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Author(s): Geoffrey of Monmouth, Bishop of St. Asaph; Thegan, Chorepiscopus of Trier; Prester John (Legendary character) (Attr); Oliver of Paderborn, Cardinal; Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo; Isidore of Seville, Saint; Hyginus, Gaius Julius; Orosius, Paulus; Hegesippus, Saint; Jerome, Saint; Eutropius; Peter, the Hermit; Guy of Bazoches; Urban III, Pope; Ambrose, Saint, Bishop of Milan; Macrobius, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius; Bede the Venerable, Saint (Attr); Eratosthenes; Porphyry; Pseudo-Turpin, Archbishop of Reims?
Title: [Epitome And Excerpts From Geoffrey Of Monmouth'S Historia Regum Britanniae]; [Excerpt From Geoffrey Of Monmouth'S Historia Regum Britanniae]; [Excerpts Concerning The Prophecy Of Merlin; Demons; Charlemagne; St. Bernard Of Clairveaux; St. Sam; [Genealogy Of The Kings Of France]; Gesta Episcoporum Metensium [A S. Clemente (C. 350) Usque Ad Herimannum (1090)]; [Lives And Deeds Of The Bishops Of Metz]; [Excerpts Or Epitome Of The Land And Kings Of Britain, To The Reign Of Henry Plantagenet And With Al; [Life Of Alexander The Great]; [On The Roman Consuls]; [Fragment Of A Preface (?) To A Biblical Chronology]; Vita Ludovici Imperatoris; [Thegan Of Trier, Life Of Emperor Louis I, The Pious]; De Presbytero Iohanne [Cum Eius Epistola]; [On Prester John And Letter Of Prester John]; De Potentia Et Nobilitate Regis Dauid [Excerptum]; [Oliverus Of Paderborn, On The Power And Nobility Of David (Excerpt)]; Desceptatio Legis Christianorum Et Sarracenorum; [Oliverus Of Paderborn, Disquisition Concerning The Laws Of Christians And Of Saracens]; Excerpts From Augustine On The Error Of The Jews And On The Holy Trinity And Incarnation; [Aethici] Cosmographia; [On Islands, Excerpts From Isidore Of Seville'S Etymologies, Hyginus'S Astronomica, Etc.; On Ireland; [Compilatio] De Mirabilibus Orbis Terrarum; [On The Wonders Of The World]; Genealogia [Epitome Of Sacred History, Broken Off After The Reign Of Aristobulus]; [Genealogy Of The Pagan Gods And Heroes From Noah And His Wife, Fragment]; [Mythological Excerpts, Fragment]; [Epitome Of Livy'S Ab Urbe Condita I-V, Independent Of That Of Florus]; [Excerpts From Sacred History On The Principal Personages Of The Old Testament]; [Chronicles Derived From Jerome, Hegesippus, Orosius, Etc. Of The Patriarchs The Kings Of Assyria An; [Excerpts From Orosius'S Histories]; Breviatio Troiano Historiae [Fragment Of A History Of Troy]; [Chronicles From The Flood To The 9Th-C. Byzantine Emperors, From Jerome, Eutropus, And The Chronica; [Excerpts From Chronicles Of Flanders, To The Murder Of Charles Le Bon]; [Excerpt From A Sermon Of Peter The Hermit]; [Fragment Of A Life Of Saint Servatius, Bishop Of Tongeren]; [Excerpt From] Guido De Bazochiis, Chronographia [To The Reign Of Constantine]; [Anecdotes Concerning Dionysius Of Syracuse, Plato'S Gyges, Diogenes, Papirius Praetextatus, Augustu; [Sententiae Of The Church Fathers]; [De Viris Illustribus Of The Time Of Constantine And His Sons]; [Exempla From The Lives Of Italians, French, And Germans, Citing Among Others Humbert, Archbishop Of; [Historical Excerpts Concerning Jerusalem, John The Baptist, Justinian, Tiberius, Cesara Queen Of Th; [Excerpts Concerning Geometry And The Measuring Of The Earth And Moon, Etc., From Ambrosius, Macrobi; De Contemporalitate Regnorum [On The Contemporaneity Of Kings]; [Excerpts On Geography (Scythia, Islands Adjoining England, Navarre, Flanders) And Other Subjects (G; [Excerpts Concerning The History Of The Jews]; [Excerpt Concerning The Six Ages Of The World]; Ieronimus Super N[...] [Excerpt Of Jerome On Some Subject, Fragment]; [Extracts From Chronicles, Citing Porphyry, To The Time Of The Ptolemies]; [Florilegium, Commonplace Book, Or Anthology Of Notes And Extracts]
Folios: 117
Date: 1250
Place: England? France, Metz?
Institution/Collection: Bibliotheques de la Ville et du Seminaire de Tournai
Catalogue: Catalogues des Manuscrits Conserves a Tournai [Catalogue General des Manuscrits des Bibliotheques de Belgique, Vol. 6, Gembloux: J. Duclot, 1950 (Paul Faider and L'Abbe Pierre Van Sint Jan)] - 1950
Lot #: Ville Cod. 135
Provenance: De Villers, Denis, Canon of Tournai; Bibliotheque de la Ville de Tournai
Duplicates: 230168

Author(s): Hugh of Saint-Victor; Odo Sancti Remigii; Prester John (Legendary character) (Attr)
Title: Hugonis De Sacramentis Pars Prima Continens Xii. Clausulas; Miraculum Quoddam Ad Laudem & Honorem Perpetuae Virginis Dei Genetricis Mariae; Epistola Domni Odonis Abbatis S. Remigii Ad Thomam Comitem De Quodam Miraculo S. Thomae Apostoli; Epistola Ioannis Presbyteri Ad Emanuelem Romanum Gubernatorem De Terra Sancta
Institution/Collection: Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, Saint-Amand Abbey (Monasterium Elnonensis)
Catalogue: Bibliotheca Belgica Manuscripta [Insulis [Lille], Ex Officina Tussani le Clercq (Antonius Sanderus)] - 1641
Lot #: Elnonensis 234
Provenance: Saint-Amand Abbey (Monasterium Elnonensis)