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[Recipe book] [manuscript]

Whitehead family.
[England], 1844-1845.
31 leaves : paper ; 236 x 146 mm. bound to 236 x 150 mm. + 7 notes.
Traditional medicine -- Formulae, receipts, prescriptions.
Cooking, English.
Manuscripts, English -- 19th century.
Household notebook containing over 130 recipes for medicines, as for coughs, diarrhea, worms, heartburn, toothache, rheumatism, headache, fever; topical applications, such as eye water, lip salve, hair wash, liniment for burns, cold cream, throat gargles, tooth powder, and corn plasters; household preparations, as for blacking, cement, ink, dye, smelling salts, furniture polish, waterproofing, and matches; veterinary preparations, such as an equine diuretic and a cure for red mange in dogs; and a few recipes for food and drink, such as coconut cakes, potatoes, Harvey's sauce, curry powder, ginger beer, lemonade, elder wine, parsnip wine, and malt wine. 7 additional recipes in different hands are tipped in at the end. Possibly from the household of a family with the surname Whitehead, with entries for Miss Whitehead (first entry, dated 24 Mar. 1844, f. 1r), Mrs. Whitehead's Aperient Pills (f. 30v), Miss Whitehead's Recipe for Head-ache (f. 30v), for J[oh]n W[hitehead?] (f. 31r), Miss Whitehead (dated Feb. 1844, f. 31v), and Prescriptions for Miss W. by Dr. G. (Feb. 1845, f. 32v). Sources are often given, including John Stevenson, Henry Green, John Evans of Brixton (a neighborhood of London), the organist of Surrey Chapel (also in London), Dr. Rayner of Paris, and H. T. Brand.
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Collation: Paper, 31; 1³⁶(-5); [1] 2-3, 5-23, [24-32], contemporary foliation in ink, modern foliation in pencil, upper left verso.
Script: Written in cursive script by a single hand, with additions possibly by other hands at end.
Binding: Card wrapper, detached and mostly split at spine.
Origin: Written in England, 1844-1845.
Local notes:
Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Fund.
Sold by Alastor Rare Books (Lymington, England), cat. 20 (2011), no. 47.
Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Fund.
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