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Author(s): Maimonides, Moses (Moses ben Maimon)
Title: Sayings Of The Fathers
Folios: 89
Date: 1236
Place: Syria, Aleppo
Primary Seller: Sotheby's NY
Catalogue: Important Hebrew and Samaritan manuscripts, from the collection formed by the late David Solomon Sassoon, property of the family of David Solomon Sassoon. (4606E) - 1981/05/12
Lot #: 56
Provenance: Hakim; Sassoon, David Solomon

Author(s): Umar Ibn Al-Hanbali
Title: Mukhtasar Fi L'Fiqh Section Ii
Folios: 80
Date: 1236
Place: Iraq, Baghdad
Primary Seller: Sotheby's
Catalogue: Oriental manuscripts and miniatures (LN4627) - 1994/10/19
Lot #: 85

Author(s): Mohammad Ibn Masud Al Kaziruni
Title: Invocations And Prayers For Healing Diseases
Date: 1236
Primary Seller: Sotheby's
Catalogue: Printed books and a few manuscripts. - 1932/11/07
Lot #: 559

Author(s): Imam Ahmad Bin Hambal
Title: Al Musnad
Date: 1236
Primary Seller: Patna
Catalogue: Baksh - 1920
Lot #: B40
Provenance: Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna, Bihar

Author(s): Imbert Prior of Wenlcok
Title: Shropshire.-Final Agreement Made In The Court Of Our Lord The King At Westminste ... Between Imbert
Date: 1236
Place: England, Shropshire
Primary Seller: Puttick & Simpson
Catalogue: Catalogue of an unusually extensive, interesting and valuable collection of charters, deeds, rolls, and other documents, upon vellum, illustrative of the history of various monasteries, abbeys, priories, also connected with family history in almost every English county... - 1852/06/04
Lot #: 184
Provenance: De Hatton; Puttick & Simpson

Title: Glossaries For Horace And Lucan
Date: 1236
Primary Seller: Boudot, Jean
Buyer/Recipient: Baluze, Etienne
Catalogue: Bibliotheca Baluziana, pt. 3 - 1719/05/08
Lot #: 569
Provenance: Baluze; Bibliotheque du roi

Author(s): Dunstan, Saint; Clement V, Pope; Celestine III, Pope; Eugene III, Pope; Boniface VIII, Pope; Gregory IX, Pope; Innocent IV, Pope; Lucius III, Pope; Nicholas III, Pope; Alexander III, Pope
Title: Chartae Variae Regum Saxonum & Aliorum; Concordia Inter Eadwaldum & Cyneswitham, De Hae Reditate Terrarum. Cui Testis Est Ceolnothus Can. Ar; Testamentum Badanothi, Filii Beotae Confirmatum Per Ceolnothum Archiepiscopum, Etc.; Fragmentum Cartae, De 12 Carrucatis Terrae Apud Wiltun, A.D. 854; Hanc Cartam S. Dunstanus, Tunc Abbas, Propria Manu Scripsit; De Juribus Sedis S. Augustini, Cantuariensis Archiepiscopi, Scil. Ecclesiae Christi, Inviolabiliter ; Testamentum Abbae Vicecomitis; Concordia Inter Aegelricum, & Eadsigum Archiepiscopum Cant. Tempore R. Edvardi Confessoris; Cartula De Terris, Donatis Monasterio S. Edmundi De Burgo, Per Thurkytellum; Lis & Concordia Inter R. Haroldum & Monasterium Ecclesiae Christi Cantuariensis, Super Sandwic.; Lis Inter Aelstanum Abbatem Et Monachos Ejusdem Monasterii; Lusae, Sive Lubae, Donatio Victus Ecclesiae Christi Cant. De Terris Suis In Etmundlingham; Donatio Terrae Trium Aratrorum, Pro 3000 Denariis, Aethelnotho Praesecto Facta, Per Cuthredum Cantua; Charta Fundationis Monasterii S. Trinitatis Apud Norwicum; Bulla, Constituens Robertum De Stanfordia Priorem Prioratus De Huntingtonia; Bulla, Confirmans Libertates Monasterii De Saltereia, A.D. 1195; 3 Papae Bulla, Confirmans Libertates Prioratus De Huntingdon, A.D. 1147; Bulla; Confirmatio Terrarum In Wodewalton & Huntingdon, Monasterio Saltrensii; Confirmatio Privilegiorum Monasterii De Bissemede, Linc. Dioc. A.D. 1236; Confirmatio Privilegiorum Monasterii De Remisaya, Linc. Dioc. A.D. 1244; Privilegium Ordini Cisterciensi Concessum, A.D. 1184; Appropriatio Ecclesiae De Southo Et Capellae De Harleweston, Conventui De Huntingdon; Confirmatio Privilegiorum; Confirmatio Cartae R. Johannis, Concedentis Boscum De Saltereia, Monasterio De Saltereia; Confirmatio Privilegiorum; Constituens Prioratum Crucis Roaesie, In Com. Cantabrigiae, A.D. 1184; Carta R. Edwardi I. Confirmans Edmundo Fratri Suo & Heredibus Honorem Leycestriae; Castrum De Kenilleworth, Cum Mercatu, Feria, Et Warenna Ibidem; Omnia Dominica Sua In Lancastria, Novum Castrum Subtus Lymam, Maneria De Pykering Et De Scalleby, Et
Date: 850; 854; 950; 750; 1195; 1147; 1350; 1236; 1244; 1184
Institution/Collection: London, British Museum
Catalogue: A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Cottonian library: to which are added many emendations and additions. With an appendix containing an account of the damage sustained by the fire in 1731; and also a catalogue of the charters preserved in the same library - 1777
Lot #: Augustus A. 2
Provenance: Cotton, Robert, Sir; British Library, London
Duplicates: 212592

Author(s): Peter Lombard, Bishop of Paris
Title: Psalterium Glossatum [Secundum Petrum Lombardum]; Psalter With Gloss Of Peter Lombard
Folios: 271
Date: 1236
Institution/Collection: Bibliotheques de la Ville et du Seminaire de Tournai
Catalogue: Catalogues des Manuscrits Conserves a Tournai [Catalogue General des Manuscrits des Bibliotheques de Belgique, Vol. 6, Gembloux: J. Duclot, 1950 (Paul Faider and L'Abbe Pierre Van Sint Jan)] - 1950
Lot #: Ville Cod. 5
Provenance: Abbey of Saint-Martin, Tournai; Bibliotheque de la Ville de Tournai
Duplicates: 228976
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