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1001_|a  Moerman, Daniel E.
24510|a  Native American food plants : |b  an ethnobotanical dictionary / |c  Daniel E. Moerman.
260__|a  Portland [Or.] : |b  Timber Press, |c  2010.
300__|a  455 p. : |b  ill. ; |c  24 cm.
500__|a  "This abridged work is based on the author's Native American ethnobotany published by Timber Press, Inc. in 1998."
504__|a  Includes bibliographical references.
5050_|a  Plant use by Native Americans -- Organization of the information in Native American food plants -- Catalog of plants.
590__|a  Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the George Clapp Vaillant Book Fund.
650_0|a  Plants, Edible |z  North America |v  Dictionaries.
650_0|a  Indians of North America |x  Food |v  Dictionaries.
650_0|a  Indians of North America |x  Ethnobotany |v  Dictionaries.
650_0|a  Ethnobotany |z  North America |v  Dictionaries.
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