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The busy-body: or, successful spy: being the entertaining history of Mons. Bigand, a man infinitely inquisitive and enterprising even to rashness; which unhappy faculties, nevertheless, instead of ruining, raised him from the lowest obscurity, to a most splendid fortune. Interspersed with several humorous stories. The whole containing great variety and adventures, equally instructive and diverting. Vol. I
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Mouhy, Charles de Fieux, chevalier de, 1701-1784.
Cogan, F. Printed for
Southern, William S. Author (inscription)
The busy-body: or, Successful spy: being the entertaining history of Mons. Bigand, a man infinitely inquisitive and enterprising even to rashness ... [Tr. from the French]
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Full v.1
Full v.2
Half v.1
Title page priority:
Volume v.1
Volume v.2
Work v.1
Title page print type:
Letter-press v.1
Letter-press v.2
Letter-press v.1
Publication information:
London: Printed for F. Cogan, at the Middle-Temple-Gate. 1742.
2 v. ; 18 cm. Duodecimo
Paratextual Essay Description:
Advertisement To the reader Letter
Heading as it appears in the work:
The preface.
The preface.
Advertisement to the reader.
Paratextual Essay - Location in text:
Citation / Reference Note:
Beasley, J.C. Prose fiction pub. in England, 1740-1749, 106
ESTC (RLIN) T96254
Block, A. Engl. novel (1961 ed.), p 57
Dominant narrative form:
William S. Southern (?) v.1
Inscription notes:
Written in pencil in the top right-hand corner of a blank leaf at the front of volume 1. v.1
Direct Source of Claim:
Location of Claim:
Direct source language:
Subject Headings:
CHR 1742
PRO Singer, Jacob (donor) (Singer-Mendenhall copy)
PRO Singer, Leah (donor) (Singer-Mendenhall copy)
PRO Singer, Godfrey F. (honoree) (Singer-Mendenhall copy)
PRO Burr, Charles W. (Charles Walts), 1861- (donor) (RBC copy)
Advertisement Genre:
Mixed Genre v.2
Advertisement location:
Back v.2
Advertisement relation to work:
Same publisher v.2
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Corporate / Collection Name:
Early Novels
Collection of British and American Fiction, 1660-1830 (University of Pennsylvania) University of Pennsylvania

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Repository: University Of Pennsylvania
Noun: Adventure
Noun: Busy-body
Noun: Faculty
Noun: Fortune
Noun: History
Noun: Man
Noun: Obscurity
Adjective: Diverting
Adjective: Enterprising
Adjective: Entertaining
Adjective: Equally
Adjective: Great
Adjective: Humorous
Adjective: Infinitely
Person: Mons. Bigand
Place of publication: London
Publisher: Printed for F. Cogan, at the Middle-Temple-Gate
Date of publication: 1742
Number of volumes: 2 v.
Paratextual essay description: Advertisement
Paratextual essay description: Letter
Paratextual essay description: Preface
Paratextual essay description: To the reader
Paratextual essay heading: Advertisement to the reader
Paratextual essay heading: The preface
Index: no
Narrative form: First-person
Decade: 1740s
Year: 1742