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Searching Franklin

Truncation / Wildcards

  • For multiple character wildcard searches, use * to find 0 or more characters. The * may be used at the end or beginning of a word, as well as within a word.

        revolution* will find: revolution, revolutionary, revolutionaries

        child* will find: child, child's, children, childhood

        *blogging will find: microblogging

        *communications will find: telecommunications and communications

        con*ion will find: conservation, convention, constitution
  • In the Advanced (Boolean) or Advanced Search only, use ? to substitute for a single character:

        organi?ation will find: organization and organisation

        t?me will find: time and tome

         encyclop??dia will find: encyclopaedia and encyclopoedia

        revolution??? will find: revolutionary and not revolution, unless both words are in the same record

The truncation symbol (*) cannot currently be used on these searches:

  • ISBN / ISSN field searches (these numbers can be truncated in Keyword or Advanced searches when the field is not specified); 046502*
  • Logographic languages, for which each glyph is treated as a separate word
  • Phrase searches - either on an internal word or a word at the end of the phrase
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