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Ms. Codex 135 - Saint Gall (Switzerland) - Statuts criminaels d'ün hundro comoen da Brawuoing
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Other: Ms. Codex 135 - Saint Gall (Switzerland) - Statuts criminaels d'ün hundro comoen da Brawuoing
Saint Gall (Switzerland)
Statuts criminaels d'ün hundro comoen da Brawuoing [manuscript] / vertiens dalg linguaigh Tudaish in Romannsh ... per me Paidar p. Jovalta.
[St. Gall], 1717-1724.
Physical description:
71 leaves : paper ; 198 x 148 (164 x 110) mm. bound to 204 x 157 mm
Statutes of St. Gall in Switzerland. Translated into Raeto-Romance from German by Paidar p. Jovalta. Also contains several other works of similar character.
Ms. codex.
Title from caption title (p. v). Second word of title misspelled "criminaeles" in Zacour-Hirsch. The first work is also given the title "Ils statuts in chiossas criminaelas dalg hundro comoen da Brawoing in alta rhaetia" (p. 1).
Title from label on cover: Statuta criminalia et civilia communitatis Burgunniensis.
Translator's note: "Copios, e defantts gio dalg Original in quaist praesent Cudasch da me, Peidar p. Jovalta ... 1717, die 19 Augusti" (p. v).
The first three and last works are dated: first work, 1717 (p. v); second work, 1680 (p. 41); third work, 1712 (p. 1, second series); last work, 1716 (p. 15, second series). These are most likely dates of composition rather than the date of the copy. The entire manuscript appears to have been copied at about the same time, probably 1717 or soon after, since this is the latest date mentioned in the texts. There are additions in a later hand on pp. 83-86, dated 1719-1724. The additions on p. 12 (second series) are undated.
Pagination: Paper, 71; [viii], 1-108, 1-21, [vii]; contemporary pagination in ink, upper center or upper outer corners. The actual numbers are used for reference; the second set of pages numbered 1-12 are referred to as "second series."
Script: Written in a single hand, with later additions in a second hand (p. 83-86, p. 12).
Binding: Contemporary half parchment. Green cloth ties. Cover shows signs of wear, especially at the corners and at the front edge.
Origin: Written in St. Gall, Switzerland, 1717-1724.
Brief unidentified dealer's description on file in the Library.
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 135
Manuscript location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania Ms. Codex 135
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