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Ms. Codex 319 - Martinozzi, Benedetto - [Gli amori di Tibullo e Glicera]
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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts Collection: Ms. Codex 319 - Martinozzi, Benedetto - [Gli amori di Tibullo e Glicera]
Martinozzi, Benedetto.
[Gli amori di Tibullo e Glicera] [manuscript].
[Italy, between 1475 and 1499?]
Physical description:
20 leaves : parchment, col. ill. ; 266 x 180 (167 x 92) mm. bound to 270 x 182 mm.
Prose work consisting of a set of dialogues between Tibullus and Glicera (f. 1r-12r). Also includes a second work by the same author: "Opusculum ... in amorem quo ratio ac apetitus loquentes inducuntur" (f. 12v-20v). Second work written in 400 lines of verse and consists of a dialogue between Reason and Appetite.
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger (Zacour-Hirsch). Spine title: Martinozzi. Dialog.
Attribution from heading of first work (dedication, f. 1r): "Nobilissime puellae Francesce Scotte pudicitiae antistiti atque omnium aetatis nostrae puellarum principi Benedictus Martinozzus eques auratus salutem plurimam dicit." Italianized form of author's name taken from Zacour-Hirsch.
Incipit of first work (f. 1r): Essendo purissima fanciulla stato per li tempi passati nella citta nostra con maximo excidio assalito Tibullo Giovano generoso & praeclaro ...
Heading of second work (f. 12v): Opusculum Benedicti Martinozzi aequitis aurati in amorem quo ratio ac apetitus loquentes inducuntur.
Incipit of second work (f. 12v): Per allentar lo immaginato exilio / Che amor contanto sforzo tiene elcore / Nel tempestoso mar senza navilio / ...
Foliation: Parchment, i (18th-century paper) + 20 + i (18th-century paper); [1-20]; modern foliation in pencil, upper right recto.
Layout: Written in 25 long lines; ruled in drypoint; prickings visible.
Script: Written in a humanist script by a single hand.
Decoration: 3-line illuminated initial E with white vine-stem (bianchi girari) ornamentation (f. 1r); 2-line illuminated initials in blue, green, white, gold, and purple in first work (f.1r-12r); rubricated throughout.
Binding: 18th-century vellum (Zacour-Hirsch).
Origin: Written in Italy, probably in the late 15th century, based on style of illumination and script.
Some stains. Ink faded a bit in places.
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UPenn Ms. Codex 319
Manuscript location:
Rare Book & Manuscript Library University of Pennsylvania Ms. Codex 319
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