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Franklin: Record - Bernissart dinosaurs and early Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystems / edited by Pascal Godefroit.

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Bernissart dinosaurs and early Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystems / edited by Pascal Godefroit.

Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2012.
Life of the past.
Life of the past
xv, 629 p. : ill., maps ; 29 cm.
Iguanodon -- Belgium -- Bernissart.
Paleontology -- Belgium -- Bernissart.
Paleoecology -- Cretaceous.
Bernissart and the iguanodons : historical perspective and new investigations / Pascal Godefroit, Johan Yans, and Pierre Bultynck
The attempted theft of dinosaur skeletons during the German occupation of Belgium (1914-1918) and some other cases of looting cultural possessions of natural history / Christoph Roolf
A short introduction to the geology of the Mons Basin and the Iguanodon Sinkhole, Belgium / Jean-Marc Baele ... [et al.]
3D modeling of the Paleozoic top surface in the Bernissart area and integration of data from boreholes drilled in the Iguanodon Sinkhole / Thierry Martin ... [et al.]
The karstic phenomenon of the Iguanodon Sinkhole and the geomorphological situation of the Mons Basin during the early Cretaceous / Yves Quinif and Luciane Licour
Geodynamic and tectonic context of early Cretaceous Iguanodon-bearing deposits in the Mons Basin / Sara Vandycke and Paul Spagna
Biostratigraphy of the Cretaceous sediments overlying the Wealden facies in the Iguanodon Sinkhole at Bernissart / Johan Yans, Francis Robaszynski, and Edwige Masure
On the age of the Bernissart iguanodons / Johan Yans, Jean Dejax, and Johann Schnyder
The paleoenvironment of the Bernissart iguanodons : sedimentological analysis of the Lower Cretaceous Wealden facies in the Bernissart area / Paul Spagna ... [et al.]
Mesofossil plant remains from the Barremian of Hautrage (Mons Basin, Belgium), with taphonomy, paleoecology, and paleoenvironment insights / Bernard Gomez ... [et al.]
Diagenesis of the fossil bones of Iguanodon bernissartensis from the Iguanodon Sinkhole / Thierry Leduc
Histological assessment of vertebrate remains in the 2003 Bernissart drill / Armand de Ricqlès, Pascal Godefroit, and Johan Yans
Early Cretaceous dinosaur remains from Baudour (Belgium) / Pascal Godefroit ... [et al.]
Geological model and cyclic mass mortality scenarios for the Lower Cretaceous Bernissart Iguanodon bonebeds / Jean-Marc Baele ... [et al.]
Iguanodontian taxa (Dinosauria: Ornithischia) from the Lower Cretaceous of England and Belgium / David B. Norman
The brain of Iguanodon and Mantellisaurus : perspectives on ornithopod evolution / Pascaline Lauters ... [et al.]
Hypsilophodon foxii and other smaller bipedal ornithischian dinosaurs from the Lower Cretaceous of southern England / Peter M. Galton
The African cousins of the European iguanodontids / Philippe Taquet
Anatomy and relationships of Bolong yixianensis, an early Cretaceous iguanodontoid dinosaur from western Liaoning, China / Wu Wenhao and Pascal Godefroit
A new basal hadrosauroid dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous of Kazakhstan / Pascal Godefroit ... [et al.]
Dinosaur remains from the "Sables verts" (early Cretaceous, Albian) of the eastern Paris Basin / Eric Buffetaut and Laetitia Nori
Dinosaur faunas from the early Cretaceous (Valanginian-Albian) of Spain / Xabier Pereda-Suberbiola ... [et al.]
New early Cretaceous multituberculate mammals from the Iberian Peninsula / Ainara Badiola, José Ignacio Canudo, and Gloria Cuenca-Bescós
Danish dinosaurs : a review / Niels Bonde
The age of Lycoptera beds (Jehol biota) in Transbaikalia (Russia) and correlation with Mongolia and China / Evgenia V. Bugdaeva and Valentina S. Markevich
A new basal ornithomimosaur (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the early Cretaceous Yixian Formation, northeast China / Jin Liyong, Chen Jun, and Pascal Godefroit
Australia's polar early Cretaceous dinosaurs / Thomas H. Rich and Patricia Vickers-Rich
Assessment of the potential for a Jehol biota-like Cretaceous polar fossil assemblage in Victoria, Australia / Thomas H. Rich, Li Xiao-Bo, and Patricia Vickers-Rich
Freshwater hybodont sharks in early Cretaceous ecosystems : a review / Gilles Cuny
The late Cretaceous continental vertebrate fauna from Iharkút (western Hungary) : a review / Attila Ősi ... [et al.]
First discovery of Maastrichtian (latest Cretaceous) terrestrial vertebrates in Rusca Montană Basin (Romania) / Vlad A. Codrea, Pascal Godefroit, and Thierry Smith
First late Maastrichtian (latest Cretaceous) vertebrate assemblage from Provence (Vitrolles-la-Plaine, southern France) / Xavier Valentin ... [et al.]
Reassessment of the posterior brain region in multituberculate mammals / Emmanuel Gilissen and Thierry Smith.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Ellis D. Williams, College 1865, Endowment Fund.
Godefroit, Pascal, 1967-
Ellis D. Williams, College 1865, Endowment Fund.
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