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Ms. Coll. 390, Item 2238 - Stavarāja
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Indic Manuscripts Collection: Ms. Coll. 390, Item 2238 - Stavarāja
Puranas. Bhaviṣyottarapurāṇa. selections.
Stavarāja, 1696.
Physical description:
1 item (8 leaves) : paper ; 11 x 20 cm.
Hymn of praise in honor and worship of the Hindu god Gaṇeśa, the elephant-headed deity, as well as emphasizing the importance of dharma. To be used in private or public recitation or prayer with many different mantras for recitation associated with Gaṇeśa. Presented as a discussion between the deities Brahmā and Nandī (the vehicle or follower of Śiva).
Title from colophon (f. 8v); alternate title Stavarājamāhātmya from verse two of the text (f. 1r).
Written in 12-14 lines per leaf.
8 leaves foliated 1-8, upper left and lower right verso.
Colophon: iti śrībhaviṣyottarapurāṇe ṣaṣṭāṃśe caturthākalpe brahmanaṃdīkeśvarasaṃvāde stavarājotāma aṣṭādaśodhyāyaḥ // cha // cha // idaṃ pustakaṃ limayopanāmavireśvarabhaṭṭasya svayaṃ likhitaṃ saṃvat 1753 samaye śrāvaṇaśuddhatṛtīyāvārasukta[ma]śubhastu // (f. 8v).
Dated saṃvat 1753 (1696) (f. 8v). Though the date appears to be saṃvat 1753, it may well be saṃvat 1953 or 1896 AD given that the characters for "7" and "9" can, under certain scribal hands, be interchanged or similar; the manuscript paper does not appear to be as old as other 17th century works in the Penn collection, though it is possibly that early.
Mistakes blacked out; some corrections and additions in margins.
Non-Latin script record.
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Coll. 390, Item 2238
Contained in:
Collection of Indic Manuscripts. Item 2238
Manuscript location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania Ms. Coll. 390
Vernacular script:
स्तवराज, १६९६.
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