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Author(s): Isidore of Seville, Saint; Atticus, Archbishop of Constantinople; Euclid; Boethius; Bede the Venerable, Saint; Priscian; Guido d'Arezzo; Grosseteste, Robert; Pythagoras; Macrobius, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius; Martianus Capella; Vitruvius Pollio; Ovidius Juventinus, Albus; [Hermannus Contractus]; Ptolemy; Hyginus, Gaius Julius; Aristotle; Scot, Michael (Tr); Boethius (Tr)
Title: Abacus; Arithmetic; Astrolabe; Medical Diagnosis; Astronomy; Commentary Aristotle Animals; Ludus Greek Glossary; On Fortune; Table On Lunar Cycles Between 988 And 1492; Paragraph On Astronomical Measurements Travels And Tongues Found By The Son Of Noah; Six Ages Of The World; Discussion Of Seven Steps Of Consanguinity; Recipes For The Removal Hair, Drying Exterior Humors, Etc.; Paragraph On The Location Of Babylon; Paragraph On The Destruction Of Carthage; Paragraph On The Four Ecumenical Church Councils; Discussion Of The Seven Clerical Ranks; Letter On Ecclesiastical Ranks; Letter, Which Gives Latin Equivalents Of A Few Greek Words And Numbers; Epistula Attici Constantinopolitani Urbis Episcopi; Geometry (Frag.); Etymologie, Über Maße Und Gewichte; Naturalis Historia (Exc.); Exzerpte; Ars Arithmetica {.02.03}; Über Den Abakus; Versus De Nominibus Caracterum Abaci {.02.03.04}; Liber Abaci; Liber Abaci (Frag.); Etymologiae (Exc.); De Numero; Scientific Subject; De Numerorum Divisione; Regulae Super Abacum; Regulae De Numerorum Abaci Rationibus; Scientific Subject; Commentaria In Gerberti Regulas (Frag.); Commentarius In Regulas De Numerorum Abaci Rationibus; Paragraph On The Four Regions In The Sky; On The Constellations; Paragraph On Coins And Weights; De Asse; Versus {.03.04}; Henricus Dei Gratio Rex Angli Et Dominus Hibernie; Letter; Musical Scales; Treatise On Music; Collection Of Extracts On The Monochord; Scientific Subject; Tractatus De Ignoto Cantu Ad Michaelem; Epistula De Ignoto Cantu; Paragraph Of Explanations Of Greek Words; Table Of Years; Poem; De Divinando Exitu Morborum; Predictive Device With Greek Diagram; De Divinatione Mortis Et Vitae; Divining Sphere; Prayers; Mass And Fortunes For Telling Fortunes By Lot; Additional Notes On "Sortes"; Another Versio Of The Sortes Sanctorum; Versus Bede; Poem On The Calendar; Metrical Calendar {.02.03}; Computus; Computistical Works; Selections From Macrobius (Part.); Fleury Computus; Recepta Bede; De Paschae Celebratione Liber; Computus; Scientific Subject; Etymologies (Exc.) {.02.03}; De Architectura; Epitome Of Vitruvius; De Mensuris Arborum Vel Turrim; De Altitudine Alicuius Rei Probanda; De Mensura Cere Et Metalli In Operibus Fusilibus; De Probatione Auri Et Argenti; Paragraph On Testing Seeds; Saturnalia; Miscellaneous Notes; Etymologiae, Vi, Ch. 17; De Ciclo Paschali; Discussion And Definition Of Units Of Time; De Astrolabio {.02.03}; Spera Vel Astrolabium; Commentary On Aratus; Regule Astronomie; Notes On The Constellations; On The Moon'S Phases; De Saltu Lunae; Astrologia Marciana; Commentary (Inc.); Astronomia; De Tribus Sectis Christianorum, Judeorum Et Saracenorum {.02.03}; Historia Animalium
Folios: 222
Date: 1120
Place: England
Primary Seller: Sotheby's
Catalogue: The Honeyman collection of scientific books and manuscripts, part III - 1979/05/02
Lot #: 1085
Provenance: Huntly de Baly; Ford Abbey; Gwyn; Phillipps, Thomas, Sir; Robinson; Honeyman; Zeitlin & Ver Brugge; Ludwig; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Duplicates: 11080, 19253, 102418, 202983