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How to Search the Collection

example: select a facet
example: select a facet

The University Archives Digital Image Collection has a faceted search interface that allows you to filter searches by selecting collection-specific criteria such as year, creator and other categories. These "facets" appear in lists on the right side of the page.

Search Strategies

Begin with the search box: One way to begin the search process is to search for a keyword using the "Search Collections" box and then apply one or more of the facets to narrow down the list of results.

Begin with the facets: Another way to begin is to select a facet first, which will bring up all the images in the collection that share that facet. You can apply additional facets and enter keywords in the "Search Collections" box to narrow the results.

Search for related records from an individual image page: Individual image pages offer a checkbox list of customized facets at bottom right. To search for related images, use the check box list to add or remove multiple facets.

About faceted searching

  • Each selected facet will be displayed at the top of the list under "Currently Used Filters." Selecting an additional facet will run a search for a new criterion within the existing set of results, and, along with a new list of results, the facet options will change to reflect the records and facets available in the new results set.
  • To see additional options for any given facet, click on the word "browse" in that individual facet's box. This will bring up a list of all the options for that facet. Click on any facet to add it to your search criteria.
  • To remove a selected facet at any stage in the process, click the red x-dot (red x-dot) next to that facet in the "Currently Used Filters" list at the top of the column.