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Florence S. Downs papers

MC 130

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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University of Pennsylvania: Barbara Bates Center for the Study of The History of Nursing
Downs, Florence S., 1925-2005
Florence S. Downs papers
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MC 130
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Florence S. Downs (1925-2005) was nurse scholar, researcher, and educator. She served as Associate Dean at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and established Penn's nursing doctoral program. She later became editor of the journal Nursing Research. These materials include personal and professional correspondence, photographs, publications, and artifacts.
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Florence S. Downs papers, Barbara Bates Center for The Study of The History of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania
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Florence S. Downs’ distinguished career as a scholar, mentor, editor, researcher and educator shaped the foundation of nursing through her writings and active involvement in nursing education and research. Downs was born in New York on August 20, 1925, the daughter of Charles H. and Marion R. Gregory Downs. She received a diploma from St Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing in 1947 and worked for six years as a public health nurse in New York City. In 1960, while in the doctoral program in the College of Education at New York University, she held her first teaching position as instructor in the Division of Nursing. In 1964, upon completion of the Ed.D. degree, Downs was promoted to assistant professor and appointed Director of the Training Program in Psychiatric Nursing. In 1968 she was promoted to associate professor and appointed Director of Post-Master’s Programs and Research. She was promoted to professor in 1972 and remained at New York University until 1977. Under her direction, the first computer-based course in the country was developed at New York University. Downs also secured the first federal support under the Nurse Scientists Program awarded to a nursing program. For the first time, students could receive scholarships for doctoral study in nursing rather than in anther field.

In 1977, Downs was appointed Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. At Penn she was responsible for establishing the doctoral program, the first in nursing at an Ivy League university. At Penn, Downs also obtained the first federal funding in the form of a doctoral emphasis grant. This grant supported faculty and student research as a means of strengthening the doctoral program. In 1994, Downs retired to become professor emeritus. She remained active with universities nationally and internationally as a visiting professor and as a consultant on graduate curricula and research.

In 1979, Downs accepted the editorship of the journal Nursing Research and remained editor until 1994. She was the first academic editor. Her scholarship and expertise in research and methods reflected wit and wisdom in at least 27 of her editorials. During her tenure as editor of this foremost research journal, both the circulation of the periodical and knowledge of the field was brought to new heights.

Downs was the author and co-author of several books. She published three editions of A Source Book of Nursing Research with Margaret Newman and wrote A Handbook of Research Methodology. She published 80 articles including editorials focusing on scholarship and research in nursing. She also presented numerous papers at conferences, conventions and universities.

She was active with several professional organizations in nursing. Downs served on the Commission on Nursing, Council of Nurse Researchers, for the American Nurses Association, and on the National League for Nursing Research Committee. She was associated with the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Maternity, Infant Care-Family Planning Project.

During her life Downs was recipient of many honors including the National League for Nursing, Martha E. Rodgers Award for Scholarly Contributions to Nursing Science; Sigma Theta Tau, Elizabeth M. Miller National Award for Excellence in Research, and was inducted as a ‘Living Legend’ into the American Academy of Nursing.

Florence S. Downs died September 8, 2005.

Scope and Contents

This collection spans Downs’ professional life documenting both educational and academic experience prior to appointment at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing as Professor, Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Studies and Professor Emeritus. Also included are collections of articles, books, papers, and files documenting her association with various universities, professional organizations and other institutions. Correspondence, photographs, diplomas and certificates are also included.

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University of Pennsylvania: Barbara Bates Center for the Study of The History of Nursing

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  • Downs, Florence S., 1925-2005

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Collection Inventory

Series 1.  Personal Information, 1938-2004.

Scope and Contents note

This small series includes Downs’ biographical information, curriculum vitae, yearbooks from St Luke’s School of Nursing and St John’s University School of Education, and “Oral History of Florence Downs The Early Years.”

Box Folder

"Letter of Introduction," by Florence Stimpson, Eastern Junior High School, autobiography, 1938.

1 1

Year book, "The 1947 Triennium," St. Luke's Hospital, School of Nursing, New York, New York, 1947.

1 2

Year book, "1956, Warrior," St John's University, School of Education, Brooklyn.

1 3

State of New York Education Department, certificate license, Registered Professional Nurse, 1947.

1 4

United States of America Passports, 1981, 1987, 1998.

1 5

Curriculum vitae, 1997.

1 6

Oral history of Florence Downs, The Early Years, Julie Fairman and Margaret Mahon, 2001.

1 7

To Florence- Recollections at 5:30 A. M., April 19, 1973, "Honoring Florence Downs In Her Own Words," Neville E. Strumpf, 2004.

1 8

There's a Great Day Coming", undated.

1 9

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Series 2.  Professional Association, Universities and Other Organization, 1956-2000.

Scope and Contents note

This series documents Downs’ involvement with many professional associations and institutions. It includes files from the American Nurses Association Commission on Nursing Research, as well as the Council of Nurse Researchers (correspondence, meeting minutes, and reports. The National League for Nursing papers document her membership on the Research Committee including correspondence, meeting minutes and other related materials. There are files which include her association with the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (Maternity, Infant Care-Family Planning Project). Also this series includes files documenting her 17 years of experience with New York University Division of Nursing, 17 years with University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and three years associated with the University of Maryland School of Nursing.

American Academy of Nursing.

Box Folder

Membership, Fellowship, incoming and outgoing, 1975.

1 10

Critique, Ms. Levine paper being presented, at the annual meeting, September 1976.

1 11

American Nurses Foundation, Inc.

Box Folder

Planning Committee for Program Development, meeting minutes and other related materials, 1972.

1 12

American Nurses Association.

Commission on Nursing Research, Council of Nurse Researchers.
Box Folder

Appointment to Executive Committee, of the Council of Nurse Researcher, 1971.

1 13

Joint resolution on membership fee for the Council of Nurse Researchers, 1972.

1 14

Executive Committee, meeting minutes, 1972-1975.

1 15

Council, Business meeting minutes, 1973-1975.

1 16

Task Force to Plan Program for the Third Annual Meeting of the Council of Nurse Researchers, 1974.

1 17
Box Folder

Intra-office, incoming and outgoing, 1974-1975, 1977.

1 18

CNR Newsletter, comments, incoming and outgoing, 1975.

1 19

Reports, 1972-1974.

1 20

Newsletter, 1974-1975.

1 21

Materials for the ANA Convention, Atlantic City, New Jersey, to members, 1976.

1 22

Committee on Interrelationships, Statement on the Roles and Relationships Between Units and Staff, 1974.

1 23

Structural Units, National Level, 1974.

1 24

Statement on the Nurse-Physician Relationship in Hospitals, 1975.

1 25

Proposal for a Study of Credentialing in Nursing, circa 1975.

1 26

Testimony, House Action on Federal Pay Increase Action, U.S. House of Representatives, 1975.

1 27

American Journal of Nursing Company.

Box Folder

Correspondence, requesting interest in seeking the position of Editor of Nursing Research, incoming, 1972.

2 1

Correspondence, Ad Hoc Committee to Improve Nursing Research, magazine, 1977-1978.

2 2

Bulletin, Florence S. Downs, Editor and Chief, Nursing Research, 1978.

2 3

Budget Worksheet, 1990.

2 4

City of New York, Department of Health, Notice of Personnel Action, 1956-1957.

2 5

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, New York.

Maternity, Infant Care-Family Planning Projects.
Box Folder

Correspondence, incoming and outgoing, 1970-1972.

2 6

Meeting agendas, minutes and other related materials, 1970.

2 7

Questionnaires and other related materials, 1970.

2 8

National Foundation, March of Dimes, correspondence, incoming and outgoing, 1976.

2 9

National League for Nursing.

Research Committee.
Box Folder

Appointment letter and meeting minutes, 1975.

2 10

Correspondence, request to serve on Accreditation Committee and Ad Hoc Committee Development a Statement on Doctoral Education in Nursing, incoming, 1975-1976, 1979.

2 11

Proposal for Evaluation of the "NLN accreditation of nursing", 1977.

2 12
Task Force on the Cost of Nursing Education.
Box Folder

Purpose and News Release, 1974.

2 13

Correspondence, other institutions, incoming, 1974-1975.

2 14

Meeting minutes and other related materials, 1974-1977.

2 15

Memos, intra office, incoming, 1974-1978.

2 16

News, 1974, 1975.

2 17

Seminar, "How to Analyze the Cost of Nursing", 1976-1977.

2 18

Nursing Research Journal (editor).

Box Folder

Reviewers' List and Reviewers' Addresses List, 1972.

3 1

Manuscript Received List, 1993.

3 2

Manuscript Received List, 1994.

3 3

New York University, New York, New York.

Box Folder

School of Education, incoming and outgoing, graduate and doctorial programs, 1956-1958, 1963, 1977.

3 4

Appointment to staff and promotions, incoming, 1959-1961, 1963-1966, 1968-1976.

3 5

Faculty Council, incoming, 1968-1969, 1973.

3 6

Acknowledgement of achievements, incoming, 1970-1971, 1973, 1975, 1987.

3 7

Acknowledgement of gift giving, incoming, 1970, 1975, 1977, 1983, 1988 and undated.

3 8

General, incoming and outgoing, 1973-1977.

3 9

Resignation, incoming and outgoing, 1977.

3 10

Bulletin, One Hundred Thirty-third Commencement, 1965.

3 11

Course, E41-2303, Introduction to Research in Nursing, syllabus and class notes, 1969.

3 12

Reference materials for research, circa 1970.

3 13

Report and Recommendations of the Ombudsman, Fall 1970.

3 14

Faculty evaluation, 1970-1976.

3 15

Internal (about NYU: for Faculty and Administration), 1971.

3 16

Certificate, membership appointment in the Education Associates, New York University, School of Education, 1973-1974.

3 17

New York University Education Quarterly, Spring 1975.

3 18

Motor Activity Tool (Study), 1975.

3 19

Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award Ceremony, 1994-1995.

3 20

Notebook, notation concerning nursing education programs, undated.

3 21

University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland.

Correspondence, contribution for the Florence S. Downs Fund.
For Graduate Scholarships, School of Nursing, incoming, 1997.
Box Folder

News release, School of Nursing, announcement of appointment, 1997.

4 2

University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, Philadelphia, Pa.

Box Folder

By-Laws for Faculty, list of staff, Philosophy of the Graduate Division, and other related materials, 1975-1976.

4 3

Proposal, Doctor of Nursing Science, 1977.

4 4

Grant proposal, Biomedical Research Development Grant, 1978.

4 5
Box Folder

Appointment, Professor of Nursing, 1977, incoming and outgoing, 1977, 1981, 1987.

4 6

Marion R. Gregory Award and other School of Nursing Funds, incoming, 1983.

4 7

Intramural, outgoing, 1989.

4 8

Retirement, incoming, 1994-1985, 1988-1989, 1995, undated.

4 9

First National Conference on Doctoral Education in Nursing, 1977.

Long Range Planning Committee, Sub-Committee.
Box Folder

Meeting minutes, report and other related materials, 1979.

4 11

Sub-committee Preliminary report, 1980.

4 12

Research study, Nursing Journals Read and Assigned Most Often in Doctoral Programs, 1980.

4 13

The Wizard of Penn ad other related materials, 1988, undated.

4 14

President's Fund for Faculty-Student Interaction, Request for Reimbursement, 1989.

4 15

Deed of Gift, Center for the Study of the History of Nursing, School of Nursing, 2000.

4 16

In Parting, Cynthia Engman, undated.

4 17

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Series 3.  Correspondence, 1959-1997.

Scope and Contents note

Included in this series are correspondence, incoming and outgoing requests for consultation, personal references, other files documenting participation in conferences and conventions, acknowledgment of participation in various events, and nominations for awards.


Box Folder

Incoming, 1959, 1975, 1961, 1967, 1969-1981.

5 1

Incoming, 1989-1988, undated.

5 2

Outgoing, 1959, 1969, 1975, 1977, 1989-2001.

5 3

Incoming and outgoing, 1973-1978.

5 4

Incoming and outgoing, 1979-1980.

5 5

Incoming and outgoing, January-June 1989.

5 6

Incoming and outgoing, July-December 1989.

5 7
Box Folder

Elizabeth Mc William Miller, nomination, incoming, 1983.

5 8

Pennsylvania Nurses Association, nomination, incoming, 1884.

5 9

The Eastern Nursing Research Society, recipient, incoming, 1997.

5 10

American Academy of Nursing, Living Legend Award, incoming, 1997.

5 11

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Series 4.  Published and Unpublished Materials, 1951-2004.

Scope and Contents note

This series includes Downs’ dissertation, “An Investigation of Maternal Stress in Primigravidas as a Factor in the Production of Neonatal Pathology” and a number of papers presented at conferences, conventions, seminars and other occasions. There are files relating to correspondence with publishing companies and reprints of some of her published articles. Included are books which Down’s was author and co-author. The many publications which she collected include Future Directions of Doctorial Education for Nurses, Conference Report, U.S., Department of Health, Education and Welfare and  Issues in Research: Social, Professional and Methodological. Also in this series is the meeting program for the Ninth Nursing Researchers Conference, American Nurses’ Association.

Florence S. Downs.

Dissertation, "An Investigation of Maternal Stress in Primigravidas As a Factor in the Production of Neonatal Pathology", 1964.
Box Folder

pages 1-69.

6 1

pages 70-134.

6 2
Papers Presented.
Box Folder

1966, 1972-1975.

6 3


6 4


6 5


6 6


6 7

Co-author, "Evaluation of a Prenatal Leaflet Series in Two Project Centers in New York," Florence Downs and Virginia Fernbach, 1970.

6 8

Papers by others, 1977, undated.

6 9


Box Folder

Publication of articles, etc., incoming and outgoing, 1967, 1971, 1974.

6 10

Issues in Nursing Research, incoming and outgoing, 1975-1977.

6 11

Doctoral Education: Our Claim to the Future, incoming, 1988.

6 12

Publishing Companies.

Box Folder

Appleton & Lange and F.A. Davis Company, agreement, "The Relationship of Theory and Research," incoming, 1974, 1990-1991.

6 13

Appleton-Century-Crofts, "Issues in Nursing Research," incoming and outgoing, 1974-1977.

6 14

Suburban Features, Inc. "The Wide World of Nursing: How to Become Part of It," agreement and other related materials, incoming and outgoing, 1980.

6 15

C.V. Mosby Company, incoming, 1989.

6 16

W. B. Saunders Company, agreement, "Differences Between the ProfessionalDoctorate and the Academic/Research Doctorate", 1989.

6 17

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, telecopier transmittal, review draft of article prior to publication, incoming and outgoing, 1990.

6 18

Galley, "Some Critical Issues in Nursing Research", 1969.

6 19

Manuscripts, Florence S. Downs.

Box Folder

A Preliminary Investigation of the Reliability and Validity of a Tool for the Assessment of Body Position and Motor Activity, 1976-1977.

7 1

Strategies for Teaching Research, and "Schools: A setting for Nursing Practice" and other material, 1979-1980.

7 2


Box Folder

Articles, Florence Downs, 1973-1974, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1988.

7 3

Interview, "Clinical Nursing Research-an Interview with Pamela J, Brink, Florence S. Downs and Diane W, Scott, 1985.

7 4

Book Review.

Box Folder

Florence S. Downs, for Man: A Holistic Conception for Nursing; E Pilot Project Final Report, Faye., Spring 1971.

7 5

Reprints, Articles.

Other authors.
Box Folder

References, 1951, 1966-1972, 1974-1975, 1980, undated.

7 6

Lennart Levi, "Autosclerosis' World Times," "Population, Environment and Quality of Life," Levi and Anderson, and flyer for Society, Stress and Disease, Volume 2: Childhood & Adolescence, Edited by Lennart Levi, 1975.

7 7

Programs for various continuing education, convention, lecture series, etc., 1964-1966, 1973, 1980 and undated.

7 8

Middle Range Theories: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, Frederick Suppe, Ph.D., 1997.

7 9

Publications by individuals and associations.

Arrangement note

Box 8, Folders 2 and 3 are not listed on the finding aid.

Box Folder

New York State League for Nursing, Sixth Scientific Session, paper presented "Nursing Intervention in Emotional Crisis: Psychological and Physiological Considerations", Florence S. Downs and others, 1964.

7 10

A Position Paper, American Nurses Association, 1965.

7 11

Future Directions of Doctorial Education for Nurses, Conference Report, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Bethesda, Maryland, 1971.

7 12

Issues in Research: Social, Professional, and Methodological, selected papers American Council of Nurse Researchers, Program meeting, 1973.

7 13

American Nurses' Association, Ninth Nursing Researcher Conference, San Antonio, Texas, 1973.

7 14

Catholic University of America, School of Nursing, Washington, D.C., The Doctorate in Nursing Science, a Work Conference, 1973.

7 15

The Journal of the New York State nurses Association, Vol. 4 No. 4, November 1973.

7 16

The New York Times Magazine, "After a Heart Attack," Stephan Lesher, and "An Unquiet Quiet on Campus," Ronald Berman, 1974.

7 17

Reports from the Laboratory for Clinical Stress Research, Department of Medicine and Psychiatry, Karolinska, Stockholm, 1975.

7 18

Human Rights Guidelines for Nurses in Clinical and Other Research,American Nurses Association, 1975 and "The Ethics of Experimentation with Human Subjects." Bernard Barber, Scientific American, February 1976.

7 19

Research in Nursing, American Nurses' Association, 1976.

8 1

The Doctorally Prepared Nurse, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Division, 1976.


Preparing New Leaders in Nursing for Better Health Care, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania, 1978.

8 4

Proceedings of the 1978 Form on Doctoral Education in Nursing, College of Nursing, Rush University, Chicago, Illinois, 1978.

8 5

Proceedings of the 1979 Forum on Doctoral Education in Nursing, University of California, San Francisco, California, 1979.

8 6

Fifth National Forum on Doctoral Education in Nursing Proceedings,University of Washington, School of Nursing, Seattle, Washington, 1981.

8 7

Forum: Epistemological Strategies in Nursing, The Research Doctorate, Harriet H. Werley University of Colorado, School of Nursing, Denver, Colorado, 1984.

8 8

Proceedings of Doctoral Programs in Nursing-Consensus for Quality, American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 1984.

8 9

Nursing as a Force for Social Chance, proceedings "50th Anniversary Symposium, University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 1985.

8 10

International Perspectives & Implication in Nursing, (papers presented) Oregon Health Sciences University, School of Nursing, Portland, Oregon, 1987.

8 11


Co-author, Florence Downs and others.
Box Folder

A Source Book of Nursing Research, Florence S. Downs and Margaret A Newman, F. A. Davis Company, Philadelphia, Pa. 1st and 2nd edition, 1973, 1977.

9 1-2

Issues in Nursing Research, Florence S. Downs and Juanita W. Fleming, Appleton-Century-Croft, New York, 1979.

9 3

New Careers in Nursing Florence Downs and Dorothy Brooten, ARCO Publishing, Inc. New York, 1983.

9 4

The Relationship of Theory and Research, Jacqueline Fawcett and Florence S. Downs, Appleton-Century-Crofts, Norwalk, Connecticut, 1986.

9 5
Florence Downs.
Box Folder

Handbook of Research Methodology, Florence S. Downs, 1988.

9 6

Readings in Research Methodology, Edition 2, Florence S. Downs, Lippincott Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, 1999.

9 7

Newspaper clipping and other publications re: Florence Downs activities, 1944, 1967, 1980, 1991, 2004, undated.

9 8

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Series 5.  Photographs.

Scope and Contents note

This small series include pictures taken at various ceremonial or social occasions and student nursing days.


Flatbox Photo

St John's University, School of Education, Jamaica, New York, Annual Communion Breakfast, 1955.

11 1

Florence S. Downs and Sue Ann Adams (graduate student),University of, Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, 50th anniversary, 1995.

11 2

Faculty members, unidentified, University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, 1990.

11 3-4

Florence S. Downs with other faculty members on stage, place unidentified, 1991.

11 5

Florence S. Downs with three unidentified persons, 1991.

11 6

Florence S. Downs and unidentified person, undated.

11 7

Florence S. Downs and Terri Weaver, undated.

11 8

Florence S. Downs and faculty of Mahidul University, Bangkok, Thailand, undated.

11 9-10

Florence S. Downs at podium, Mahidul University, Bangkok, Thailand, undated.

11 11


Flatbox Photo

Florence S. Downs, receiving and accepting the Elizabeth McWilliam Miller Award for Excellence in Research, Sigma Theda Tau, 1983.

11 12-13

Florence S. Downs receiving and accepting award, unidentified, undated.

11 14-15


Flatbox Photo

Group placed unidentified, 1975.

11 16-17

Florence S. Downs with two unidentified persons, N.L.N. Seminar, 1978.

11 18

Florence S. Downs with one unidentified person, N.L.N. Seminar, 1978.

11 19

Florence S. Downs, Washington, D.C., 1987.

11 20

Florence S. Downs with unidentified persons, 1990.

11 21-22

Florence S. Downs with three unidentified persons, undated.

11 23

Florence S. Downs and Claire Fagan and six unidentified persons, undated.

11 24


Flatbox Photo

Florence S. Downs on a camel and three unidentified persons, Egypt, 1999.

11 25

Florence S. Downs with two unidentified persons, Orient, 1990.

11 26


Flatbox Photo

Individual reading Nursing Research, undated.

11 27-31

Infants being monitored, undated.

11 32-39


Flatbox Folder

Florence S. Downs in student nurse uniform St Lukes's Hospital, School of Nursing, 1944-1945.

11 1

Florence S. Downs and with friends, 1945, 1958, undated.

11 2

Florence S. Downs with friends and social gatherings, 1965, 1978, 1982, 2004-2005, undated.

11 3

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Series 6.  Award, Plaques, Certificates, and Diploma (artifacts), 1964-1992.

Scope and Contents note

Included in this series are the Honorary Alumni Award from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The certifications include the Founders Day Scholar, New York University, New York, New York, The Century Club, and the American Foundation Club. The plaques include the Sigma Theta Tau Founders Award and the Elizabeth Mc Williams Award for Excellence in Nursing. There are also diplomas from St. Luke’s Hospital, School of Nursing, New York, and New York University, New York. This series also contains poster welcoming Downs to the Mahidul University, Bangkok, Thailand.



Distinguished Alumnus Award, New York University, Division of Nursing Alumnus, 1981.


Sigma Theta Tau, Founders Award, "The Elizabeth McWilliams Award E. N. R. S., Founders Award in Recognition of Your Contribution, 1992.


T-shirt, "Paradigm Busters," Desk name plate.



Flatbox Folder

Founders Day Scholar, New York University, New York, New York, 1964.

10 1

MA. Honoris Causa, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1977.

10 2

The Century Club, American Foundation Club, 1982.

10 3

Upsilon Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau, International Honor Society of Nursing, 1986.

10 4

Sigma Theta Tau International, Knowledge Building Campaign, 1989.

10 5


Flatbox Folder

Honorary Alumni Award, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1984.

10 6


Flatbox Folder

St Luke's Hospital, School of Nursing, New York, New York, 1947.

10 7

Univeritas Saneti, Joannis Neo Eborac, B.S., 1956.

10 8

New York University, School of Education, New York, Doctor of Education, 1964.

10 9

Welcome poster: "Welcome to Faculty of Mahidul University, Florence Downs, Bangkok,Thailand, undated.

10 10

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