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Ms. Codex 854 - Rauscher, Romanus - Octo libri physicorum
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Other: Ms. Codex 854 - Rauscher, Romanus - Octo libri physicorum
Rauscher, Romanus.
Octo libri physicorum [manuscript] / ab admodum reverendo religioso et doctissimo P[atre] F. Romano Rauscher Ordinis S[ancti] Benedicti.
[Salzburg], 1637-1639.
Physical description:
478 leaves : paper, ill. ; 186 x 152 (145 x 102) mm. bound to 197 mm.
Notes from lectures on Aristotle's Physics and De Caelo, with a printed pamphlet of a philosophical disputation presided over by Rauscher bound between them.
Ms. codex.
Title from title page (f. 1r).
The list of names records the students at the lectures in 1637-1639.
Incipit (1st work): Ad philosophiam recurrat, inquit philosophorum princeps, Aristoteles (f. 4r).
Explicit (1st work): Absolvimus octo libros Physicorum felici omine 12 die Junii anno 1638. Hos octo libros, octo meis patronis dicatos bvolo, ut in quolibet unum magistrum sequens, ex quolibet singularem aliquem fructum percipiam (f. 268r).
Incipit (last work): Cum Thales ph[i]l[osoph]us domum quondam exiret coelum et astra contemplaturus ... (f. 303r).
Explicit (last work): ... firmissimae nobis sunt bonorum actionum alae comparandae quarum beneficio tantum spatium pervolare voleamus. Absolvimus. 8 Octobris, anno 1638 (f. 478v).
Title page of printed pamphlet: Academica lucta pro natura in alma universitate Salisburgensi, sub praesidio P.F. Romani Rauscher Ord. S. Benedicti, Monachi Garstensis, Austriae Superioris, Philosophiae Professoris Ordinarii, Suscepta A Nobili Et Perdocto D[omi]no Georgio Berchtoldo Lorich, Physices Studioso, Ad diem Mensis Novembris, Anno M. DC. XXXVIII. Cum Facultate Superiorum Salisburgi, Typis Chistophori Katzenbergeri, Typographi Aulici & Academici (f. 277r).
Dedication of the pamphlet signed by Georgius Berchtoldus Lorich.
Pagination: Paper, ii (contemporary paper) + 478 + i (contemporary paper); [x], 1-32, 34-43, 45-87, 89-238, 237-276, 278-287, 289-336, 336-510, [i], 511-525, [xvii], [viii] (printed pamphlet), 1-42, [ii] (printed pamphlet), 1-128, 130-185, [i], 186-276, 278-352, contemporary pagination in ink, upper outer corners; [1-478], modern foliation in pencil, lower right recto. References in this record are to the modern foliation.
Script: Written in a cursive script.
Decoration: Astronomical diagrams in pen and ink (f. 395r, 400v, 404r, 422r, 422v, 424r).
Binding: Contemporary stamped pigskin with remnants of two clasps (Zacour-Hirsch).
Origin: Excerpted and written by Erasmus Altmanshauser (f. 1r, 276v) in Salzburg, 1637-1639.
Running heads in the Aristotle material and index.
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 854
Manuscript location:
Rare Book & Manuscript Library University of Pennsylvania Ms. Codex 854
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