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Franklin Record - Isotope geochemistry : from the treatise on geochemistry / edited by Heinrich D. Holland, Karl K. Turekian.

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Isotope geochemistry : from the treatise on geochemistry / edited by Heinrich D. Holland, Karl K. Turekian.

1st. ed.
San Diego ; London : Elsevier/Academic, 2011.
x, 739 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
Isotope geology.
Oxygen isotopes in meteorites / R.N. Clayton
Structural and isotopic analysis of organic matter in carbonaceous chondrites / I. Gilmour
Trace element and isotopic fluxes/subducted slab / G.E. Bebout
Nonmass-dependent isotopic fractionation processes : mechanisms and recent observations in terrestrial and extraterrestrial environments / M.H. Thiemens
The stable isotopic composition of atmospheric CO2 / D. Yakir
Water stable isotopes : atmospheric composition and applications in polar ice core studies / J. Jouzel
Stable isotope applications in hydrologic studies / C. Kendall and D.H. Doctor
Elemental and isotopic proxies of past ocean temperatures / D.W. Lea
Sulphur-rich sediments / M.B. Goldhaber
Stable isotopes in the sedimentary record / A. Lerman and N. Clauer
The global oxygen cycle / S.T. Petsch
High-molecular-weight petrogenic and pyrogenic hydrocarbons in aquatic environments / T.A. Abrajano Jr. . . .[et al.]
Radiocarbon / W.S. Broecker
Natural radionuclides in the atmosphere / K.K. Turekian and W.C. Graustein
Noble gases / F.A. Podosek
The origin of noble gases and major volatiles in the terrestrial planets / D. Porcelli and R.O. Pepin
Noble gases as mantle tracers / D.R. Hilton and D. Porcelli
Sampling mantle heterogeneity through oceanic basalts : isotopes and trace elements / A.W. Hofmann
Radiogenic isotopes in weathering and hydrology / J.D. Blum and Y. Erel
Long-lived isotopic tracers in oceanography, paleoceanography, and ice-sheet dynamics / S.L. Goldstein and S.R. Hemming
Records of cenozoic ocean chemistry / G.E. Ravizza and J.C. Zachos.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Local notes:
Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Cornelia Dodderer Fund.
Holland, Heinrich D.
Turekian, Karl K.
Cornelia Dodderer Fund.
9780080967103 (pbk.)
0080967108 (pbk.)
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