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Author(s): Chaucer, Geoffrey
Title: Treatise On The Astrolabe (Exc.); Bred And Mylk; Diagram Of A Quadrant; Table To Show The Length Of Daylight By A Series Of Numbers From 15 To 61; Table Of Latitudes And Longitudes; Canon Quadrantis; Composicio Quadrantis; Tables "Of [Th]O Diuersite Of [Th]O Heght Of [Th]O Sonne"; Diagram; Composicio Nauis; Composicio Nauis.; Calendar; Table; Table Of Cardinal, Ordinal, Distributive, Adverbial, And Ponderal Numbers; Table Of Great Cycle, 1140-1571; "Filius Esto Dei Celum Bonus"; Cisio Ianus Epi Lucianus; Computistical Verses; Tables Of Epacts And Concurrents; Table Of A Great Cycle, 1437-1968; Verses On Computus; "Dies Periculose"; "Dies Congrui Ad Minuendum Sanguinem" And Prognostications According To The Month Of Birth; Multiplication Table; Volvellum Solis Et Lune; Instrumentum Per Quod Sciuntur Hore Diei; Table Of Numbers; Planetary Tables And Text; Table Of Great Cycle, 1386-1917; Table To Show The Sign Of The Zodiac In Each Month; Diagrams Of Solar And Lunar Eclipses With Descriptive Text; Prognostications Of Weather According To The Sign Of The Zodiac Which The Sun Is Entering; Diagram Showing 32 Points Of The Compass; Diagram Showing Months And Signs Of The Zodiac; Texts And Diagrams Relating To The Signs Of The Zodiac; "Complexions" Of The Four Seasons And Of Four Divisions Of The Day; Astrological Calendar; Cisioianus And Other Mnemonic Verses On Computus; A Man Of Signs And Text; De Compoto Et De Kalendario; Influences Of The Planets And The Signs Of The Zodiac; Tables Of Measurement; Prognostications From Throwing Three Dice; Rules For Health In Each Month And Lists Of Dangerous Days For Bloodletting And Of "Lunares Periculo; Prognostications From Wind And Sun During The Twelve Nights And Days Before Christmas; A Note Of The Great Storm, 27-8 Jan. 1439-40
Folios: 161
Date: 1440
Place: England
Lot #: GABDU123/00
Provenance: Barclay; Fitton; Aberdeen University Library
Duplicates: 87369, 178808