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Kosuth, Joseph
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Accession Number:
Call Number:
3000/ K8644/ 1966c3
Kosuth, Joseph 1945 (American)
Art as Idea as Idea. 1966-1967
Art as Idea as Idea. 1966-1967
Art as Idea as Idea. 1966-1967
mounted photostat 4' square
1 slide b & w 2" x 2"
New York: Art Market Leo Castelli Gallery
Form / Genre:
Contemporary Art
Other Contributors:
Fisher Fine Arts Library Image Collection PU
920430 pg.247 bottom rt
Order Number:
Penn Only

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Digital image: Yes
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Image resolution: High (for PPT)
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Culture: American
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Period: 18th Century
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Museum: Private Collection
Museum: Philadelphia: Institute Of Contemporary Art
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Museum: Paris: Bibliotheque Nationale
Museum: Philadelphia: Museum Of Art
Museum: Istanbul: Topkapi Sarayi
Museum: Rome: Vatican Library
Worktype: Architecture
Worktype: Painting
Worktype: Sculpture
Worktype: City Planning
Worktype: Minor Arts
Worktype: Manuscript
Worktype: Contemporary Art
Worktype: Landscape Architecture
Worktype: Print
Worktype: Photography
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