currently located in Room 2015 Suite 2U. They are in the process of being entered into a separate database.

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Controlled Access Headings

  • Personal papers
  • Nurse
Personal Name(s)
  • Murillo-Rohde, Ildaura, 1920-2010
  • Nurses, Hispanic American
  • Psychiatric nursing

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Collection Inventory


Paper of Inez J. Luna.


DISS Statistics Scores.




SUNY 1982, 1982.

Marriage Counseling, N.J.

WHO 1972, 1972.

NIMH Grant Letter.


“Welcome” Open House for new home, soiled white with black lettering, spine broken, personal.

Binder “Proyecto Informar” Teacher’s Manual.

“Delivering Preventive Health Care to Hispanics” A Manual for Providers 1990, 1996., 1990-1996.

Century Celebration “Psychiatric Nursing in Historical Perspective.” 1982, 1982.

Kellogg Leadership Seminar for Minority Women in Mental Health 1987., 1987.

First National Hispanic Nurse Symposium 1991., 1991.


AIPP Transcript.

Insurance AAMTC.


Who’s Who ‘74, 1974.

Test for Marriage.

University of Washington.

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Personal items. nursing licenses; small photo albums; awards; plaques; business cards; ID cards from events; passports.

Small photo albums.

“Amer. Assoc. of Marriage & Family Counselors” Sign white letters on black, 5 11/12” x 2”.

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Biographical information back of box.

Letters, 1992-1993.

NAHN files.

Misc. files.

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Misc. files.

Diverse dates of professional teaching materials.

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Misc. papers. Cancer nursing materials; misc. files; outline for thesis for Ph.D. for Dr. Murillo-Rohde; submission document for partial fulfillment of Ph.D. for Dr. Murillo-Rohde; “El Faro” and misc. newsletters; Hispanic Healthcare International; misc. ARTICLES; CLIPPINS IN Spanish; conferences; letters 1979 – 1983; papers from university degree work; workshops; correspondence 1980.

“History of Hispanic Nurses Organizations” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

Care of Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Mentorship for Career Development and Professional Leadership” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Mentorship for Career Development and Mobility for Hispanic Nurses” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Cultural Diversity: Impact on the Evolution of Professional Nursing – A Hispanic Dimension,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Stages Factores Culturales que Afectan la Vida de la Pareja,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Marriage and Family,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Unique Needs of Ethnic Minority Clients in Multi-Racial Society and Implications for Quality Nursing Care: The Socio-Cultural Perspective,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“2010: A Nursing Odyssey – What Will be the Problems and Needs of the Hispanic Community: Nursing Implications,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Ethnic Minorities in Psychiatric Nursing: Patients and Personnel,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Marriage Counseling with only One Spouse,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

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Misc. papers and items. Awards; conferences; certificates; letters 1989; magazines; newspaper clippings; course materials for degrees; correspondence 1979; “Training Course for Hispanic Nurses In the Prevention and Early Identification of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Problems,”; Walden University orientation binder; .

“Psychiatric Mental Health of Unique Populations Preface, “by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Psychiatric Mental Health with Unique Populations: Elderly, Retarded, Gays, Blacks, Hispanics,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

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Misc. papers and items. Cancer nursing; articles; newsletters; Project Hope report; letters 19865; course materials; Gorosh letter; letters 1991; NAHN photos dated 2002; book review; trip reports; biographical materials; UNICEF materials; letters 1985; NAHN Planning 1986; letters 2000-2002; psych materials some in Spanish; directory orders; Cancer Conference 1986; ORTHO documents; sponsor student to come to US to study 1982; letters 1985; personal professional letters 1980-5; .

NAHN Membership Roster; NAHN Incorporation.

“The Nurse as Family Therapist,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

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Misc. personal and professional items. This box contains many diverse items both personal and professional. A small photo album; many loose photos probably dating from 1970s; other older photos; a printing plate with a portrait; a wooden desk sign, CVs. It appears to be many items packed together randomly. Texts are both Spanish and English. File folders are labeled on bottom of files. Contents of some folders do not correspond to labels..

Sethi, Sarla, doctoral thesis entitled: “The Dialectic in Becoming a Mother: Experiencing the Postpartum Phenomenon.” 1994, 1994.

de Rohrmoser, Diamantina Celia Cleghorn, doctoral thesis entitled; “Paternal Influences of Pregnancy Complications and Birth Outcome.” 1992., 1992.

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Letters, 1970s-1990. Israel trip; Project Hope; letters 1982; letters 1988; letters 1986; nursing business 1986; letters 1990; letters 1987; letters 1970s; China abstracts 1985; China letters; seminars Spain; COISSMHO papers; letters 1980; .

2 binders with professional information including grade transcripts.

File labeled family therapy course N503.

Nurses cap, round, 6” in diameter, stiff white, pleated with black velvet ribbon.

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“Procedures in Family Therapy” by Brock, Gregory W. and Barnard, Charles P., Allyn and Bacon, Inc., many underlines.

Chapel Hill4/94.

Folder with several versions of CV. To 1980’s.

Press Release 1999Columbia Teacher’s College Hall of Fame induction., 1999.

Santa Fe 9/96.

Letter to Mayor Giuliani Feb. 1999, 1999.

Address to NAHN Springfield, Mass. 4/3/1998., 1998.

Address to NAHN Springfield, Mass. 3/31/2000, 2000.

Letter to Patricia Montoya 7/22/1999. Commissioner NAHN, 1999.

Binder “Graduate .Program Proposal Masters Program Advanced Nursing Practice September 1984.”, 1984.

Welcome to Cuba November 1999, 1999.

3 UNICEF statements 1999, 2000, 2001, 1999-2001.

Ortho Theory and Practice on the Eve of the 80’s. 1979, 1979.

American Orthopsychiatric Association, 50TH Anniversary Meeting 1973, 1973.

Binder NIH “Strategic Planning Workshop National Association of Hispanic Nurses ‘Increasing Nursing Research Opportunities.’” 2001, 2001.

Loose papers, letters, and misc.

Misc. papers. FOCUS newsletters; misc. files; ANA Affirmative Action Task Force Meeting 1975; clippings in Spanish; Psch papers; SUNY Self-evaluation report for BS program; .

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Misc. files; papers and articles.

6 legal-sized files in Spanish.

Hispanic Nurses Directory orders 1982, 1982.

“Relationship between Supportive Nursing Care in the Home and the Community – Staying Power if Discharged Psychiatric Patients” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Hispanic Leadership and Health Care Issues” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Cultural and Class Perspective in Family Therapy” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

"Child- Rearing and Parenting Practices of Mainland Puerto Rico” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Some Theoretical and Practical Considerations for the Practice of Family Therapy,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

Panama 1987 in Spanish, 1987.

“Old Age in the USA” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“The Economic Aspects of Drug Abuse and Drug Dependence,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Unique Needs of Ethnic Minority Clients in a Multi-Racial Society and Implications for Quality Nursing Care: The Socio-Cultural Perspective,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

"Prevention of Role Fatigue in Ourselves and Staff,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Biculturalism in Nursing Education: Implications for Practice and Research in the United States and Mexico,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Does Marriage have a Future?” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Sexual Problems of the Post-Coronary Patient,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“A Personal Approach to Family Therapy,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

"Spanish Speaking Psychiatric Nursing Manpower in the United States; A Report,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Curriculum Development and Inclusion Content to Insure Quality Nursing Care to all Consumer,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Study on Functions of Psychiatric Attendants,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Responsabilidad y Obligacion de los Profesionales de Enfermeria de Expresar el Sentimiento de la Profesaiobns y Asegurar los Derechos de la Enfermera,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

“Drug Dependence A Huge Problem in our Society,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

Annual reports Downstate Medical; Center College of Nursing 198-2 and 1984-5, 1980-1985.

Important letters 1984-5, 1984-1985.

Letters 1989-90, 1989-1990.

‘Family Therapy with Variant (Non-traditional) Families,” by Dr. Murillo-Rohde.

China 1990, 1990.

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Medal of Honor American Biographical Institute, gold with dark blue ribbon, 1986, black velvet presentation box , 3 1/2 ‘ x 4 ½”, 1986.

Business cards, name tags.

1971, submission for Ph.D. “The Relationship between Puerto Rican Mother-Son Inter-Personal Compatibility in the Area of Control Behavior and Adjustment in School.”, 1971.

Color negatives of family reunion 1980, idem NASSN 1978, NAHN Lunch Party 19802 B/W negatives for enlargement, 1978-1982.

Photo album, color and B/W prints, professional and private, some labels, circa 1970’s, c. 1970s.

File with information on Cuna Indians of Panama.

Inter Department envelope with B/W photos and misc. information.

“Our Wedding” white imitation leather 8” x 10 ¾” with silver lettering, photos included with telegrams and messages.

Black binder “American Association of Marriage and Family Counselors” undated.

Psych. Certif. Sept. 1986, 1986.

Misc. professional magazines.

“Access and Retention of Minorities in Higher Education” Oct. 1978, 1978.

Annual Report 1954, Civil Service Commission County of Wayne, 1954.

A Collection of Classics in Psychiatric Nursing Literature.” Ed. Smoyak, Shirley A., RN, PhD and Rouslin, Shelia RN, MS.1982, with multiple autographs including Claire Fagin, 1982.

Delivering Preventive Health Care to Hispanics A Manual for Providers 1988, 1988.

Misc. loose papers and letters.

File Promotion materials.

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Pleated, sheer nurses cap, round with black velvet ribbon.

Souvenir drum from 1989 (International Council of Nurses meeting Seoul, Korea.), 1989.

File Ed. In Latin America. Panama.

Comm. Mental Health Proposal 1968, 1968.

National Assn. of Hispanic Nurses Annual Report 1993-94, 1993-1994.

Abstracts & Presentations.

First National Hispanic Nurse Symposium Proceedings.

Dissertation Mat BPW 1987 – 90 Letters, 1987-1990.


Spanish Manual Black binder Puerto Rico.

Spanish Manual State University of New York Tesina 1992, 1992.

Group Work.

Cancer Nursing 86 – 89 – 90, 1986-1990.

Chapter 7.

Personal photographs B/W and color.

Florence Nightingale and the First Organized Delivery of Nursing Services 19874.

Family Therapy with various Families, Russia 1982, 1982.

Ass’t to the Dean Candidate Lucina Antrim.

Family Systems Diagram – Indian.


Master Plan Briefing 8/21/84, 1984.

Elderly Book.

Nurse Day 1985, 1985.

Black binder Letters, 1982. 83, 84, 1982-1984.

Testimony at Hearings.

DHDE Papers for the Public.

Teacher Instrument.

Family Focused Health Care N559.

Black and white photo with broken glass adhering to part of photo, photocopy of front and back, wrapped in acid free 10/4/2001, 2001.

Misc. convention brochures and booklets.

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2001, 2001.

Spanish Correspondence, NASSN, 1970’s, c. 1970s.

ANA Convention 1986, 1986.

Hispanic Cultural and Health Beliefs.

Hispanic and Foods.

GSN Alumni.

Doctoral Seminar.

Guide for Analyzing I.P.R.

Community Mental Health Project 1965, 1965.

Cancer Nursing 1986, 1986.

Mosby 1996Misc. letters, travel papers 1984, 1984-1996.

DHHS Letter, Special Training Committee 1984, 1984.

Letters 1994, 1994.

Letters 1995, 1995.

FULD Fellowship Application 1989, 1989.

ANA Letter for award 1992, 1992.

COSSMHO’s 3rd National Hispanic Conference on Health and Human Services 1980, 1980.

International Congress of Psychodrama.

Ortho Preliminary Program 1987, 1987.

Misc. newsletters, letters, papers.

Ethnicity and Health Care 1976, NLN, 1976.

Orientation Packet for NAHN Board of Directors 1996, 1996.

Binder unlabelled materials from 1979, 1979.

Vail 1992, 1992.

Binder 1978-79, Correspondence and materials concerning civil rights, 1978-1979.

Folder NAHN.

Folder Hispanic Health Care International, copy of award 1974, 1974.

Minority Nurses Coalit.

Wright Chapter Family Nurs. Paper 1985, 1985.


Misc. letters, journals, folders and loose Christmas cards, etc.

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Scrap books and photo albums.

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3 scrap books.

Willem Busch Book, in German, red cover with front cover detached, gold (tarnished) edging on top pages.

3 History of Nursing Posters with photographs in color documenting history.

Sony Video Cassette KC-60 “Nurses Role in Changing Mental Health Programs.”.

Sony Video Cassette KC-30, “Nursing Ass4ssment with the Parents of a Newborn Part III. By Maurice Erickson.

Sony Video Cassette KC-60, “Nursing in Psychiatry” and “Nurse in Family Therapy.”.

VHS, T 120, “The Dean’s Hour: Nursing Hispanic Health Care – An Indiana Perspective.”.

VHS T 30, Sigma Theta Tau International “nursing Approach” March Edition 1993., 1993.

VHS 3M T 30, Dr. Murillo-Rohde, PE Plan Award 1992, Las Vegas., 1992.

VHS, Nursing Approach, Program 3, TRT 26:50.

Kodak 8mm, China June 1978, “Operation with Acupuncture.”, 1978.

3 boxes color 35 mm. transparencies.

Magnetic Recording Tape Cartridge, C 120, “Drugs A”.

Ampex 361 C 60, “Drugs”.

“Talking with Puerto Rican Patients” Hospital Spanish 3 & 4.

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Yearbooks, 1942-1985.

Academia Mercantil Anuario 1942, 1942.

Placebo 1946, Medical and Surgical School of Nursing, 1946.

Placebo 1948, Medical and Surgical School of Nursing, 1 copy with Graduate Invitation in front of yearbook, 1948.

Placebo 1948, Medical and Surgical School of Nursing, 1 copy listed as belonging to Beliza Diaz. Leaflet: Clase de Graduandos de la Academia Adventista Hispanoamericana 1940 and 2 Clearance Postcard sized in front of this yearbook, one from Department of Signal Office Canal Zone dated 1942 and other from Air Deport dated July 1942 to 7 October 1943., 1940-1948.

Placebo 1948, Medical and Surgical School of Nursing, 1 copy with many signatures, 1948.

Placebo 1949, Medical and Surgical School of Nursing, 1 copy. Newspaper photo documenting graduation, text in Spanish and “Alocucion del Vice-Presidente del Concejol Municipal Alfonso Perez” in front cover. “Homenaje a la Patria en el Ano del Cincuentenario 1903-1953” in Spanish and “Clase de Graduandos de 1951” Colegio Vocacional de America Centra Alajuela, Coasta Rica” placed inside back cover., 1949.

Downstate Medical Center College of Nursing SUNY Trothos 1983. 1 copy, no inscriptions, 1983.

Downstate Medical Center College of Nursing SUNY Trothos 19841 copy. No inscriptions, 1984.

State Medical Center College of Nursing SUNY Trothos 1985, 1 copy. No inscriptions, 1985.

NYU Bulletin 1971 Commencement, 1971.

Clark, Ann L., Editor, Culture Childbearing Health Professionals, F.A. Davis Company/Philadelphia, 1978, 1978.

A Century Celebration: Psychiatric Nursing in Historical Perspective, Nov. 17-20, 1982. Program Sponsored by: Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services & Charles B. Slack, Inc., 1982.

Kelly, Lucie Young, R.N., Ph.D., F.A.A.N.; Dimensions of Professional Nursing 5th edition, Macmillan Publishing Company, 1985, 1985.

American Orthopsychiatric Association, Preliminary Program, 51st Annual Meeting, 1974, 1974.

American Orthopsychiatric Association, Program, 54th Annual Meeting, 1977, 1977.

American Orthopsychiatric Association, 63rd Annual Meeting, 1986, 1986.

New York University Bulletin, The One Hundred Thirty-ninth Commencement 1971, 1971.

Rowland, Howard S., The Nurse’s Almanac, An Aspen Publication, 1978, 1978.

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American Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, Membership, undated.

Proclamation, from Office of County Executive King County, Washington to National Association of Spanish Speaking-Spanish Surnamed Nurses, 1980 with accompanying letter, 1980.

Three fold outs of “History of Nursing” in color.

President of Borough of the Bronx Proclamation 11 ½” x 17 ½”, 7/25/1996, 20th anniversary founding of National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN), 1996.

Award The National Association of Hispanic Nurses Scholastic Achievement 12 ½” x 10 ¼” x 1”, 9/17/1982, 1982.

Award Marquis Who’s Who Board of Advisors undated 12 ½” x 10 ½” x 1". Undated.

Colored photo of Dr. Murillo-Rohde and President Jimmy Carter. 12” x 11”, undated.

Diploma Centro de Estudios Naturistas, March 10, 1992, Barcelona, 11 ½” x 16 ¼”, 1992.

2 scrapbooks containing photos, each about 16” x 12 ½” x 2”.

Diploma Escuela Nacional de Enfermeria de Guatemala, (Mental Health Rehab and) February 1964, 12” x 16”, 1964.

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Diploma La Sociedad Interamericana de Psicologia 12 ½” x 10” x ¾”, 12/22/1971, 1971.

Award The Marquis Who’s Who Publications Board inclusion in 54th edition 2000. 12 ½” x 10 ½” x 1”, 2000.

Award The National Register of Prominent Americans and International Notables, 14 ½” x 12” x ¾”, Composition, undated.

Plaque Minority Fellowship Programs and Cabinet on Human Rights of the ANA, 13 ¾” x 16” x 1”, June 1986, 1986.

1 scrapbook containing photos, each about 16” x 12 ½” x 2”.

Broken and damaged items.

NYU Founders Day Award, April 27, 1972, 11 ¼” x 15 ½” x ½”, 1972.

Colored photo with Rosalynn Carter, wife of President Jimmy Carter, 7 ¾” x 10”, undated.

B/W photo of Dr. Murillo-Rohde presenting award to Dr. Ralph Kierley Davidson, 5/14/1982, Denver, Colorado, 8” x 10”, 1982.

Colored photo of award presentation, 8” x 10”, Dr. Murillo-Rohde with 2 women and one man, unidentified and undated.

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Editors Styles, Margretta Madden & Patricia Moccia; On Nursing A Literary Celebration, NLN, New York Pub. No. 14-2512, 1993, 1993.

American Academy of Nursing, Directory Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing, update as of 1989, 1989.

American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, 1987-1988 Membership Directory of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, 1987, 1987-1988.

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Nursing: A New Era for Action, Volume 1, International Council of Nurses 22nd Quadrennial Congress, 10 – 15 June 2001, Copenhagen, 2001.

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Matheney, Ruth V. and Mary Topalis, Enfermería psiquiátrica tercera edicion, Editoraila Interanmericana, S.A., 1962., 1962.

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Book from St. Luke’s College of Nursing, Tokyo concerning a visit to Seattle in 1977, 1977.

Latino Health: Progress through Action, Third Annual Conference, 2004, 2004.

González, Lydia Pérez, Enfermería en Puerto Rico des de los Precolombinos hasta el Siglo XX, 1997., 1997.

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An Assessment of North American Nursing, The Trilateral Initiative for North American Nursing, 1997., 1997.

Change Making it Work for You, 4th biennial National Hispanic Conference on Health and Human Services and National Hispanic Youth Leadership Symposium, 1982, 1982.

People-to-People Obstetrics and Gynecology Delegation To the People’s Republic of China, Citizen Ambassador Program, 1982., 1982.

Downstate Latros 1984., 1984.

Eugenio Mariá de Hostos Community College of the City University of New York, 1974., 1974.

Health Care for the Hispanic Patient, Transfusion therapy, Critical Care Update, The official publication of the National Critical Care Institute of Education. 1980., 1980.

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Delivering Health Care to Hispanics Companion Workbook, 3rd edition, National Alliance for Hispanic Health, Estrella Press, 2004., 2004.

Murillo-Rohde, Dr. Ildaura, Delegation Leader, Journal People to People Mental Health and Psychiatric Care Delegation to the People’s Republic of China, 1985,, 1985.

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