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Joint Expedition to Nippur, Iraq, 1948-1952
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Repository: Penn Museum Archives
Call number: 1024
Extent: 4 linear feet

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Repository: Penn Museum Archives
Repository: University of Pennsylvania
Creator: Fleming, Stuart J., b. 1943
Creator: Haynes, John Henry
Creator: Hilprecht, H. V. (Hermann Vollrat), 1859-1925
Creator: Peters, John P. (John Punnett), 1852-1921
Subject: Person: Coon, Carleton S., b. 1904-d. 1981
Subject: Person: Fisher, Clarence Stanley, 1876-1941
Subject: Person: Fleming, Stuart J., b. 1943
Subject: Person: Haynes, John Henry
Subject: Corporate name: British Museum.
Subject: Corporate name: MASCA research papers in science and archaeology .
Subject: Corporate name: MASCA.
Subject: Corporate name: University of Pennsylvania. Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
Subject: Place: Nippur (Iraq)
Subject: Place: Egypt
Subject: Place: Pachacamac, Peru
Subject: Topic: Antiquities
Subject: Topic: Archaeological expeditions
Subject: Topic: Archaeology--Architecture, ancient
Subject: Topic: Archaeology--Burials
Date: 1880s
Date: 1890s
Date: 1900s
Date: 1940s
Form/Genre: Correspondence
Form/Genre: Field notes
Form/Genre: Maps
Form/Genre: Photographic prints
Language: English
All names: British Museum.
All names: Coon, Carleton S., b. 1904-d. 1981
All names: Fisher, Clarence Stanley, 1876-1941
All names: Fleming, Stuart J., b. 1943