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Author(s): Alexander de Villa Dei; Ibn Tibbon, Jacob ben Machir; Aristotle; Burlaeus, Gualterus; Sacro Bosco, Joannes de; Gherardo da Cremona; Ptolemy; Hermes Trismegistus; Grosseteste, Robert; [Grosseteste, Robert]; Ali ibn Ridwan; Petrus de Dacia; Muris, Johannes de
Title: Verses On Weather Prognostication; Instruction For Determing The Location And Movements Of The Sun And Planets; Secrets Of Medicine; Notes On English Weights And Measures, Coinage And Prices; Algorismus In Metro; Carmen De Algorismo; Algorismus In Prosa {.01.02}; Versus De Progressione; Medical Advice; Mnemonic Verses; Tractatus Novi Quadrantis; Ars Et Operatio Novi Quadrantis; Liber Destinationum; De Nativitatibus; Liber Destinationum Secundum Aristotelem; Notes On The Signs Of The Zodiac; Liber De Xxviii Constellationibus; De Septem Planetis Et De Duodecim Signis Et De Xxviii Mansionibus Lune De Xxviii Constellationibus; Liber De Xxviii Constellationibus; Prognostications From The Course Of The Moon In Each Of The 12 Zodiacal Signs; Tractatus Chylindri; Horologium Viatorum; Ars Musice; Parvus Tractatus Artis Musice; Medical Prescriptions For Mange And For Removing Hairs From The Face; Physiognomia; Fisnomia Secundum Aristotelem; Modicus Tractatus Qui Vocatus Buch Solis; Eclipses From 1330-1386; Table Of Solar And Lunar Eclipses For The Years 1330-1386; Diagrams Of Planetary Spheres And Distances; The Wheel Of Life And Death; Table Of Ruling Planets; De Significatione Puerorum In Qua Die Nascuntur; Super Meteorum Librum Aristotelis; Notule Libri Metheorum Secundem Aristotelem; Full Page Line Drawing Of The Annunciation; De Sphaera {.01.02}; Notes On Proportional Numbers And Interplanetary Distances; Theorica Planetarum {.01.02}; Tables For Determing The Hour Of Any Date Of The Year By The Length Of One'S Shadow; Prayers To Guardian Angels At Various Times; Verses On The Qualities Of Planets; Almagestum; Experimentarius; Tables Of Planetary Measurement And Distance; Notes On Measurement And Proportional Numbers; De Virtutibus Planetarum; De Lapidibus, Herbis Et Naturis Stellarum; De Pronosticatione Aeris {.01.02}; Exaf(R)Enon De Modo Iudiciorum; Descriptio Spere Et Signorum Zodiaci; De Pronosticatione Aeris {.01.02}; Liber Ad Introductionem Iudiciorum; Tractatus 12, Signorum Et De Luna; Table Of Correspondences In Degrees Between Planets And Zodiacal Signs; Tables For Determing The Dominical Letters And Golden Numbers Throughout The Year; Table For Ascertaining In What Sign The Moon Is On Any Day Of The Year; Canones Super Calendarium Novum; Calendarium {.01.02}; Cautelae Algorismales {.01.02}; Interpretationes Somniorum (Inc.); Iudicium De Pluviis Et Ventis; Notes On Proportional Numbers; Notes On Planets; Liber De Ymaginibus Planetarum Astronomie; Medical Prescriptions; Pronosticatio Super Magna Coniunctione Anno 1345; De Coniunctione Saturni Et Jovis Anno Domini 1345 {.01.02}
Folios: 193
Date: 1350
Place: England
Lot #: ABOSC00020/00
Provenance: Cope; Leighton; Hauser; Goldschmidy; Hyams; Boston Medical Library; Harvard University School of Medicine
Duplicates: 5267, 7294, 197837