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filtered Title: Aliqua Pulchra On The Signs Of The Zodiac
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Author(s): Macrobius, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius; Martianus Capella; Masha'allah; Ibn Tibbon, Jacob ben Machir; Bartholomaeus Anglicus
Title: Verus Motus Solis; Prognostication; De Temporibus Anni; Prophecia De Temporibus Anni; De Gallis (Inc.); Tables On The Signs Of The Zodiac For Each Month; Tables "Ad Inueniendum Locum Solis"; De Temporibus Anni; Disposiciones Stellarum; De Disposicionibus Stellarum In Parte Septentrionali; Pocula Ianus Amat; De Virtutibus Mensium; De Virtutibus Mensium; De Regimine Sanitatis; De Regimine Sanitatis; Liber De Fleubothomya; De Pocionibus Sumendis; De Minucione; De Tempore Minucionis; Notes On Days To Avoid In Each Month (Inc.); Verus Motus Solis; Verus Motus Solis; Epistola; Alphabetical Table Of 79 Heavenly Bodies (Inc.); Altitudinem Solis; Von Dem Gange Der Himele Vnd Der Sternen; Kunst Von Dem Gestirne; Tabulae Solis Et Lunae; Lunacio; Two Tables Of Termini; A Circular Diagram To Show The Solar Cycle, Sunday Letters, Etc.; De Mirabilibus Elementorum; De Astrologica (Frag.); Dictiones De Distancia; Interval Tables; Cyromancya; Versus De Distancia; Versus De Distancia; Circles Of Sunday Letters And Golden Numbers Beginning At 1389; A Rule By Which To Find The Number Of Weeks From Christmas To Esto Michi (Quinquagesima); A Table To Show The Beginning Of Lent; Von Den Planeten Vnd Von Andern Sternen; A Table To Show Sunday Letters; Cyromancya; Cyromancya; Dignitates Planetarum; De Gemmis; Tabula Terminorum Secundum Egipcios; Tabula Facierum; Triplicitates Secundum Quosdam; Interval Tables; Interval Tables; A Note From "Seneca Moralisatus"; A Circle Of Sunday Letters For 1387; Table Of Mean Motion; A Circle Of The Golden Numbers For 1352-70; De Exaltacione Solis In Signis; On Good And Evil Planets; Item De Planetis; Versus De Planetis; Sole Ingrediente; Calculation Of Planetary Positions For 31 Aug 1387; Rota Terminorum; De Statu Anime Post Mortem Secundum Diuersos Philosophos; Fortune-Telling From The Angles Formed By Lines Drawn Between 12 Points; Verus Motus Solis; Tables; Von Dem Astrolabio; A Diagram And Verses "On The Winds"; Drawing Of A Rete And Explanatory Text; Tabula Stellarum Fixarum; Names Of Parts Of The Astrolabe; De Astrolabio; Racio Spere Pictagore; De Infirmis; Ad Faciendum Astrolabium; De Astrolabio (Frag.); Tabule Verorum Motuum Saturni; Versus Et Regule De Duodecim Signis; De Triplicitatibus Dicturi; De 28 Mansionibus Lune; Qualities Of The Twelve Signs; De Virtutibus Duodecim Mensium; Sege Korn Egidii; Pene Inferni; Diagrams Of The Zodiacal Signs; Circles Of Sunday Letters And Golden Numbers Beginning At 1400; Tabule Verorum Motuum Saturni; Verus Motus Solis; De 28 Mansionibus Lune; De Duodecim Ventis; De Quatuor Temporibus Anni; Annus Est Spacium Ccclxv Dierum; Subdivisions Of An Hour; On The Horologium; Diagrams, With The Names Of The Winds; Verus Motus Solis; Alphabetical Table Of 79 Heavenly Bodies, From "Agitator" To "Ydra"; Cisioianus; "Aliqua Pulchra" On The Signs Of The Zodiac; Kalendarium De Minucione; De Motu Lune; De Horis Planetarum; Notes On Computus; De Proprietatibus Rerum (Exc.); Tabule Verorum Motuum Saturni; De Xii Mensibus Anni Et Eorum Virtutibus; Regule De Regimine Sanitatis; Lumina Mane Manus; Versus Medicinales De Duodecim Signis; De Virtutibus Mensium; De Virtutibus Mensium
Folios: 230
Lot #: GLONTM05/00
Provenance: Middle Temple, London, United Kingdom