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Ms. Codex 1185 - Histoire de l'heresie depuis l'an 1374 jusqu'en l'annee 1631
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Other: Ms. Codex 1185 - Histoire de l'heresie depuis l'an 1374 jusqu'en l'annee 1631
Histoire de l'heresie depuis l'an 1374 jusqu'en l'annee 1631 [manuscript].
[France, after 1631]
Physical description:
139 leaves : paper ; 245 x 180 (200 x 130) mm. bound to 250 x 185 mm.
An anonymous history of late medieval and early-modern heresies. The codex contains four books, the last of which ends in 1523, indicating that the manuscript is not complete. The narrative begins in 1374 with John Wycliffe and the Lollard movement. The first book covers the history of heresies up to 1416 and devotes most of the space to Jan Hus and Jerome of Prague. The second book covers the years 1416 to 1517 and traces the activities of the Hussite movement after the execution of Hus. It includes extensive accounts of Jan Zizka's military campaigns. The last two books make up just under a half of the codex and discuss Martin Luther and the beginning of the Reformation. The third book focuses closely on the years 1517 to 1519, the period of the dissemination of and the initial reactions to the 95 theses. The last book continues to 1523, addressing the consequences of Luther's propositions for Central Europe.
Ms. codex.
Title from caption title (p. 1).
Incipit: Il n'est rien des dificile que d'ecrire l'histoire des derniers heresies car outre qu'elle est tres embarasséé & tres vaste pour etre traitéé par une personne seule dans toute l'exactitude ... (p. 1); Explicit: ... ils etoient dans la necessité de se tirer d'oppression ils ne s'acqueroient pour en venir abo[- -] ny leur industrie ny leurs forces (p. 278).
Pagination: Paper, i (contemporary paper) + 139 + i (contemporary paper); 1-278; contemporary pagination in ink, upper outer corners.
Layout: Written in 28-30 long lines; text block outlined in drypoint.
Watermark: Fleur de lys with initials PM in square below; dated 1626 or 1676.
Binding: Contemporary parchment (Zacour-Hirsch).
Origin: Written in France after 1631.
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 1185
Manuscript location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania Ms. Codex 1185
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