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Ms. Codex 1561 - Catholic Church - [Dominican prayer book]
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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts Collection: Ms. Codex 1561 - Catholic Church - [Dominican prayer book]
Catholic Church.
[Dominican prayer book] [manuscript].
[Bamberg?, Germany, between 1455 and 1475, 16--?]
Physical description:
236 leaves : parchment and paper ; parchment 108 x 83 (83 x 62) mm. and paper 109 x 85 mm. bound together to 116 x 96 mm.
Prayer book made for use in a community of Dominican nuns in southern Germany. The 15th-century portion (f. 1r-135v) includes prayers concerning the Cross and the Virgin (with brief mention of Saint Dominic and the Dominican saints, Peter Martyr, Thomas Aquinas, and Vincent Ferrer); prayers for particular occasions; portions of the Office, including prayers from Matins and Compline; portions of the daily chapter as observed by Dominicans; the Hours of the Virgin in the Dominican Use, including rubrics referring to nuns and their prioress (f. 52r-53r) in Compline; the Office of the Dead in the Dominican Use, with chant notation; the Penitential Psalms and Litany, and additional psalms. The 17th-century (possibly early 18th-century) portion (f. 136v-216r) includes the liturgy for death and burial, with chant notation; the commendation of souls, including a litany with later Dominican saints (Hyacinth, Rose of Lima, and possibly Raymond of Peñafort, Louis Beltran, and Pius V) and the full text of Psalm 118; the Penitential Psalms again with prayers, additional prayers in German, and prayers for the dead. Notes in the margins of the 15th-century pages show that the parchment pages have been trimmed, perhaps for binding with the 17th-century additions (for example, f. 49v-50r). One set of metallic index tabs flush to the page edges appears in the parchment leaves only; another set of parchment index tabs that extend beyond the page edges were added throughout after the addition of the paper leaves.
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Foliation: Parchment and paper, i + 235; [1-139 (parchment, with paper glued to both sides of f.137, 139), 140-216 (paper), 217-235 (blank paper)]; modern foliation in pencil, upper right recto.
Layout: Written in 16 long lines and frame-ruled in faint ink (f. 1r-135v); square musical notation on 4-line staves (f. 62r-106r, 132r-134v, red staves; 137r-150r, 182r-182v, black staves).
Script: Written in a 15th-century hybrid script (f. 1r-135v) and 17th-century cursive script (f. 136r-216r).
Decoration: 5-line initials in blue with red penwork (f. 1r, 128r); 1- and 2-line initials, alternately red and blue, throughout; rubrics and staves in red.
Binding: Late 17th- or early 18th-century leather over wooden boards, covers cracked along hinges and upper cover detached; two leather clasps with brass fasteners attaching to pins on the upper board, lower clasp detached.
Origin: Written in southern Germany, probably in the diocese of Bamberg, within a few decades of the canonization of Vincent Ferrer (1455), with substantial additions made in Germany in the late 17th or early 18th century.
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UPenn Ms. Codex 1561.
Manuscript location:
Rare Book & Manuscript Library University of Pennsylvania Ms. Codex 1561
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