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Hugo Albert Rennert collection

Ms. Coll. 1073

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Summary Information

University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts
Rennert, Hugo Albert, 1858-1927
Hugo Albert Rennert collection
Date [inclusive]:
Call Number:
Ms. Coll. 1073
0.8 Linear feet (2 boxes)
Language Note:
In English, German, Italian, Spanish, and French.
Hugo Albert Rennert (1858-1927) was a professor of romance literature at the University of Pennsylvania, an author, and a philologist who focused his research on Spanish literature. This collection contains hand copied European manuscripts, probably used by Rennert in his research, and letters written to Rennert by his fellow scholars of Spanish literature.
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Hugo Albert Rennert collection, 1892-1920, Ms. Coll. 1073, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania
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Hugo Albert Rennert was a philologist who focused on Spanish literature and was a professor of romance literature at the University of Pennsylvania. Rennert was born in Philadelphia on May 6, 1858 to John and Margarethe Rennert. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 1876. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Law degree in 1881, his Master of Arts degree in 1890, his Ph.D from the University of Freiburg-in-Baden in 1892, and finally his Doctorate of Law degree in 1914. Rennert married Helen Ringgold Rasin on November 17, 1897. Together they had one son, Hugo Rasin.

In 1892, Rennert became a professor of Romance Languages and Literature at the University of Pennsylvania. He was also a corresponding member of the Royal Spanish Academy, the Royal Academy of Galicia, and the Hispanic Society of America. He was particularly interested in the work of Lope de Vega and published a book titled The Life of Lope de Vega (1562-1635) in 1904. His other works include  Spanish Pastoral Romances,  The Spanish Stage in the Time of Lope de Vega,  Macias, o namorado: A galician trobador,  Bibliography of the dramatic works of Lope de Vega Carpio based upon the catalogue of John Rutter Chorley, and  Comedias of Miguel Sánchez "El Divino".

Hugo Albert Rennert died on December 31, 1927 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Scope and Contents

This collection contains manuscripts and letters belonging to Hugo Albert Rennert. There are two series contained in this collection. The first series contains hand copied manuscripts of Spanish and Italian literature along with hand drawn maps of various vistas. There are also notes on the different vistas and photocopies of Spanish poems. There is also what seems to be an untitled Italian poetry copybook in this series.

The second series contains letters to Rennert. These are in the form of various postcards and handwritten letters in Spanish, Italian, German, French, and English. Several notable scholars of Spanish literature wrote to him including James Fitzmaurice-Kelly, Gottfried Baist, Raymond Fulché-Delbosc, Hugo Schuchardt, and Webster Wentworth. The subjects mostly relate to Rennert's research on Spanish literature and constructive criticisms of his manuscripts for his books. The postcards from Fitzmaurice-Kelly are the most numerous and topics range from academic research to everyday correspondence between friends. This series also contains a folder of correspondence with illegible signatures and a folder of various envelopes.

Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Pennsylvania: Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts,  2015 June 2

Finding Aid Author

Finding aid prepared by Nicole Love

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This collection is open for research use.

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Controlled Access Headings

  • Correspondence
  • Manuscripts, European
  • Manuscripts, Italian--19th century
  • Manuscripts, Spanish--20th century
  • Postcards
Personal Name(s)
  • Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1858-1923
  • Foulché-Delbosc, R. (Raymond), 1864-1929
  • Spanish literature

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Collection Inventory

I. Manuscripts (copies).

Box Folder

"Sacred Poems of Pietro Bescapé," Italian manuscript (20th century copy of manuscript dating 1274), before 1927.

1 1

"At the wedding of [Imp. R. Configliere]...," Italian manuscript, 1842.

1 2

Memoir of Don José Antonio of Armona, Spanish manuscript, 1907.

1 3

"The Theatre of Valencia from its origin to our days," Spanish manuscript, undated.

1 4

["Catalog of Protecting Judges of Theatres"], Spanish manuscript, undated.

1 5

Italian poetry copybook, undated.

1 6

Maps of vistas, hand-drawn, undated.

1 7

Notes and photocopies on Spanish literature, undated.

1 8

II. Correspondence.

Box Folder

Baist, Gottfried, 1892-1899.

1 9

Bonilla y San Martin, Adolfo, 1906.

1 10

Castro, Américo, undated.

1 11

Colominas, J.V., 1908.

1 12

Farinelli, Arturo, 1905.

1 13

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1899.

1 14

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1900.

1 15

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1901.

1 16

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1902.

1 17

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1903.

1 18

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1904.

1 19

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1905.

1 20

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1906.

2 1

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1907.

2 2

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1908.

2 3

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1910.

2 4

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1911.

2 5

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1912.

2 6

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1913.

2 7

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1914-1915.

2 8

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1917.

2 9

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, 1918-1920.

2 10

Foulché-Delbosc, Raymond, 1899-1900.

2 11

Foulché-Delbosc, Raymond, 1905-1907.

2 12

Foulché-Delbosc, Raymond, 1908-1910.

2 13

Foulché-Delbosc, Raymond, 1912-1915.

2 14

[Gröber, A.], 1900-1903.

2 15

Mérimée, Henri, 1913.

2 16

Michaëlis de Vasconcellos, Carolina, undated.

2 17

Molina, Gabriel, 1927, undated.

2 18

Moras, Fernando Martinez, 1907.

2 19

[Poncela, Dr. Mariano], 1911.

2 20

Pidal, Rámon Menéndez, 1900-1908.

2 21

Rennert, Hugo (to Grajales, Francisco Marti), 1908.

2 22

Restori, Antonio, 1905-1908.

2 23

Schuchardt, Hugo, 1895.

2 24

Tobler, Adolf, 1904.

2 25

Wentworth, Webster, 1897-1906.

2 26

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1900-1911.

2 27

Envelopes, undated.

2 28