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The female spectator. By Mrs. Eliza Haywood. The seventh edition. In four volumes. Volume I
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Haywood, Eliza Fowler, 1693?-1756.
Conan, Robert Author (inscription)
Bonneau Illustrator
Singer, Jacob Author (book-plate)
Gardner, H. Printed for
The female spectator. By Mrs. Eliza Haywood.
Title page extent:
Full v.1
Full v.2
Full v.3
Full v.4
Title page priority:
Volume v.1
Volume v.2
Volume v.3
Volume v.4
"The female book [arabic numeral]" (verso); "book [arabic numeral] spectator" (recto)
Title page print type:
Letter-press v.1
Letter-press v.2
Letter-press v.3
Letter-press v.4
The seventh edition. Seventh edition
Publication information:
London London: H. Gardner, opposite St. Clement's Church, in the Strand. M.DCC.LXXI. v.1 v.2 v.3 v.4
4 v. : ill. (frontispiece); 18 cm. (12 mo) Duodecimo
Work qualifiers:
In four volumes
Paratextual Essay Description:
Dedication v.1
Index v.1 v.2 v.3 v.4
Heading as it appears in the work:
To her grace the duchess of Leeds. v.1
Index. v.1 v.2 v.3 v.4
Paratextual Essay - Location in text:
Front v.1
Back v.1 v.2 v.3 v.4
General paratextual essay note:
First item on index of volume 1: "Author, her character" v.1 v.2 v.3 v.4
Citation / Reference Note:
ESTC (RLIN) T135109
Dominant narrative form:
Narrative form contains:
Robt. Conan v.1 v.2 v.3 v.4
alfCad(?) v.1
W.6 v.1 v.2 v.3 v.4
Inscription notes:
On top right of each volume title page v.1 v.2 v.3 v.4
On top left of front paste-down of volume 1 Unclear v.1
On top left of front paste-down of all volumes v.1 v.2 v.3 v.4
Marginalia medium:
Ink v.1
Marginalia content:
Letters v.1
Marginalia notes:
Reads "y/ao" On verso of title page, in the center of page v.1
Claim Type:
Author (text)
Author (paratext)
Authorship Claim - Phrase in which the authorship claim appears:
By Mrs. Eliza Haywood
I am, with the most profound duty and submission...The female spectator
Authorship Claim - Location of Claim:
Title Page
Authorship Claim - Gender Claim:
Subject Headings:
CHR 1771
PRO Conan, Robert (autograph) (Singer-Mendenhall copy)
Corporate / Collection Name:
Collection of British and American Fiction, 1660-1830 (University of Pennsylvania)
Early Novels
Full Text Link:
"Robt. Conan"

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Repository: University Of Pennsylvania
Noun: Edition
Noun: Mrs
Noun: Spectator
Noun: Volume
Adjective: Female
Adjective: Four
Adjective: Seventh
Person: Mrs. Eliza Haywood
Object: Volume
Place of publication: London
Publisher: London: H. Gardner, opposite St. Clement's Church, in the Strand
Date of publication: M.DCC.LXXI
Number of volumes: 4 v.
Paratextual essay description: Dedication
Paratextual essay description: Index
Paratextual essay heading: Index
Paratextual essay heading: To her grace the duchess of Leeds
Index: no
Narrative form: First-person
Author claim type: Author (paratext)
Author claim type: Author (text)
Author gender claim: Female
Decade: 1770s
Year: 1771