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Getting Started with the New Franklin

Searching - Basic Search

Begin with the Search box:

  • Type a single keyword or multiple words in the search box, then click "Go".
  • If two or more words are entered into the search box, the words will be joined with AND during the search.
    • oak walnut beech searches oak and walnut and beech
  • The Boolean Operators AND, OR, NOT can be included in a basic Search. These terms do not need to be capitalized in the basic Search (currently they must be capitalized in the Advanced Search).
  • Parenthesis may be used to control the order of operation: medieval and (clothes or costume)

Fields in the pull-down menu:

  • When the pull-down menu is on All of Franklin, the results will contain the word or words searched anywhere in a record.
  • To search in the specific fields of author, title, journal title, subject, form/genre, ISBN/ISSN, call number, choose the appropriate field from the pull-down menu.
  • See Field searching for additional search details.

Further search refinements:

  • You may narrow your results by using the limits on the left of the search results screen.
  • If you click on the Advanced Search tab after completing a basic Search, the values of the basic Search will populate the Advanced Search form. You can further refine you search at this point.