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Author(s): Khayyat, Yahya ibn Ghalib; Abu Mashar
Title: De Nativitibus; De Judiciis; Nativitatum; De Revolutionibus Annorum Nativitatis
Folios: 324
Date: 1469
Place: Germany, southern?
Primary Seller: Sotheby's
Catalogue: The Honeyman collection of scientific books and manuscripts, part III - 1979/05/02
Lot #: 1106
Provenance: Kripp; Fueger; Rosenberger; Honeyman
Duplicates: 32217, 105677, 178480

Author(s): Abu Mashar; Masha'allah; Joannes Hispalensis
Title: Experimentorum,Constructione Astrolabii,Practica Astrolabii
Folios: 100
Date: 1335
Place: Italy, Vicenza?
Primary Seller: Sotheby's
Catalogue: Further portion of the classical, historical, topographical, genealogical and other manuscript & autograph letters &c. of the late Sir Thomas Phillipps, pt. 13 - 1908/06/15
Lot #: 39
Provenance: Padoani, Allesandro; Balena; Payne and Foss; Phillipps, Thomas, Sir; Wellcome
Duplicates: 57898, 66976, 193707

Author(s): Abu Mashar; Plato Tiburtinus (Tr)
Title: Astrologi Liber In Scientia Judiciorum Astrorum; Annorum Revoltionibus, Astroligia
Folios: 61
Date: 1480
Primary Seller: Sotheby's
Catalogue: Manuscripts, chiefly upon vellum, in various languages of Europe and the East, formed by M. Guglielmo Libri ... - 1859/03/28
Lot #: 25
Provenance: Libri, Guillaume; Greenville Public Library
Duplicates: 43317

Author(s): Abu Mashar; Masha'allah
Title: Revolutionibus Annorum,Flotibus Astrorum,Experimenta; Occultis
Folios: 26
Date: 1390
Primary Seller: Sotheby's
Buyer/Recipient: Hendriks
Catalogue: 1909/11/11
Lot #: 182
Provenance: Hendriks; Wellcome Historical Medical Library, London, England, United Kingdom

Author(s): Honorius of Autun; Abu Mashar; Masha'allah; Sacro Bosco, Joannes de
Title: Imago Mundi; Umbilico; Novi Quadrantis,Floribus; De Mensuracione Terre; Nova Forma Composicionis Novi Quadrantis; A Note On Chess; Compositio Astrolabii & Practica Astrolabii (Aceph.); De Composicione Novi Quadranti; Nota De Mensuracione Terre Arabilis; Tabula Declinationis Solis (With Cannon); A Multiplication Table For The Numbers 1-46 By The Numbers 1-30; Algorismus; Tractatus De Sphaera (Inc.)
Folios: 149
Date: 1350
Place: England
Primary Seller: Sotheby's
Catalogue: Selected portion of the valuable library and collection of manuscripts the property of Major Q.E. Gurney ... - 1936/03/30
Lot #: 75
Provenance: Scrouteby; Bury St Edmunds; Cobbes; Gurney; Macro; Spelman, N; Cambridge University Library, Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Duplicates: 104652

Author(s): Ptolemy; Abu Mashar; Masha'allah
Title: Almagest; Astrolabium; Antiqui Quadranti; Alphonsian Tables
Folios: 292
Date: 1450
Primary Seller: Sotheby's
Catalogue: Catalogue of a magnificent collection of manuscripts, formed by a gentleman of consummate taste & judgment …. - 1876/06/07
Lot #: 18
Provenance: Bragge

Author(s): Masha'allah; Abu Mashar; Hippocrates
Title: Astrology,Astronomy,Medicine-Calendar; Phleobotomia; Chiromantia; Astrolab; Planetarum
Folios: 204
Date: 1250
Primary Seller: Sotheby's
Catalogue: Portion of the collection of manuscripts known as the 'Appendix,' made by the late Earl of Ashburnham, from whose printed catalogue the descriptions are taken, together with an important text of the later version of Wycliffe's English Bible .... - 1899/05/01
Lot #: 68
Provenance: Ashburnham; Bibliotheque nationale de France
Duplicates: 110257, 185252

Author(s): Abu Mashar; Masha'allah
Title: Flores Astrologiae
Date: 1350
Primary Seller: Sotheby's
Catalogue: 1876/04/07
Lot #: 1517
Provenance: Lee
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