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Ms. Codex 1229 - Catholic Church - [Processional : Dominican use]
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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts Collection: Ms. Codex 1229 - Catholic Church - [Processional : Dominican use]
Catholic Church.
[Processional [manuscript] : Dominican use].
[France, between 1500 and 1550?]
Physical description:
155 leaves : parchment, music ; 140 x 97 (92 x 56) mm. bound to 149 x 112 mm.
A selection of texts and chants for use in a French Dominican convent, including the service for after the death and at the burial of a member of the order, and the processions for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, the Ascension, Corpus Christi, the Assumption, and the Purification. The procession for Maundy Thursday is the distinctively Dominican observance of Washing of the Altars, in this case dedicated to the Trinity, Saint Dominic, Saint Margaret, the Virgin Mary, the Holy Cross, the Eucharist, and all saints. Liturgical directions in French refer to the women of the order and the Latin liturgical texts provide both feminine and masculine forms. The chant is in square notation on a 4-line staff. Notated text has been added in a later hand to the first and last leaves (f. 1v, 153r-154r) and informal notes in French also appear on the first leaf.
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Collation: Parchment, i (paper) + i + 154 + i (paper); 1⁸ (-1) 2⁸ 3⁶ 4-7⁸ 8⁸ (-8) 9-19⁸ 20⁸ (-8); remnants of signatures with letter and leaf number, mostly trimmed, lower right recto; one vertical catchword on the last verso of gathering 6 (f. 45v); modern foliation in pencil, upper right recto.
Layout: Written in 15 long lines and frame-ruled in red ink, or in 5 lines of music with text with bounding lines in red ink; prickings for every other line of text visible on the outer edge of many leaves.
Script: Written in a hybrid script (larger for liturgical texts, smaller for liturgical directions) and a Gothic script (chant texts).
Decoration: Rubrics in red; 1-line initials alternately in red and blue; 2-line initials (or one line each chant and text) alternately in red and blue, sometimes with additional flourishes in chant texts; strapwork initials in brown ink for lines of chant and text with acanthus decoration in light brown ink (one infilled with a face in profile (f. 90v).
Binding: 16th-century leather, possibly original; covers with a gilt center ornament and blind stamped borders; remnants of two brass fasteners; rebacked (Les Enluminures).
Origin: Written in France, probably between 1500 and 1550 (Les Enluminures).
Cite as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 1229
Manuscript location:
Rare Book & Manuscript Library University of Pennsylvania Ms. Codex 1229
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