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LJS 172 - Regiomontanus, Joannes, 1436-1476 - [Tabulae directionum et profectionum] : [Tabella sinus recti]
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Lawrence J. Schoenberg Collection: LJS 172 - Regiomontanus, Joannes, 1436-1476 - [Tabulae directionum et profectionum] : [Tabella sinus recti]
Regiomontanus, Joannes, 1436-1476.
[Tabulae directionum et profectionum] [manuscript]. [Tabella sinus recti].
[Austria or Hungary, circa 1476]
Physical description:
95 leaves : parchment and paper ; 214 x 142 mm. bound to 220 x 152 (170 x 98) mm.
Astronomical tables of declinations and ascensions and a table of sines, copied not long after their completion by Regiomontanus in 1467.
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger from first printed edition.
Collation: Paper with 2 parchment bifolia, 95; 1¹²(-1) 2-8¹²; inner and outer bifolia of first gathering parchment, with first leaf now missing; [1-190 (151-167 blank)], modern pagination in pencil, upper outer corners 1-55, upper right recto 57-185; modern signatures in pencil, 1-8, lower left first recto.
Layout: Written in 48 long lines, with vertical bounding lines in ink (text); most tables in landscape orientation, with 18 columns, with double vertical and upper horizontal bounding lines.
Script: Written in Gothic cursive script by Johannes de Kuppferberg (p. 33).
Decoration: Tables in black and red ink (p. 35-150, 168-185); rubrication, underlining, and paragraph numbers in text in red ink, with spaces left for initials 3 to 6 lines in height (p. 1-33).
Watermark: Similar to Briquet Balance 2454 (Wiener Neustadt, 1476).
Binding: Modern mottled calf with paste paper endpapers, marbled edges, and 19th-century gilt spine laid down.
Origin: Written in Austria or Hungary, circa 1476 (based on watermark).
Cite as:
LJS 172
Manuscript location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania LJS 172
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