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Title: Psalter
Folios: 156
Date: 1239
Place: Germany, Saxony
Primary Seller: Seligmann, Jacques
Catalogue: Illuminated Manuscripts - 1952
Lot #: 4
Provenance: D'Arenberg (Nordkirchen)

Author(s): Johannitius (Hunayn Ibn Ishaq-John of Damascus)Hippocrates,Theophilos Protospatharios,Claudius Galenius
Title: Isagoge; Scientia Pulsuum; Urinarum; Aphorisms; Inter By Constanus Africanus
Date: 1239
Place: Germany
Primary Seller: Sotheby & Son
Catalogue: Library of Dr. Kloss, of Franckfort a.M., Professor : including many original and unpublished manuscripts and printed books with ms. annotations by Philip Melanchthon - 1835/05/07
Lot #: 4547
Provenance: Ebner von Eschenbach, Hieronymus Wilhelm 1673-1752; Kloss
Duplicates: 92567, 136177

Author(s): Abu Yala Muhammad Bin Hussain
Title: Tabaqat Al-Hamabila
Date: 1239
Primary Seller: Patna
Catalogue: Baksh - 1920
Lot #: P81-B
Provenance: Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna, Bihar

Title: David'S Psalter, With Calendar (158 Psalms)
Folios: 117
Date: 1239
Primary Seller: Labitte | Techener
Catalogue: 1887/05/10
Lot #: 3
Provenance: Techener

Title: Recueil De Lettres, Brefs Etc. Touchant L'Ordre De S. Bernard
Date: 1239
Primary Seller: Dujardin
Catalogue: 1833/01/21
Lot #: 59
Provenance: Hve-Schoutheer

Title: Les Faits Des Romains
Folios: 227
Date: 1239
Institution/Collection: Bibliotheque Royale de Belgique
Catalogue: Catalogue des manuscrits de la Biblotheque Royale de Belgique, v. 5 - 1905
Lot #: 3074
Provenance: Bibliotheque royale de Belgique; Croy, Charles de

Author(s): Hunayn ibn Ishaq al-'Ibadi; Philaretus
Title: Sagoge In Tegni (Technin) Galeni; Philaretus, De Scientia Pulsuum; Theophilus, Liber Urinarum; Hippocrates, Liber I Et Ii Aphorismorum Et Prognosticorum
Date: 1239
Place: Germany
Institution/Collection: Nuernberg, Stadtbibliothek; Altdorf, Universitaet
Catalogue: Memorabilia Bibliothecarum Norimbergensium et Universitatis Altdorfinae (Ch. Th. Von Murr), pt. 2 - 1786
Lot #: 129
Provenance: Bibliotheca Ebneriana; Ebner von Eschenbach, Hieronymus Wilhelm 1673-1752; Stadtbibliothek Nürnberg; Universitätsbibliothek Altdorf
Duplicates: 41740, 92567

Title: Four Gospels (Divided According To The Greek Calendar And Indexed At The Beginning); Table Of Gospel Readings For The Year; Commentary On Gospel Lessons For Sundays And Feasts
Folios: 483
Date: 1239
Institution/Collection: Mount Sinai, Saint Catherine Monastery
Catalogue: Catalogue of all manuscripts in the Monastery of St. Catherine on Mount Sinai (M. Kamil) - 1970
Lot #: 106

Title: Book Of Hours
Folios: 140
Date: 1239
Place: France, Paris
Institution/Collection: New York, Morgan Library
Catalogue: Corsair -
Lot #: MS M.92
Provenance: Morris, William; Morgan, J. Pierpont; Morgan Library, New York
Duplicates: 35282, 78904

Title: Quran
Folios: 186
Date: 1239
Place: Persia
Primary Seller: Sotheby's
Catalogue: Arts of the Islamic World (L12220) - 2012/04/25
Lot #: 407

Title: Pentateuch
Folios: 310
Date: 1239
Place: France
Institution/Collection: Vatican City, Vatican Library
Catalogue: Hebrew Manuscripts in the Vatican Library - 2008
Lot #: Vat. ebr. 14
Provenance: Samuel b. Benjamin; Vatican Library

Author(s): Paul the Apostle, Saint; Peter Lombard, Bishop of Paris
Title: Epitres De S. Paul
Date: 1239
Institution/Collection: Bibliothèque nationale de France
Catalogue: Bibliotheque nationale de France, Archives et Manuscripts Online Catalogue -
Lot #: Latin 15239
Provenance: Bibliotheque de la Sorbonne; Bibliotheque nationale de France

Title: Breviary
Folios: 266
Date: 1239
Institution/Collection: Probasco, Henry
Catalogue: Catalogue of the Collection of Books, Manuscripts, and Works of Art belonging to Mr. Henry Probasco - 1873
Provenance: Blacellus, Bartholus; Probasco, Henry
Duplicates: 40762, 183526
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