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Title: Westminister Charter Of Henry Iii
Date: 1253
Place: England
Primary Seller: Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge
Catalogue: Further portion of the classical, historical, topographical, genealogical and other manuscripts & autograph letters of the late Sir Thomas Phillipps ... including upwards of two hundred volumes on vellum dating from the tenth century ... pt. 14 - 1910/06/06
Lot #: 838
Provenance: Phillipps, Thomas, Sir

Author(s): Abul Fath Abd Al-Rahim Ibn Imad Al-Din Al-Samarqandi
Title: Fusul Al Imadiya
Folios: 356
Date: 1253
Place: Uzbekistan, Samarqand
Primary Seller: Christie's
Catalogue: No. 3489: Islamic, Indian, South-east Asian manuscripts, miniatures and works of art. - 1986/11/21
Lot #: 49

Author(s): Zamakhshari, Mahmud ibn Umar
Title: Al-Mufassal (A.H. 651) (Work On Arabic Grammar)
Folios: 188
Date: 1253
Place: Levant or Iraq
Primary Seller: Sotheby's
Catalogue: Oriental manuscripts and miniatures, sold in London - 1995/04/26
Lot #: 51

Title: Disputatio Facta Inter Ingetum Contardum Mercatorum Januensem Et Quosdam Sapientissimos Judaeos In S
Date: 1253
Primary Seller: Evans
Buyer/Recipient: Cochran
Catalogue: Valuable and extensive library of the late Earl of Guilford, Part the Third - 1829/02/28
Lot #: 656
Provenance: North, Frederick, 5th Earl of Guilford; Cochran; Thorpe, Thomas; Phillipps, Thomas, Sir
Duplicates: 83465, 193514

Author(s): Ibn Noubata
Title: Al-Khoutab Annoubatiyya-Story Of
Folios: 162
Date: 1253
Primary Seller: Meynial
Catalogue: Manuscrits precieux et livres rares arabes composant la bibliotheque de M. le comte Rochaid Dahdah - 1912/08/05
Lot #: 2
Provenance: Dahdah

Author(s): Dawud B. Abi 'L-Bayan Al-Yahudi Al-Mutatabbib
Title: Mukhtarat Min Kitab Al-Hawi [Extracts From Al-Hawi, The Great Medical Encyclopedia Of Abu Bakr Muham
Folios: 147
Date: 1253
Institution/Collection: Dublin, Chester Beatty Library
Catalogue: Chester Beatty Library: Handlist of the Arabic Manuscripts (A. J. Arberry) - 1955
Lot #: 3029

Title: Constitutionum Sororum Ordinis Praedicatorum
Date: 1253
Primary Seller: P. den Hengst
Catalogue: Catalogus van eene aanzienelijke verzameling van Latijnsche, Nederduitsche en eenige weinige Fransche boeken : Catalogue d'une collection dintinguée de livres Latin, Hollandais et Français. - 1828/09/22
Lot #: 46
Provenance: Foucault, N. J; Cuperus, Angelus Jacobus; Flament

Title: Deed
Date: 1253
Primary Seller: Scherling, Erik von
Catalogue: Rotulus, v. 3, no. 3/4 - 1933/11
Lot #: 1785

Title: Majmu'Fi Ash'Ar Wa-Qasa'Id Wa-Ghazaliyyat Wa-Hikayat (Anthology Of Poetry)
Folios: 29
Date: 1253
Place: Syria or Iraq
Primary Seller: Fogg, Sam
Catalogue: Arabic, Persian and Ottoman Manuscripts - 2009/10/06
Lot #: 5
Provenance: Qadi Abdul-Rauf Ahmad, Fogg

Author(s): Baruch ben Isaac of Worms
Title: Sefer Ha-Terumah
Folios: 280
Date: 1253
Place: Germany
Institution/Collection: British Library
Catalogue: British Library Manuscripts Catalogue [] -
Lot #: Harley 5648
Provenance: Harley, Robert; Harley, Edward; Harley, Henrietta; Bentinck, Margaret Cavendish Holles Harley, Duchess of Portland; British Library, London

Title: Reports
Folios: 202
Date: 1253
Institution/Collection: Bibliothèque nationale de France
Catalogue: Bibliotheque nationale de France, Archives et Manuscripts Online Catalogue -
Lot #: Hébreu 163
Provenance: Bibliotheque nationale de France

Author(s): Paulinus of Nola, Saint
Title: Passio Sancti Andreae, Apostoli; Vita Sancti Nicolai, Confessoris; Vita Sancti Silvestri, Papae; Fragmentum Vitae Sancti Cyriaci; Vita Sancti Thomae, Apostoli: Desiderantur Initium Et Finis; Vitae Sancti Antonii Fragmentum; Passio Sancti Sebastiani; Passio Sancti Agnetis, Virginis; Passio Sancti Vincentii; Passio Sancti Blasii, Episcopi; Passio Sancti Agethae, Virginis; Passio Sancti Valentini, Presbyteri; Sermo De Festivitate Sancti Petri; Vita Sancti Gregorii, Papae; Vita Sancti Benedicti, Abbatis; Fragmentum De Annuntiatione Dominica; Vita S. Ambrosii; Passio Sancti Georgii; Passio Sancti Marci, Evangelistae; Passio Sancti Vitalis; Epistola Reginaldi, Parisiensis Ecclesiae Ministri, De Sancto Petro Martyre: Inserta Est Bulla Innoc; Passio Sanctorum Luciani, Maxiani Et Juliani; Homiliae Pro Variis Anni Solemnitatibus, A Paschate Scilicet Ad Octavam Usque Sancti Joannis Baptist
Date: 1253
Institution/Collection: Bibliothèque nationale de France
Catalogue: Bibliotheque nationale de France, Archives et Manuscripts Online Catalogue -
Lot #: Latin 5277
Provenance: Bethune family; Bibliotheque nationale de France
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