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Cairo: General View of the Ruined Mosque of Tooloon [Graphic]
Good, Frank Mason
Aḥmad Ibn Ṭūlūn, 835-884
Mosque Of Ibn Tulun (Cairo, Egypt)
Object Details:
1 photograph : albumen ; 16 x 10 cm ( 6.25 x 4 in).
Attached description: "The now disused mosque of the Sultan Ahmed-ebn-et Tooloon was built A.D. 879, and is the earliest specimen of pure Saracenic architecture. The arches are pointed throughout, no detached pillars are used. It is made of brick and covered with stucco, on which are inscriptions in the Cuphic character. The plan is copied from the Temple of Mecca. The court is 300 feet square. The fountains and dome in the centre are of the 14th century." See 2454GOO/XAJ54 (Voyager # 282708)
Ruins of the mosque, showing skeletal remains of one of the two domes
CAJS Image Collection XAJ GOO 2263 XAJ31
The Lenkin Family Collection of Photography, University of Pennsylvania Libraries