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In addition to faceted browsing and simple searches, users can search multiple fields in the Advanced Search form.  Keyword and wildcard search techniques can be used and combined to broaden or narrow results.  

You can use the following wildcards to search within fields:

  • ' * ' (asterisk) for any number of characters (e.g. psal* for psalter, psalterium, psalm, etc.)
  • ' ? ' (question mark) for one character (e.g. bibl? for bible, biblia)

We strongly recommend the frequent use of wildcard searches, in particular for name and title searches, because these are not yet standardized.  Text and numeric searches can be combined.  Please note: some fields in the text search also contain numbers.  Only purely numeric fields are included in the numeric search.

To search text terms:

Enter a single term, multiple terms, or a phrase in the first search box.  The first drop-down menu allows you to search for all of the terms, any of the terms, or as a phrase.  The second drop-down menu allows you to choose which field to search in.  You can search up to seven more fields using the Boolean operators in the drop-down menu to the left of the search boxes.

To search numeric terms:

Single numeric terms or numeric ranges can be searched by first selecting a field in the drop-down menu, then entering the desired number or range of numbers in the two search boxes.  If you are searching for a single number, enter that number twice.  If you are searching for a range of numbers, enter the low number in the first search box and the high number in the second box.  If you are searching for all numbers higher than a specific number, enter the number if the first box, then "max" in the second box.  If you are searching for all numbers lower than a specific number, enter "min" in the first box, then the number is the second box.

For Example:

If you want to find all decretals and associated legal texts produced in England or Italy that are recorded in the database:
  • Enter the wildcard search term "decret*" (for Decretals, Decretales, Decretum, etc) in the first box, select "All of these" in the middle box, then select "Title" from the dropdown list of fields (see Field Definitions).
  • In the next box down, choose the Boolean operator "AND" and enter "England Italy," then select "Any of these," then select "Place."
This search gives 299 results:
You can then refine your search:
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