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Columns in Temple of Cybele, Sardis
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Columns in Temple of Cybele, Sardis
Columns in Temple of Cybele, Sardis [Graphic]
St. Louis, 1894.
Bain, Robert E. M
Ionic Columns
Cybele (Goddess)
Temple Of Cybele
Object Details:
1 photograph : b&w ; 25.4 x 17.9 cm ( 10 x 7 in).
Photograph is in a book with a description beneath ; printed description: "(Revelation, iii:1.)--Another one of the churches of Asia Minor was situated at Sardis. See the message of John to the angel of yhe church at Sardis, in Revelation, iii:1-6. Sardis was a town of Asia Minor, capital of the Kingdom of Lydia, and was situated at the foot of Mount Tmolus, on the banks of the Pactolus. It was destroyed by an earthquake in the reign of Tiberius, who ordered it to be rebuilt. The most noticeable of the remains which come down to us from ancient times are the two Ionic columns which stood in the Temple of Cybele. No one lives here now except a few poor Turkish families, who dwell in summer in tents and in winter in the stone houses. But it was once a very rich city. Crœsus, who enjoyed the distinction of being the richest man who lived in ancient times, lived here."
Two Ionic columns with mountains in the background
CAJS Image Collection LVii BAI 5593 LVii319CAJS
The Lenkin Family Collection of Photography, University of Pennsylvania Libraries