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Author(s): Rashi (Solomon ben Isaac); Ibn Ezra, Moses; Isaac ben Samuel of Acre; Abulafia, Todros ben Joseph ha-Levi
Title: Commentary On The Pentateuch; Selihot; Sefer Me'Irat Enayim; Ozar Ha-Kavod; Fragments From The Commentary On Berakhot
Folios: 293
Date: 1350; 1450
Place: Byzantium Ashkenaz Greece, Crete, Candia
Institution/Collection: Vatican City, Vatican Library
Catalogue: Hebrew Manuscripts in the Vatican Library - 2008
Lot #: Vat. ebr. 229
Provenance: Vatican Library

Author(s): Maimonides, Moses (Moses ben Maimon); Ibn Gabirol; Ibn Ezra, Moses
Title: Delilah Elchairin (Part 2); Book Of Foundations; Article On The Spirit Of Grace; Why A Heart Is Diminished; Yekutiel, Who Is Finished; Drops Of Blood From Decapitation; I Initiated Many Utterances And They Will Not Be Finished
Folios: 116
Date: 1480
Institution/Collection: Bibliothèque nationale de France
Catalogue: Bibliotheque nationale de France, Archives et Manuscripts Online Catalogue -
Lot #: Hébreu 758
Provenance: Bibliotheque nationale de France

Author(s): Maimonides, Moses (Moses ben Maimon); Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon; Ibn Tibbon, Shmuel; David ben Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon; Maimon ben Joseph (father of Maimonides); anonymous; Meir ben Eleazar; Kimhi, David; Samuel ben Mordecai of Marseilles; Ibn Ezra, Moses
Title: Commentary On The Mishnah; Treatise On Resurrection, Iggeret Shel Tehiyyat Ha-Metim Or Maamar Tehiyyat Ha-Metim; Iggeret Teman.; Letter On Astrology To The Sages Of Montpellier; Reply To Samuel B. Ali Gaon; Letter To Joseph Ibn Gabir Of Baghdad In Reply To The Criticism Of Moses B. Maimon By Samuel B. Ali ; Letter To His Disciple Joseph B. Judah Ibn Shamun Concerning The Polemic With Samuel B. Ali Gaon; Letter To Hasdai Ha-Levi Of Alexandria On The Creation; Responsum To Pinhas Ha-Dayyan B.Meshullam; Milhamot Adonai; Letter Of Excommunication From The Nasi Of The Damascus Community Against The Opponents Of The Moses; Glossary Of Unusual Words In Moses B. Maimon'S Treatise On Resurrection; Letter To Yefet B. Elijah Ha-Dayyan In The Holy Land Dated 1185; Eighteen Responsa; Ethical Treatise In Ten Chapters Incorporating Sayings From Bahya Ibn Paquda'S Hovot Ha-Levavot; Iggeret Ha-Mussar Ha-Kelalit; Genealogy Of The Family Of Moses B. Maimon; Letter To Samuel B. Judah Ibn Tibbon Concerning Ibn Tibbon'S Translation Of His Guide Of The Perplex; Responsa; Ruah. Hen; Maamar Ha-Ayin, Philosophical Treatise On The Evil Eye; Philosophical- Allegorical Commentary On Genesis (Ii:7-V:1) Dealing With Creation; Commentary On The Passages Dealing With The Chariot In Ezekiel; Notes On The First Chapters Of Part Ii Of The Guide Of The Perplexed; Short Homilies; Letter To Jekuthiel Ha-Kohen Criticizing The Opponents Of Moses B. Maimon; Arugat Ha-Bosem
Folios: 231
Date: 1350
Institution/Collection: Vatican City, Vatican Library
Catalogue: Hebrew Manuscripts in the Vatican Library - 2008
Lot #: Neof. 11
Provenance: Vatican Library