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LJS 251 - Schopper, Hartmann, 1542- - Ars artium : sive ars magna cabalistica
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Lawrence J. Schoenberg Collection: LJS 251 - Schopper, Hartmann, 1542- - Ars artium : sive ars magna cabalistica
Schopper, Hartmann, 1542-
Ars artium [manuscript] : sive ars magna cabalistica / aucthore Hartman Scoppero Novoforensi Norico.
[Germany, between 1655 and 1699]
Physical description:
139 leaves : paper, ill. ; 282 x 202 (245 x 156) mm. bound to 289 x 215 mm.
17th-century copy of a 16th-century treatise (1564, p. 6; 1569, p. 121) on cabalistic gematria (the mystical interpretation of language), in which strings of letters, in this case Latin sentences, are assigned a numerical value. Begins with a dedication to Maurice Hassia, Landgraf of Katsenelnbogen, Dietz, Zitgen-Hain, and Nidda, and a preface in which Schopper cites Christian Renaissance scholar Pico della Mirandola as his primary source for the Hebrew tradition of cabala. The mathematical notation used in the manuscript suggests that the text was copied and updated between 1655 and 1699.
Ms. codex.
Title from title page for second part (p. 121).
Collation: Paper, 139; 1¹⁰ 2¹² 3⁶ 4¹² 5¹⁰ 6⁸(+1) 7-10¹² 11¹²(+1) 12¹² 13¹⁰(-3?); gatherings signed A-D, F-I, K-M (gatherings 5 ([E]) and 13 not signed); 3-22, 25-84, 87-104, 107-122, 125-248, 273-274, 249-264, [i-ii], 265-269, [270], 275-276, [i-ii], 277-279, 279-285; contemporary pagination in ink, upper right recto. Catchword lower right verso on each leaf.
Layout: Written in 30-37 long lines; vertical bounding lines ruled in ink (many of which have oxidized, causing straight incisions in the paper).
Script: Written in italic script by a single hand.
Decoration: Diagrams and tables throughout.
Watermarks: Small mountain, bird, and initials PB enclosed in a circle surmounted by the letter F (f. 1-132); fleur-de-lis enclosed in a circle surmounted by a heart (f. 133-139).
Binding: Later vellum over pasteboards (signs of trimming show this not to be the original binding); spine and corners repaired.
Origin: Written in Germany in the second half of the 17th century.
Cite as:
LJS 251
Manuscript location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania LJS 251
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