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Getting Started with the New Franklin

Searching - Field Searching from Menus

To limit your search to a specific field (author, title, call number, etc.), use the pull-down menus in the Basic or Advanced Search. Information about searching selected fields is provided here.


  • An Author search is a keyword search of the author fields. You can enter the names in any order.
  • If you search only a last name and get too many results, you can use the Author/Creator limit on the left to narrow your search to a specific author.
  • To do a proximity search use the tilde, "~", symbol following a phrase search

    . "william buckley"~2 finds william AND buckley within 2 words of each other.
  • You can use just parentheses around two names in the author field, but since the order of the author's name is last name, first name in the author fields of a record, "russo richard" will get more hits than "richard russo."
  • Author searching with a last name and truncated initial (hardy t*) is not very functional as the search is translated to hardy AND t*. Also, truncation cannot be used within a phrase/quotation marks

Title/Journal Title:

  • Title searches are not left anchored, they are keyword searches of the title fields.
    • We live in water searches we and live and in and water, however, due to relevance factors, the closest matches will be at the top of the results.
  • To search a title as a phrase, enter it in quotes: "way of all flesh"
  • the is a stopword.


  • Subject searches are not left anchored, they are keyword searches of the subject fields.
  • If your search gets too many search, use the Subject or Classification limits to narrow your search.


  • Form/Genre searches are not left anchored, they are keyword searches of the form/genre fields.
  • Currently only videorecordings and manuscripts are displayed in the Genre limit, but all form/genre information is keyword and field searchable.


  • Select ISBN/ISSN from the pull down menu. Enter the number with or without spaces.

Call Number:

  • Enter the call number with spaces and periods or just spaces. These searches retrieve the same record.
    QC173.454 .M57 2012
    QC173.454.M57 2012
    QC173 454 M57 2012
  • You may truncate call numbers:
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