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The collection has a faceted search interface that allows researchers to customize their searches by selecting, from the lists on the right (the facets), collection-specific criteria such as the subjects, languages, authors, former owners, genres, dates, or geographical areas of the manuscripts.

Search Strategies for the Collection Home Page

Begin with the search box: One way to begin the search process is to search for a keyword across all fields in all records in the collection using the "Search Collection" box. More complex keyword searches are also possible using various features of the search box:
  • Phrase searching: Enclose phrases in quotation marks.
  • Boolean searching: Combine words or phrases with Boolean operators in full capitals (AND, OR, NOT).
  • Truncation: Search for related words with different endings by placing an asterisk at the end of a word root (for example, the search term psal* will pull up records containing the words psalm, psalter, and psalterium).
  • Wild card searching: Search for variant spellings by inserting a question mark in the place of one character (for example, the search term c?eli brings up records containing the words caeli and coeli).

After an initial search, selecting one or more facets will narrow the results within the original search.

Begin with the facets: Another way to begin is to select a facet first, which will bring up a list of all the manuscripts in the collection that share that facet, and then to apply additional facets.

Each selected facet will be displayed at the top of the list under the heading "Currently Used Filters." Selecting a facet runs a search for a new criterion within the existing set of results, and, along, with a new list of results, the facet options will change to reflect the records and facets available in the new set of results. To remove a selected facet at any stage in the process, click the red x-dot next to that facet in the "Currently Used Filters" list at the top of the column.

Advanced Search

A link leading to the "Advanced Search" interface appears in the navigation links at the left side of the site. The advanced search allows for keyword searching within particular fields and combinations of searches in multiple fields. In each search string, truncation and wild cards may be used (see above). Enter a single term, multiple terms, or a phrase in the first search box. The first drop-down menu gives a choice of searching for all of the terms, any of the terms, or all of the terms in order as a phrase. The second drop-down menu gives the choice of fields for searching. Up to six more search strings may be added using the Boolean operators in the drop-down menu to the left of the additional search boxes. To leave the "Advanced Search" interface, use the "Search Collection" box at the top of the page or follow the link for "Collection Home."

Search for Manuscripts in Relation to a Found Manuscript

It is possible to conduct a search using the facets of a particular manuscript as a starting point. The record for a particular manuscript includes a checkbox list of facets that apply to that manuscript. For a manuscript that has a digital facsimile, the checkbox list appears on the tab for "More Information / Related Items." Researchers may check any number of these facets and click "Go" (at the bottom of the checkbox list) to run a search for manuscripts sharing the selected characteristics with the original manuscript.