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LJS 41 - [Megilat Ester] ... [etc.]
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Lawrence J. Schoenberg Collection: LJS 41 - [Megilat Ester] ... [etc.]
Bible. O.T. Esther. Hebrew.
[Megilat Ester] ... [etc.] [manuscript].
[Italy, 14--]
Physical description:
16 leaves : parchment ; 87 x 65 (53 x 40) mm.
The Book of Esther written on 3 gatherings removed from a miscellany. The first leaf of the first gathering begins with the last 7 verses of the Book of Lamentations, the work that preceded the Book of Esther in the miscellany. The last leaf of the last gathering has been replaced by an added leaf on which are written 2 liturgical poems (Asher Heini, whose beginning is not on the leaf, and Shoshanat Yaʻaḳov) used at Purim along with the Book of Esther.
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Collation: Parchment, 16; 1⁸ 2-3⁴.
Layout: Written in 16 long lines.
Script: Written in semi-square Italian Sephardic script with vowel points and cantillation marks (f. 1-15); poems on added leaf at end written in semi-cursive rabbinic Italian Sephardic script.
Decoration: Later (possibly 19th-century) illuminated foliate borders (f. 1-15).
Binding: Early parchment over pasteboards.
Origin: Written in Italy in the 15th century.
Cite as:
UPenn LJS 41
Manuscript location:
Rare Book & Manuscript Library University of Pennsylvania LJS 41
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