Franklin: Record - Essays on astronomy, 1802-1825.

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Essays on astronomy, 1802-1825.

2 volumes.
Manuscripts, American -- 19th century.
Essays on astronomy written by an anonymous author over a twenty-three-year period regarding the author's ideas and observations. The first volume includes a detailed table of contents for both volumes following the preface. Two diagrams are at the end of volume 1 and eight diagrams are contained in volume 2. Each volume has a hand-sewn linen cover and is paginated. Additional unpaginated leaves follow the preface and are inserted at the end of the second volume. Essays chiefly concern the planets, comets, and theories on motion.
Volume 1: On gravity or attraction
On the tides and currents of the sea
On the tails of comets
On the light and heat of comets when at their aphelia
On the light and heat of comets when at their perihelia
On the nebulous comets
On the lustre and brightness of the sun, moon, and planets
On the sun
On the spots on the sun, planets, etc.
On the planets
On the Earth
On the planet Mercury
On the planet Venus
On the planet Mars
On the planet Jupiter
On the variation of the brightness and apparent diameters of the satellites of Jupiter and Saturn
Additional observations on the comets.
Volume 2: On the causes of the several different motions observable in the several different bodies in the solar system
On the mean distances of the several species of planetary bodies in the solar system from the sun or their respective common centres of motion, and on the mean velocity of their motion
On the diurnal rotation of the moon or satellite which attends the Earth
On the motion of the nodes of the several species of planetary bodies, etc.
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