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Ms. Codex 931 - Roman[--] des sept sages de Rome : Roman de Mark de Rome
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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts Collection: Ms. Codex 931 - Roman[--] des sept sages de Rome : Roman de Mark de Rome
Roman[--] des sept sages de Rome [manuscript]. Roman de Mark de Rome.
[France, ca. 1350]
Physical description:
139 leaves : parchment ; 175 x 117 (131 x 85) mm. bound to 191 x 130 mm.
The French romance of the Seven Sages of Rome in a prose version and its sequel, Marques of Rome. The Seven Sages of Rome is a collection of stories framed by a narrative in which the wicked empress of Rome attempts to persuade her husband the emperor to put his son to death. The Seven Sages, who are the young prince's teachers, tell the emperor stories to persuade him not to do so. In Marques of Rome, Mark, son of one of the Seven Sages, becomes the seneschal of the prince of the earlier romance, who has succeeded his father as emperor.
Ms. codex.
Title of first work from explicit (f. 34r); title of second work from later spine, now removed.
Foliation: Parchment, 142; 1-22, 24-34, 39-68, 69-73, 73-82, 83-91, 93-100, 100-110, 112-117, 119-142; later foliation in ink, upper right recto; later pagination in ink, [1-5], lower outer corner. According to the foliation, f. 2, 39, 67, 68, 82, and 142 are fragments and 23, 35-38, 92, 111 and 118 appear to be completely missing. The whole codex is a fragment of a larger work, so f. 1 and f. 142 are not true first and last pages.
Decoration: Red rubrics; blue 2-line initials with red ornamentation after rubrics, with simple blue and red decorations at the left margin of pages with initials.
Binding: Pulled from 19th-century pasteboards (Zacour-Hirsch).
Origin: Written in France, ca. 1350 (Zacour-Hirsch).
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 931
Manuscript location:
Rare Book & Manuscript Library University of Pennsylvania Ms. Codex 931
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