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Ms. Codex 1712 - [Ezo]
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Other: Ms. Codex 1712 - [Ezo]
[Japan], [between 1799 and 1859?]
Physical description:
8 volumes (27, 45, 36, 20, 17, 35, 24, 12 double leaves) : color illustrations ; 264 x 185 mm.
Works by various authors and artists describing and depicting the Japanese island of Ezo or Hokkaido. First work has postscript by author Tani Bunkei, preface dated Kansei 11 (1799). Second work has preface by author dated Kyōhō kōshi (1720). Third work has first preface by Matsudaira Nobuakira, second preface by Satō Genrokurō Yukinobu, dated Tenmei 6 (1786).
Ms. codex.
No collective title page. Titles from title pieces on covers (daisen).
Character "gai" in section title of third work a variant of Morohashi 15364, with tree radical underneath right-hand element instead of at left.
Worm damage in Volumes 2, 3, 6, and 7.
Title slips in English mounted on covers: An account of journey to the island of Ezo (Volume 1); An account of journey through the island of Ezo (Volume 2-3); Illustrations (Volume 4); Illustrations of the journey through the island of Ezo (Volume 5); Illustrations in the account of the journey through the island of Ezo (Volume 6); The history of Ezo and illustrations (Volume 7, detached, laid inside upper cover); Supplements to the history of Ezo (Volume 8).
Script: Each work written by a different hand; daisen of all volumes in one hand.
Decoration: Volume 2, 2 illustrations with black washes of roots (one labeled "the vegetable ikema" in pencil), and one each of blades, a statuary figure (labeled "god to quell rough wind), and people walking with large leaves for shelter; Volume 4, 26 single-page and 5 double-page color ink and watercolor illustrations of individuals engaged in various activities and more detailed bust-length portraits; Volume 5, 14 double-page and 1 triple-page ink and watercolor illustrations, mostly black washes, some with additional colors, including several coastal scenes; Volume 6, 61 single-page and 2 double-page ink and watercolor illustrations, including drawings of buildings, boats, fishing and other tools, fishing scenes, blades and scabbards, and a portrait; Volume 7, 16 single-page and 2 double-page ink drawings, including portraits, articles of clothing, blades and scabbards.
Binding: Original (19th-century) paper covers.
Origin: Written in Japan, possibly between 1799 (latest known date of composition, Volume 1) and 1859 (death date of possible former owner named on cover, Volume 1).
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 1712
Manuscript location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania Ms. Codex 1712
Vernacular script:
[1-6]. [7]. [8] 蝦夷紀行 -- 蝦夷志 -- 蝦夷拾遺, 元之卷 1. 地理大槪].
Possibly formerly owned by "紫藤園" [i.e. 畔田翠山?] (upper cover, Volume 1).
谷文啓, 1778-1840. 蝦夷紀行.
新井白石, 1657-1725. 蝦夷志.
Satō, Yukinobu, active 1781-1786
松平信明, 1763-1817.
Kuroda, Suizan, 1792-1859
蝦夷拾遺. 元之卷 1. 地理大槪.
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