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Ms. Indic 27 - Collection of stotras
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Indic Manuscripts Collection: Ms. Indic 27 - Collection of stotras
Collection of stotras, 1800s.
Physical description:
1 item (61 leaves) : paper ; 9 x 17 cm.
Manuscript is a collection of stotras, hymns of praise to gods and goddesses, drawn from various Purāṇic sources and meant, through recitation and ceremony (such as pūjā), to procure benefits such as health, curing sickness, and the like. The manuscript also includes the essence of the Bhagavadgītā. Manuscript lacks an ending. Contains numerous detailed and beautiful miniature painting highlighting the exploits of various Hindu deities, especially Viṣṇu, but also Gaṇeśa, the goddess Kālī, and other deities and demons. The format is a codex and was possibly a pilgrimage/tourist work from 19th century Nepal and is similar to Ms. Indic 5, and Ms. Coll. 390, Item 2639.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Written in 5 lines per leaf.
61 leaves variously foliated into separate sections, middle left verso; modern foliation 1-61 in pencil.
Internal colophon: iti śrī īśvaraproktaṃ aṣṭāṣāṣṭe nāmāṇo gaṇeśastotraṃ saṃpūrṇam // (f. 11r).
Mistakes blacked out; significant syllables, words, or phrases highlighted in red throughout; orange box surrounds sections of most of the text although some text is illuminated and outlined with floral patterns and gold paint.
Codex, bound on the left side.
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Indic 27
Manuscript location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania Ms. Indic 27
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